How to build a Schwarzkopf [RCT II]

Update #5: One Loop Wonder- Version I
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Re: How to build a Schwarzkopf [RCT II]

Postby simaticable » Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:35 pm

Sorry to bump this thread, but if you continue, are you going to do a tutorial on how to produce Wildcat type coasters?
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Re: How to build a Schwarzkopf [RCT II]

Postby QueerRudie » Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:13 am

Sorry bout that: I've been busy with other projects.

A Wildcat adaptation will be coming up soon.


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Re: How to build a Schwarzkopf [RCT II]

Postby timetrial3141592 » Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:00 am

I've come up with a way to do a Silberpfeil a while back. It involves a diagonal lift, and is the source of a reproducible crash in RCT II. Could you try your hand at building a Silberpfeil?
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Re: How to build a Schwarzkopf [RCT II]

Postby QueerRudie » Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:59 pm

One Loop Wonders:

Having read through a few of the requests pile lately, and finally having some time to work things out, I'm happy to show off a 'modified for RCT 2' One-Loop Wonder.

Technically, this ride would be a hybrid of the Silberpfeil and the LoopingStar, but in all reality, it is closest to the former. Since there is no (current) way to build looping track on a 45 degree angle, as Schwarzkopf did, you have to make an adaptation that in the end will work nicely in creating a ride that works well for parks. Also, I reversed the ride's profile for clarity sake; you can reverse the design provided to fit your park as needed.

So let's take a look at a One Loop Wonder (Version I)

The platform for this coaster is the standard six-unit model. (You will notice I use this as standard in most cases- as it helps to boost capacity by train length.)


Since this is based upon the portable designs of Schwarzkopf, a single powered segment of track to boost trains out and into the lift hill segment is required. Once again, this is a modification off a traditional Silberpfeil design to fit the coaster to RCT 2.

Platform departure

The lift hill is a short but sweet 55 feet tall. No real frills here at all, you don't need it.

Lift Hill

The drop is quite easy on this one: As you can see from the pics, a shallow entry into the 180 degree banked drop accelerates the trains nicely.


And then we loop. Once. In the 'reverse' model here, you enter right, exit left; remember if you're building the 'standard' version, enter left, exit right.

Installing the looping element

Leaving the looping element, a few segments of flat, straight track are required (for clearances later on). I use this section to install a camera assembly- profits, of course! Three segments including the camera mount are required.

Runout and camera into turn

A ground level 180 degree turn is required to line the track up for the next 'stunt' element. Here, using two mid-sized banked turns works great. I DO NOT use a Helix element here- as it isn't required. Transition the track into a rising banked curve upwards after the 180 degree turn.

Rising turn

Level out the track at the top, and continue the turn to the right with a large sized banked turn. Go 180 degrees around, and add a single segment of banked straight track (This is the only concession I make in this element due to the location of the looping element.)


Block brake: You can build your coaster without this; I do, as it boosts capacity to three trains, however, if you choose to eliminate this and have a two-train operation, you may do so. Threading the loop is used, as is the case with the Silberpfeil

Block Brake

After the block brake, a Helix element is used to add some length to the coaster, as is the case with the Silberpfeil coaster as well. Dip off the block (Elevation 25 to 15) and immediately bank the track to the left while leveling out into the helix element.


A 540 degree descending helix is used. A short runout track follows to allow for the train to clear the first drop.


From this point on, we're working with the end of the ride, so it's some backwards building that meets up. Start by placing a single block brake at the end of your platform, space it out with one straight track, then a powered track section. Follow this with a flat, tight 90 degree turn to the left into the powered section.

Block brake/return track

After the turn, install a single block brake, a single straight track, a powered section, and then a STANDARD brake unit set for 18 MPH. If you are omitting the mid-course block brake, remove the block brake from this section (you don't need it!) and set the STANDARD brake speed for 13 MPH.

Second block (Optional for two train ops)

Returning to the track under the first drop, bank to the left, and add a single wide radius turn. Unbank the track and enter a shallow climb out from the turn.

Bunny Hop

Rise up to a height of 10, then drop down, banking the track at the 0 elevation to the left. Add a single wide banked left turn to line up with the brake run.

Bunny Hop II

Line up the track, unbank it, and the track will be finished. You now have a One Loop Wonder.



I've found the three-train operations are a capacity monster, eating upwards of 3600-4000 PPH without difficulty. The design is cheap enough to build in a park with limited funds, and racks in the cash easily. It is great if you need (or want) an indoor coaster without the weird sizes/shapes normally associated with indoor coasters.

When building in a queue, adding a large enough switchback building/section is a must. I normally build the queue with around 300 people in mind- sometimes more, sometimes less.

Ideally, your One Loop Wonder will dispatch trains every 11 seconds, with a maximum time of 14 seconds in the platform. Lift speed should be set to 6MPH.

Scenery & Platform/Queue house


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Re: How to build a Schwarzkopf [RCT II]

Postby Chris Benvenuto » Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:56 pm

RD - are we going to see the full showcase of rides you've built up for download? Because, whenever you put production wrap on this project or showcase. I would like to take a good looksie myself and see what you've scouted up and done - plus, you still owe me that explanation of a Katapult recreation. ;) :p

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Re: How to build a Schwarzkopf [RCT II]

Postby Anac0nda » Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:19 pm

I really like this thread! Even though I own RCT2 I tend to mess around with RCT3 more, but these are really nice to look at. They have a good flow and the final touches (queues, stations, trees etc.) you add make these come alive! Please keep up and don't ever stop ;)

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Re: How to build a Schwarzkopf [RCT II]

Postby Zakmartin1 » Wed Jul 23, 2014 3:57 am

Dude that's bullet :Pr


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