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  1. Powder Keg was a surprise hit for us when we visited SDC last year. I was thinking Wildfire was going to be the best one there, then we rode this one. We kept running around and getting back on! Edit--Just realized this was my 666th post! Woo Hoo!
  2. On to the last part of my report. After the walkbacks we headed over to the kiddie section where Kevin's wife and daughter were hanging out. Then later on was an epic night of laughs and rides on Voyage in the rain! Here again we were having so much fun that I didn't get many night pictures. Here is Jojo about killing herself in the kiddie playground. After that she decided it would be better if she just made a little fort and stayed there a bit. Here is Kevin's daughter getting her Howler credit. Not to be out done, Chad had to get his Howler credit, and he made a friend at the same time. Chad or Macaulay Culkin. You decide. From what I hear, you find new shoes here. (inside joke) Missed out on ERT on this by a couple of minutes. If it was like last year, they ran a long cycle. Max is happy and ready to fly! John doing, well, what John does. Jessie was glad to ride this on her terms. Be careful riding this at night, you may puke. Our awesome group that made this event even better. Haven't had this much fun in a long time. Thanks to all of you and hope to be able to do it again soon! Evil looking Santa says "See you next year!"
  3. I made the reference just for you guys! I told Chris that I needed to take a picture and send it to you, Scott and Jenn. And you would have really loved the Voyage Saturday night. It started raining and I swear it was going about 10 to 15 mph faster! So much more airtime than earlier on in the day. And talking about being masochistic, is it sad that I'm proud of the bruises on my legs from the lapbar? And we had even more fun just hanging out and walking around and laughing our asses off! I haven't had that much fun in a park in a LONG time.
  4. Can't wait! We seen you heading towards Wildebeest that morning. We were wondering how well the jackets were going to work. A friend of ours used a poncho on Mammoth and he said it did pretty good at keeping his top half dry. When it was just my wife and I in the raft we were getting insane air too. We learned quickly to try to lift your butt up off the raft so it doesn't hurt as much. Although, on the 5 hour drive home yesterday, my tailbone was killing me! You get a pretty good headchopper effect on the drop with the wooden tunnel that goes under the lift because you fly over that hill and catch air going over. I was kind of wondering if it depends on the raft also. First ride we only had one empty seat and we spun pretty good. Second ride we only had 4 and we all sat on one side and didn't spin at all. Third ride it was the same 4 but we spread out a bit and spun like crazy! We spun so fast that I had that feeling you get on the corners when you ride a Whip. The lift hills are a godsend. After riding Bakuli, ZOOMbabwe, Zinga, and the racers twice, our calves were burning. We seen the guy in the wheelchair get on. We always like to seen people with a disability being able to go on rides.
  5. Ok, now it is time for the Voyage pictures. While walking back, my wife talked with one of the mechanics and he said that the last 1/4th of the track will be re-tracked this winter. That is great because that is the only part that hurts right now. Hopefully what they did last winter won't be torn up too much and the whole ride will be awesome. He also said they were not going to put the railing up on the big turn around out in the spaghetti bowl because it adds a little something to it. And it really does. You get used to having it there the whole way and when you get to that point, it give the illusion that you are going to fly right off. Some 90 degree fun. Would have been nice if it was 90 degrees for the waterpark ERT. When you are in the first couple of cars, you just hang there. First drop seems so far away. And there she goes. Hmph. Nerds. Look at that hair time. This is the rebuilt section where they are going to leave out the railing.
  6. ^^ The whole time we kept saying we were nuts for doing it. ^ We weren't even going to ride Mammoth the last two times because it was so cold. But after our last rides on Wildebeest, we seen that there was no waiting for Mammoth and headed on over. After our first ride we just had a one raft wait and we were back on. On our last ride, it shut down right as we were getting on the belt to bring you back into the station. Because we weren't moving, water started to come over the raft making it sink. Of course I was on the side that was sinking and the next thing I knew I was sitting in chest deep cold water. I started yelling to my wife who was sitting on the opposite side "Rose, Rose, I'm sinking!" The ride op that was standing at the station just started laughing. So here are some more pictures from Saturday. Raven out over the lake. I realized that I didn't get many good pictures of Raven cause I was too busy chatting with friends. But I did get this picture of a breast examination in progress. Maybe I needed a cheaper camera and tripod to get the good shots. We were wondering if Chad was trying to help save The Big Dipper. So if you need first aid, you have to climb to the top of Legend. Some first drop fun. Did you get that? Take the Tunnel!!! Can I get some peanut butter with this jam? I guess the single rider didn't want to be recognized. I know your pain lady. Maybe if I had a blue shirt, I could have gotten better pictures too... Naahhhh
  7. I think I liked Mammoth a little bit more. You don't get airtime like you do on Wildebeest, but having everyone face each other and the chance that your raft can spin, really adds a lot of fun to it. I don't think they had a Q&A session (if they did, we missed it). We didn't see Pat all day Friday until ERT, so my wife went to go say hi to her. She said that she was in Louisville all day.
