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  1. I think there were 4 prizes left on my last chance. So I knew my chances were getting better! LOL
  2. I lucked out and got Cupid on my last chance. I was able to get just enough valentines to get one more chance with about 4 hours left. After 8 previous chances, I couldn't believe it that I actually got Cupid with it!
  3. That's sucks. Too bad there wasn't a way to just dump all the broken hearts. You need 350 hearts for Hot Meg.
  4. Ugh! It's not letting me get the insane asylum for some reason. And every time I log in, it keeps taking me back down to 124 broken hearts! I know I had close to 200 yesterday. Edit -- I figured it out. I'm not far enough in the Funny Valentine quest. I had been concentrating so much on getting stuff to unlock characters that I had neglected it.
  5. Sorry! :,-( Just don't tap on the checkmark till you are ready! Wish I had done that. Lol
  6. Ahhh! There is a time limit on it now! It wasn't there this morning!
  7. I just got done repairing it. It gives you Ida to release. You do need Peter to get some items but I didn't see a time limit.
  8. Got my last ghost this morning! Now to finish working on getting Pat.
  9. Going to be down to the wire getting King Butt. Only need one more ghost.
  10. Just downloaded the update. They left the elf cannon and you still get to fire it off!
  11. Gene and Paul are now available to buy with clams. Because of that, I'm currently down to 6 clams. If the other two became available, I'm going to have to break down and buy some clams.
  12. ^ I've been doing the same thing but I still usually only get cookies. It's taking forever to get puppy Brian. I just seen that Paul Stanley posted on his facebook that he is going to be in the game helping Peter save Christmas!
  13. Just dropped one off for you, Elissa. I also gave one to Guy and Eric.
  14. Thanx Guy. Elissa, I got yours and tried sending one back to you but it won't let me for two hours. I must have gave you one yesterday and don't remember. LOL
  15. It might have been me Guy. I think I gave you one the other day. I know I gave one to Elissa the awhile back after she gave me one. I have 2 ready to give out if anyone wants to trade.
  16. I had some in mine last night. A siren went off and a screen popped up telling me to tap on them to get rid of them.
  17. I was lucky. With 2 hours left, I needed 3 more wine boxes with 3 chances left and I was able to get them!
  18. Same here. Probably going to spend the clams later to finish it.
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