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  1. Wow, those are very good. I love the screenshots the best though. Must've taken a long time just to make those. The rides look really well done. I love the Rita sign. They all look really amazing. Great job.
  2. Like I said before. The ASE. Attract Sequence Editor. Ctrl+Shift+F11 I beleive to bring it up. I linked to a video I made using it also and described it some.
  3. What program?? RCT3?? Or the supports. I beleive I linked to them somewhere in this forum.
  4. So coasters4me.. ya made anything yet?? Has anyone made any new ones??
  5. The ASE. I've made some videos using it to. You can see the topic for it here. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=20637
  6. Need to see some pictures to tell you what you need to prove on.
  7. If I could find anything to critisize that is.. its perfect as far as I'm concerned. Great job!!
  8. When you go to My Computer there should be an icon that says Local Disk C. Double click that then find the rest that he showed you.
  9. Hmm.. Millenium Force + Storm Runner = Storm Force, or Millenium Runner.
  10. So Angry Gumball... what did you think of my Zonga. Is it fairly accurate??
  11. Sure thing. I also tried to build a more accurate Zonga then my preveious one. Tell me what you think. the messed up loops. The new and improved layout!!
  12. You have to use the quarter loops. Then when your at the top use the quarter loop again and get it so its steep. and then you can do one of those 90 degree turns. Hope this helps.
  13. Ok, heres my version of Zonga, complete with large loops. woo... I know that the layout is off. I will redo it so its right. When I first did it I wasn't sure on the layout. So heres what I got so far. Wrong Layout I know.. Two large loops!!
  14. Heres some pic of Inclined Loops you've been asking for!! Fantasy supports Real Type
  15. http://www.vodhin.net/RCT3Community/download.php?view.125 There ya go, instructions for how to get it should be on that page. Sorry for not getting a picture up last night. Will try to today. Actually, right now.
  16. I have but one of the pictures didn't turn out so I'll go back into RCT3 and take one soon. Expect a picture up tonight!
  17. Well you can basicly make anything with auto CAD. I like just making custom supports with this. I have made some for the inclined loop but i'm not at my house otherwise I would show you.
  18. Lookin good. Although I must say that on the Invert... you have a Immalemen or however you spell it. When really, its a Dive-Loop. I'm technical I know, but it looks good.
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