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Revenge of the Mummy

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Just curious, is the dark ride portion of USH's longer or better effects?


USH's Mummy is extremely short, contrary to what Guy will tell you. I think he's hit his head. As far as the effects go, well, the mummy hands reaching out of the ceiling look kinda cool... other than that, USH's effects are pretty subpar. Only one Imhotep AA, which is a lot less articulated than USF's, and the lack of real fire are just two of it's faults.


USH has the better control room and better offices.


That's good to know.

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FIRE, FIRE, FIRE! Would you like your hair better if it were on FIRE! NO! Fire does not make the ride experience! Hot ride opps make the ride experience! As soon as someone posts a picture of a hot ride opp at USF, I will concede that it is the better Mummy. Untill then... ...they are both good ride and entirely different.

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Florida's was completely mind blowing to me. It really had some great special effects, and some really violent latty air time.

Haven't been to USH in a long time, so I wouldn't know what its like, but from reading all the reports about it, its nothing compared to Florida's.

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Ok, Im now put off giving this a go, I wanted to, but... I HATE airtime!!


I went to California a good few years ago and went to Universal, and in their Mummy attraction, but it was just a walkthrough attraction with folk jumping out etc... was the same building used? When did it change?

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I think the scale and length of the Florida dark ride portion is better, and the opening animatronic (when it works) is AMAZING. So articulate and intimidating.


Even though the coaster part in Florida is short, I think it's far more exciting and intense. The incline launch is a cool twist, and I didn't find the backwardness to the Hollywood version all that incredible anyways. It's dark, not a huge change either way.


Regardless of everything else, I think the Florida one wins at life with the fake station and PREPARE TO FORFEIT YOUR SOULS! bit.


A question for any hot (or not!) Mummy operators: Can it cascade, or does the ride have enough hold zones and such?

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^Unlike WDI, the ROTM electrical engineering team was smart and designed a ride that can just start and stop on its own whenever there is a backup. Not sure why they didn't do the same for Space Mountain...

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I actually found USF's to have the better dark ride portion while both are pretty much on par with each other for the coaster part. Though all in all, USH's does feel really incomplete which is why I like Florida's better.

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