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  1. You could, but if anything happened to your computer that you would need to install it again you'd be screwed.
  2. I would comment on the park only, the video flew by at lightspeeds, I could barely see what was going on. When using the A.S.E. you can slow down camera speed by sliding the Red bar down lower.
  3. UPDATE!! Construcion is nearing completon of a flying coaster, Headless Horsemen is going to be in a new themed area of the park, The Spooky area. Heres a picture of the station so far. Headless Horsmen station.
  4. Hydra makes up for having an inversion before the first drop.
  5. Seeing as how it was a tie between extreme area and themed area, you guys can vote on a couple things. check um out
  6. Yea I noticed that after I took the picture. I will have one up on the next update.
  7. Heres the beggining of a park I'm starting. I will have polls up as to what the next addition to the park should be. You can all give me ideas and some tips if you want. So heres my park, Grand Harbor!! Grand Harbor Grand Harbor
  8. Well I had 2 hours to spend today so what else to do but play some RCT3. This coaster has inversions in this order, including a new inversion, Vertical Loop, Dive Loop, Zero G-Roll, X-Roll (new inversion, 2 inversions) Zero G-Roll, 2 Corkscrews. A total of 8 Inversions. The track barely took any time at all. The hard part was themeing this thing. As you can tell I have many many waterfalls and buildings. I think it looks really good. So tell me what you think. Cliffhanger.zip Cliffhanger Cliffhanger
  9. Yea that was me too.. I use the same screen name on like every coaster site I'm a member of.
  10. Thank you thank you, I have so many parks/coasters I should upload sometime but.. .I dont know, I'll think about it.
  11. Sorry I just saw your message. So do I build the next part of a coaster, or do I just tell you and you do it??
  12. Oh yea, I've been doing RCT3 a loooong time now. I'm getting kind of good at it I think.
  13. Woohoo!!.. what do I win??? I would post a picture but mine are to big. Maybe if you want to post a pic of the winner (mine) up here... thanks.. and maybe the park itself to. So now what, is it up to me to build something now.
  14. Thanks, Yea I would've had it on here but it was to big so. The coaster took me about an hour of building. I dont know, I just through it together. Any more comments are greatley appriciated.
  15. I will defiently get in on this when I get the chance. Its been a while since my RCT2 days but, I'm not worried.
  16. Here is one of my most recent coasters. Stag is a wild beast that never lets up. Fast paced action and air-time galour. This is one of the first coasters I've put up here on TPR and I just wanted to know what you people think of it. So download and tell me what ya think Stag.dat Stag
  17. Chaos Theory.... i thought it sounded catchy... seeing as how its the name of my band and what not.
  18. Um, thats not entirely true. One of my friends built this monster that was like 124 for intensity and .3 for excitement. And low and behold peeps went on it. Crazy.... :shock:
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