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  1. Did anyone else get an update in iTunes? I have one there and the description is for the St Patty's day stuff. I'm afraid to do the update as I'm not done with the tasks yet, just in case it makes it where I can't finish them.
  2. The train actually helped me out. I didn't have it yet and right after that, I went to the wheel and on my last spin I got the final item!
  3. Had a weird thing just happen. While I was at work on my break, I set up everyone to do a 4 hour task. When I got home and started the game, no one was on a task. Has this ever happened to anyone else before?
  4. Holy crap! I finally won the Snow Monster off of the wheel! I am officially done with that frustrating thing!
  5. After the Fall - Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Live with Chloe Lowery singing.
  6. I guess I just needed to bitch about not getting anything good. I finally got the Santa building. Now I just need to get the Bumble, which is what I really wanted I get.
  7. I've pretty much given up hope on getting the last two prizes on the wheel. I haven't won anything good on it since before Christmas.
  8. Well, putting the elves into storage and replacing them seemed to work. They collected all the presents this time.
  9. It happened again today. Two went up and two went to the left. I followed the ones that went left until the went out over the water. They even went right over presents without gathering them. I put the house into storage and then replaced it back in my Springfield to see if that fixed it.
  10. Is anyone else have trouble with their elves? For the last two days, they aren't collecting any presents or gift bags. They fly out of the house and off the screen, then they just disappear.
  11. Are you only able to do that if you got the lights last year? This is my first Christmas playing and the only house I can do that to is the Flander's house because I won it in the coin spin game.
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