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  1. ^^ I was wondering if you won. It came down to the end and one more hit by either of you and it was over. Good job!
  2. I think they are having a little problem now. I was the first one back in when it started up after maintenance, and my robot wouldn't move and kept looking at the camera. Then when I was able to fight back, I wasn't getting any credit for punches landed. The other robot was only able to get credit for 2. So after the 60 second time limit, he was considered the victor.
  3. Try refreshing the page. It was that way for me too, then I refreshed and it started working.
  4. Elissa just kicked my butt! I couldn't see anything till she was right up on me and beating the heck out of me!
  5. At first I thought that was a plate full of pepperoni. Which would be awesome in its own right!
  6. Not going to get another try myself. I did get one turn in last night, and was able to get the car exploding! So I don't feel to bad about not getting to play much. I just had a hard time getting in line. I was thinking it was my computer having problems (which it has been having), but once I figured out how to get in line, it was pretty much too late. I can't wait to see what Real Art has in store for us in a couple of months!
  7. I haven't been getting any email notifications either. I haven't even been getting regular newsletter emails from you at all. I've checked my spam folder and there is nothing in there. I even unsubscribed to the Santa Claw thread and resubscribed. Still nothing, and there have been about 3 new post since I've done this. When I go to my user control panel and look under "Manage Subscriptions" tab, it shows "You are not subscribed to any forums.", but shows a bunch of topics under "Watched topics".
  8. So after much wait, I give you the second part of our Holiwood Nights trip. And the fact that I better get this done before we head out to Silver Dollar City next week. Expect that report sometime around New Year's. YAY We made it! And once here, you have to visit Santa! And this is where it began. These were the skeeball games where we won Jelly. And of course Jelly had to get a picture taken with Pat! Jelly gives respect to the "Everyday Heros" Here is our itinerary for the next two days. And while we were here, we won Jelly a new friend. Jelly, meet Bunny! The height check station was closed, so Jelly had to assume the "You don't see me ride position". And this would be the position John is pointing to Bakuli. This is where John almost died. Must admit, it was funny as hell!!! Since we made fun of John about him almost getting killed, he made us ride the train. And not just ride it, but get in the car that doubled as an oven! Here is Little Red Riding Hood about the get eaten by the Wolf. And I don't even want to know what Jack is doing! It's photo walkback time! Jelly loves walkbacks! And apparently John does too!?! Exclusive wood shot! Whoosh! Getting artistic. Nerds! Stay tuned for the next installment that begins with a very exclusive shot of Legend!
  9. As much as I love the front row for the view, it's really all about the back row, where the intensity really happens! Exactly! For most coasters, it's all around better riding in the back row. The line is usually shorter and it's ,in my opinion, a better ride!
  10. And that's a bad thing why? When I seen this announcement I was wondering how many people were going to complain about the water park getting something again. I think SFStL has a pretty awesome water park, and this will be a great addition. Heck, on several occasions, my wife and I took the 2 hour drive there just to go to the water park!
  11. The Illinois State Fair is usually going on when we were on a TPR trip, but since we couldn't take one this year, we decided to hit up the fair. Chris's son lives across the street from the fairgounds so we parked over there, and just walked over with his kids. I was having to take pictures on the fly so I didn't get to take many from the midway. Welcome to the Fair! It happened to be Governor's day. So far this one hasn't been arrested yet. Being a Wednesday night, it wasn't that crowded. There was a lot of stuff already closed for the night. We got there about 7. Seeing that most people get off work at 5, they would get to the fair around 6, I don't understand why they would be closing stuff already. But the petting zoo was open. This little guy had some really messed up horns. 3 small ones and one that pointed in a different direction. DONKEY! Cute little guy and one with Bieber hair. Even if he does have Bieber hair, he does do another impression. Gene Simmons!!! Off to the midway. Not really sure what this was, but they were pretty much ripping off Harry Potter. See what I mean? I kinda wanted to ride this until we seen something else. CREDIT!!! It was a mouse themed Wacky Worm called "Wacky Mouse". So Devon and CJ got there first credit ever. See how I have corrupted CJ? Miley got her first credit also. Ya, we've corrupted her too. She wasn't too sure about it on the first pass. But she was doing better by the second lap. Nerd! (wearing an awful shirt; Cards fan here) Nerd! Nerd! And don't let the cute smile fool ya, she's a little devil! They also had another credit there. But we would be denied. See, we really have corrupted him. Hehe. For some reason, I keep getting a Johnny Cash song stuck in my head. We hit up the Dairy building. I see this way to much at work, and now I see it here. CJ noticed that he has boobs. Butter Cow!!! Cow Stats! Puny little crane game. We want the Santa Claw!!! Outside they were having Tram Races! High tech anti-theft device. It slices, it dices, it SLEDG-E-MATIC!!! Mmmm Mini-Donuts. Mini-Donuts make Chris Happy! Random fair food signs. Of course everything is on a stick. Mmmm taffy. I always loved watching these machines when I went to the fair as a kid. Baby ducky doing stretches. Ducky Stats. This little piggy went ZZZZ. Kinda cruel having this stand outside of the FFA exhibit with the pigs. Taste like chicken. And apparently humans-on-a-stick do to. This was pretty neat. They built a house inside of this tree. The bedroom. The living room. Pirates of the Caribbean road show! It was a dive show. Stupid, but cute. It ended with a 80 foot high dive. And there he goes. After the show was over, we took the kids back home. We might go back by ourselves on Sunday, if so, I will add more pictures.
  12. Are you hinting that they would get Deja Vu? If so, why would they? They already had one and got rid of it. If that's not what you are meaning, then I return you to this regularly schedule topic thread.
  13. My co-workers are constantly coming up to me and asking me about our trips, where we have gone, what we have planed for our next trip, etc. I don't know if it is because the closest park to us is 2 hours away, but they don't think its nerdy (or I don't think they do ). I tell them about the TPR trips we have taken and they all tell me that its sounds like a blast, but they just can't handle the coasters like us.
  14. ^I'm pretty sure they were. His "Brutal Planet" album was released around the same time. I asked someone at SFStL if they were connected and he said they were, but he could have been the Dippin' Dots guy as far as I know.
  15. Same thing is happening to me. I just subscribed to this thread to see if I'll get an e-mail. EDIT-- Duh, it's not going to send an e-mail, because I was the one that posted last.
  16. Don't quote me on this, but I think the one at SFSTL was the stand up track. I've heard Eagle is running better this year. I'm glad to hear that as it was running horribly last year. It's a very fun ride when its running good. I think we have all thought this at some point!!!
  17. Two quick comments... the "teacups" ride hasn't ran in the last decade since I started go there and Superman Tower of Power is not from SFKK. Ok, three comments, nice pictures!
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