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^ Has seperation anxiety from rollercoasters


< Blames all the problems that the US is responsible for on the stuffed animal industry which is secretly being ruled by Oprah Whinfrey with an iron fist who is only a patsy for the OCFKH (Organization of Chickens Formally Known as Hens) who were responsible for the downfall of the fashion industry in Romania. Due to the inhuman (but fabulous) chicken feathers used in various prom dresses in Arkensas for underpriveleged Bakery owners in the area.


v Cannot accept the TRUTH

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^ who doesn't? although in a tight spot the sound of Donkeys can be a suitable replacement.

< So there I was hanging out with my friend when all of a sudden Brazillians. I love Brazillians so I was happy to see them arrive considering i have not seen Brazillians for some time. Being an ex employee of a certain amusement park it was fun hanging out in the off season though the area this time of year depresses me. But thats not for a lack of just generally chilling and talking about things.

V Thinks I just should of said "I like Brazillians."

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