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  1. I've been able to get 3 pieces today! Still leaving the last handshake icon there. Loving this glitch!
  2. Got ya Elissa. Also got anyone else that I could.
  3. I'm just hoping that they don't fix it soon as I now have to start my 2 day build on a new tile again.
  4. I now have two sets of shaking hands! Going to wait until there is a third and see if I get the three boardwalk pieces.
  5. Well it has changed from the tile to hands shaking. I'll check later and see if it changes again after getting tapped again.
  6. Good thing I read this before I played. I just finished making a tile so I'm going to leave it and hope it works.
  7. I'm there now. Actually the crowds aren't to bad. Came last Sunday an it was horrible. In line for Freeze and about it get on and it's been about 10 mins. They have both sides running now where as when we entered the hallway they didn't.
  8. I haven't been able to since I had an update today. I was figuring that was what stopped it.
  9. I won the Squeaky Voiced Teen in my weekly mystery box! (Ok, that doesn't sound right ) I usually win another mystery box and end up with a tree or parking lot.
  10. Korn - Shoots and Ladders ( live from Montreux)
  11. I've only got plenty of room for new friends so invite away! Username godwyn13 I have about 17 invites sent out but no takers.
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