  8. Thanks Jason! We had an excellent time. The worst part is trying to do this report being that the wifi here is REALLY slow. I tried doing an update after we had our waterpark ERT but I couldn't even get the page to load. Mammoth was amazing! Really freakin' cold, but so much fun. We ended up riding it 3 different times. Only once did we not spin. We also got about 6 rides on Wildebeest. The bad part is that we were having such a good time, I wasn't able to get many pictures. And some of the ones I did get were quick last minute shots, so please excuse them. We also had a great time on nite ERT. So many things from riding Voyage in the rain and getting the most wild ride on it that we have ever had to just laughing our butts off just hanging out with some awesome people. The second half of Saturday is going to have to wait till I get back home and go threw all my pictures from the walkbacks and so that I can have faster internet. But I'm going to go ahead and post what little I have from the morning. Yes, we are all crazy for being here for waterpark ERT when its not even 60 degrees out! But we are here for this, Wildebeest! Oh, and this! Mammoth! It really is one great ride! I think even this guy thought we were crazy for being there when its so chilly. We also had ERT on Bakuli. Or as John likes to call it, The Ride of Death, because of his experience last year. Really long family raft ride. This is a really neat enclosed slide with holes drilled in the top to make Tiki faces to see as you go threw it. We also hit up their tornado (can't remember what they call it) did a couple of runs on the racers, and then headed back to the cabin to eat and relax a bit. While waiting for the campground shuttle to show up, Jessie went back into hibernation. And Max decided to just pass out on the pavement! But when we get back, we will be getting up close with some coasters.
  9. Eric --The cabin is really nice. We have pretty much everything that you would get at a hotel plus some. The only thing is that the wifi is really slow! I'll try to post some pictures from the inside later. We headed back for the actual event and had a really good time. More of our TPR friends finally showed up and we pretty much had an IntimidaTour reunion (plus a couple of new friends). I wasn't able to get too many pictures cause we were too busy riding. But here are a few that I did take. As we were waiting for the park to get emptied out, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man showed up. Good thing Dan Koch came dressed as a ghost buster! He came prepared with a song, but had to use a cheat sheet. As it turned out, the Marshmallow Man was his Mom, Pat. This is what that had for us for dinner. There was also chips and vegetables, but this was enough for me. Here are a couple of freaky looking elves. How many weird things can you find? This was actually the only picture I took of a coaster all night. The camera I'm using is new and I was just playing around with the shutter speed. It was still pretty cold as you can see here as Jessie is hibernating. As brothers will be brothers, Max ended up tying her up to a pole. Guess we wouldn't lose her that way! How fitting as the theme of this years event is Coastbusters. One last shot playing around with my new camera. Hopefully tomorrow is warmer and the sun is out so I can get some better shots.
  10. It that time again for Holiwood Nights. I'm going to try to do this report while we are here. We arrived Thursday as the sky opened up and dumped buckets on us. Oh, and it got pretty chilly. Started out being 87 degrees on Thursday and Friday it was a high of 60. So that being said we didn't do the waterpark like we were wanting to do. We are taking a little break from the park before we head back for the actual event to start so the captions might not be the best. So on to the pictures. We made it to Santa Claus! This is our home for the next 3 days. This cabin at Lake Rudolph Campground is awesome! We made sure to bring Domo along! This mini golf comes with water hazards. Because it rained so much we couldn't get the fire going to we had to use the gas grill to roast marshmallows the ghetto way. Marshmallow abuse or snowman poop. You decide. Jelly made it home again! Max and Jessie channeling the turkey. Maybe they channeled it a little to much. Then it was off to shoot, err, call turkeys. I have no idea what Max is doing. Its Holidog! John is a little over excited to be riding a kiddie coaster. Jessie getting her credit. She is such a whore. Time to hit the playground! The look on Johns face is priceless. Not sure why the train scares them so much. Yo Ho Yo Ho. So John, what kind of a pirate are you? Off to the Thanksgiving area for a certain reason. For Thanksgiving Dinner! Oh, and Voyage (over the trees!) We wanted to ride Pilgrims Plunge, but it was still to chilly. Too cold for this today also, hopefully tomorrow is warmer. And with this picture of Legend, we are heading back to the park.
