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  1. Carol Ann Susi, aka Mrs. Wolowitz, from Big Bang Theory.
  2. Same here. I know I played more than I did last week because I've been in vacation from work this week, and I'm still 1000 away! I've been checking about every 1-2 hours and making sure I've been visiting other towns everyday (which I didn't do last week).
  3. I already have the pumpkin house from last year, but should I get the giant pumpkin, or save my loot to try to get the donut machine I missed out on?
  4. I think this one is harder than the last one. I'm still way over 1000 to go and I've been playing a lot more than I did on the last one where I was closer to getting the final prize.
  5. I may have to break down and buy some clams to get Freddy. He was a favorite of mine as a kid.
  6. I was able to finish off the kids this morning. I ended up getting the alien last night, so the stink bombs you get with him is pretty much the only reason I finished the kids off.
  7. I just noticed they lowered it to 150. I'm still not going to be able to reach that as I only have 2 days left and I only have 21 done.
  8. Same here. I haven't seen them spawn at the portal except for the first time when I didn't have any stink bombs. I'm lucky if I can get 4 kids with a bomb.
  9. I've been stuck at 6 on the trick or treating and I've sent them all 3 times so far. I do have the open 10 bags completed though.
  10. I actually jumped the gun on digging up Diane. It's ready, but I just haven't tapped the check mark till I get stocked up on dog bones.
  11. I went on a spending spree before I updated. I bought a bunch of castle walls and towers in case I want to expand my castle later on.
  12. That's what I've been doing also, but I still haven been getting many cards. Only need one more egg but still need 6 more cards.
  13. I was so close on getting Vinny and Kool Aid Man in the time limit if only I didn't break my phone! I was having to use an android emulator on my computer to play so I wasn't able to keep up on it while I was at work.
  14. Have you finished the blimp and all tasks assorted with it? I think it's a continuation of that quest. Ok. I haven't finish them yet. I'm at the part where I'm building the dog pound right now.
  15. I must be missing something. Vinny isn't showing up in my game.
  16. No they aren't. And I also think American Thunder is underrated. It is my favorite ride in the park, but I like Thunderhead better. It is my favorite at Dollywood.
  17. Their Facebook page said some people were able to get back into the game after they deleted it and reinstalled it. I tried it and it worked for me.
  18. I just got Rupert also! I also just unlocked PB&J Brian just as I put him on an 8 hour job.
  19. I really don't see how HW would be able to since they have a dive show where the divers wear speedos. Now maybe if his was really revealing they could. The picture I seen from the articles was just a rear view so you can't tell.
  20. It was running today. We where having fun spraying kids earlier today!
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