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  1. Here.. I got a picture to show you. Hades and parking lot
  2. Well dude.. its about as close as I could get on RCT3 .. and the supports look black cuz of the time of day... they're grey man... Look at some smaller pictures of it, you can see it better.
  3. Umm.. yea.. Thats why in my first post I said that the turnaround wasn't right.. and as far as the colors.. I think they're pretty close.
  4. Delete everthing else you dont need.. then you can keep them both! Thats my idea!!
  5. Thank you, thank you.. So what does everybody else think??
  6. I uploaded this earlier but no screenshot or download or anything. I know that its not perfect. The turnaround is wrong and right before the last helix but other than that I think it looks truely amazing. Please tell me what you think!! Hades.zip HADES!!
  7. Thats like the only reason I play RCT3 anymore, to build a themed coaster or a small park. I did like one mega park that turned out awesome I dare say.
  8. Yea I was the second person to download right, and I'm expecting a video...haha. So yea.. didn't work so good.
  9. Its on one of the expansion packs. Then just color the ground, dont use paths, use the land thing and just change the color.
  10. Yea my bad on the forum thing guys. Its the set from Coaster dynmaix. www.coasterdynamix.com The scorpian, the one that I have (which is smaller) is $200 the larger one is $500. They're coming out with a wooden one as well. Should be out around another month. I highly recomend these kits to anyone serious about coasters but are fed up with K-Nex cause they're to big or dont run as efficiant. These things run like a dream. The tubing is like a plastic, they are tottally customizable. Check out the site and see some of the awesome creations other people have made. Happy Coasting..
  11. Yea for the station I ran out of time. I just did the essentials then never got back to the station. Then the hour was up. haha
  12. Looked good on Wee Wee Slap, looks just as good here man. Awesome.
  13. Or you could download the park. Haha. But for fun, heres one more Standup Twister...mmm... lol
  14. You need to download the Steelworx pack. Its full of custom supports. Heres a link to a topic I posted about it. I beleive theres a link somewhere. lol http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21225
  15. Heres the second one I built. This one is going to be used in a science project. STEALTH Stealth's Loop First Half Zero G Roll First Drop
  16. Here is a coaster that I built as soon as I got the kit in. Now remember, I have never used Coaster Dynamix before and I didn't use any instructions so far. This is all custom. Now the first one is not as good I dont think the second one is better, but heres what I got so far. Layout of Unnamed Overbank/Inversion thingy..haha Overbank Great Foot Chopper Zero G Roll
  17. At first yes. But the more you work with it the easier it becomes.
  18. This is a pretty good park. I also made my own 1 hour park you can take a look at. Check it out!
  19. I saw another person post what they made in an hour so I figured I'd dig up an older file that I built in an hour also. Western Wonder is a very small park with a very uniqe Corkscrew coaster that fits the name perfectly IMO. The Stand-Up is defiantley the 'gem' of the park. I love this small park and I hope you all do to. So tell me what you think. Western Wonder.zip Western Wonder Twisting track that is Rattlesnake Western Wonder
  20. If you to lazy to post the pictures, maybe I'm to lazy to click on the link and check them out. Which I am.
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