  11. It pretty much dumped water on us like a tidal wave. I remember getting back to the hotel and having to ring water out of my socks. Even my name badge filled up with water.
  12. Woo Hoo!!! I got my super awesome Bag O Crap today! The big prize was that I got to pick who I wanted to get $50 for their Coasting For Kids team. I ended up picking Jenn Harbin (enjen). Good luck Jenn!!! And now for what came in my Bag O Crap! It's always nice to come home to receive some crap! The usual magic TPR pen and mints along with a new luggage grip. It will go nicely with my ClupTPR one. Some random park maps from the US including one of the super huge maps from Kentucky Kingdom (RIP). I also got a bunch of foreign park maps from places like the UK, Singapore, Dubai, and Japan. Notice there is a lot more from Japan, I think Rob and Elissa are trying to tell me something! I'm not even going to question why this Japan map was sticking together... I also got a mystery DVD. I haven't had time to see what is on it, but I'm sure it will be Craptastic!!! Not only did I get a new TPR shirt thrown in... I got 2! Just wish I was able to have been at the Bash. Thanx again Robb and Elissa for this awesome Bag O Crap!!!
  13. Wow, thanks! That was unexpected. And to think I just photoshopped that real quick just because I thought it was funny. Never expected to spur a contest from it! I will e-mail you later when I get off work so I can look and see who all is doing the Coasting for Kids. I think I know who I'm going to pick but just want to see if I've missed anyone. Again, thanks Robb and Elissa!
  14. It wasn't working for me in chrome either until I went in and cleared out the browsing data. Here is everything I marked to be cleared, and then the subscribe button showed up.
  15. Really wanting to go back. Been looking at getting a trip going, and was wondering where you stayed at or if you have any suggestions. I was looking at the Dollywood website and they seem to have pretty good deals with ticket/lodging packages. I did one of those deals when we hit up SDC last year and it worked out good for us.
  16. After watching the video on the website, it looks like it would hurt the "jewels" on those dips!
  17. ^ That is so true. My friend that went with us on the IntimidaTour trip, who looked to me to be smaller than Steve, had more trouble getting onto B&M's because his legs were bigger and wouldn't let the restraint down all the way. Until we cut off circulation to his legs that is.
  18. So how many people are looking for their old "Simon Says" games?
  19. They are making a reference to Star Wars. There are ships called TIE Fighters where the pilot sits in a "ball". Ya, I know, I'm a geek. TIE Fighter.
  20. Sorry for the delay. Had some computer/email problems, so I kind of forgot about my trip report. So here is the rest of it! So as promised, here is that very exclusive shot of legend, IN THE TUNNEL!!! (I swear, its in there) Nerds! 90.... oh forget it. Yet another picture of John taking a picture of himself. Pothole has been patched! Ha, more nerds. This Voyage even has a plank to walk! Huh uh... bolts.... huh uh huh. Jelly really enjoyed seeing the park from this angle, as he is usually stuffed into a pocket back here. TAKE THE TUNNEL... oh wait, wrong coaster. Even as rough as it was, John still enjoyed his ride. (front row) They got wet. It was Dan's birthday, so they got him a cake. With his Mom in it! Acer. Nuff said. Waiting for the park to clear out for ERT! It was a long day, so Jelly had to soak up some sugar to make it through the ERT. They also had these huge cupcakes back by Voyage for everyone. Who doesn't love some scrambler night ERT. They had this thing run for what seemed forever! One last ride on Raven for the event. We ended up marathoning Raven for about the last hour of the nite! Its always Christmas time at Holiday World! Since the event poster was themed to E.T., we all got a small bag of Reese Pieces as we left! Can't wait till Holiwood Nights 2012!
  21. That is one reason I really couldn't get addicted to it. It seemed most times I was beating the other guy, but I just wasn't getting any credit for my hits. There was one time the other robot didn't move for about 30 seconds and all I could get was about 5 credited hits in, then he came back to beat me. Very frustrating.
  22. Its pretty self explanatory. Ejector air throws you up out of your seat while with floater air, you just lightly float up out of your seat.
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