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PTR: Enka Fair!

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^Umm, do you love in Massachusetts, or visiting Massachusetts? becuase iun your profile it looks like that you live in California. Did you move? Back on topic. I didn't see the field since it is seperated by train tracks, but I saw the high school flooded! Definetly a bad sign.

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^Umm, do you love in Massachusetts, or visiting Massachusetts? becuase iun your profile it looks like that you live in California. Did you move? Back on topic. I didn't see the field since it is seperated by train tracks, but I saw the high school flooded! Definetly a bad sign.


1) He was being sarcastic, supposedly speaking in your name


2) You cannot say the words "high school" "flooded" and "bad thing" in the same sentence.

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LOL! I never used "bad things" in my sentence. As well my towns High School gets flooded all the time! But never at this time of year! Anyways, I went down to ceica field just a half an hour ago. There are no ride trailors, and the part of the field where the kiddie rides and Feris Wheel are susposed to be are FLOODED! I hope I can put the photos up tomorrow cause my bro. ( I call him my bro. Robb, don't hurt me!) and I are going down to see how much it has flooded overnight and take pics. Man, we never had this situation in years!

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One, I'm going down to the site today, I don't have school because of the flood. I know how they can get the rides in without driving through the flood, but its very hard! Second, its the whole town of Winchester ( and possibly Medford, but they hate all of us! Except me because I go to there

Boat Club and not Winchesters!). Hopefully, Rockwell Amusements(the fair company who operate ENKA) can set it up, FAST! Third, its ENKA, not Incan! In fact, Nobody in the town is INCAN!

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I just was down at the field and took some photos and make a short video. I was with my friends as well, My mom wanted me to dry off. I'm going back in a few minutes to mtake more photos. Look for photos tonight, and maybe a video or two.

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Post your thoughts about the fair and the flood below.


My thoughts, specifically on the rain and flooding, are as follows:


We live in New England. Our weather patterns are inherently a part of our lifestyle as New Englanders. Yes, the AMOUNT of rain is unusual, and it doesn't flood like this very often, but it doesn't change the fact New England's weather is FAMOUS for being unpredictable. Every time I see a "Breaking News" event regarding our weather or hear about fellow New Englanders panicking over the weather (buying up all the snow shovels and milk comes to mind - why are we suddenly buying a million snow shovels when a storm is coming? What happened to the shovels we all horded last year???), I have to roll my eyes and say one of two things: Get over it and accept that we live in New England - or move to an area that has consistent weather...I hear Oklahoma has a fairly predictable tornado season.


These are simply my opinions on New England's current weather situation in general, and should not to be taken as a response to any specific point raised in this thread.

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1) ^you've got it all wrong! This flood was not normal. We've never had a flood at this time of year recently. Besides, most of our floods happen in late March and Early April! I've neve been alive to see a flood in the Middle of May!


2) I went down to Ceica Field after school (we had school today) and no trailors, but the field was dry, but muddy. When I was going back to the towns library, I saw a flat back with something sliver on it. I made 2 more tries but no luck! I did notice a truck blocking the Jinks Centers parking lot and the closets parking lot to the Jinks center closed



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This is quite tragic...my thoughts go out to all of the families involved...Hopefully there can still be an Incan Fair this year.


Maybe we should sacrifice corn to the idol...maseca!

LOL! Tortila Factory at DCA rocks!


Anyways, oh no, a fair is gonna be delayed! If it doesn't have credits, you shouldn't be worrying. Almost everyone has been on a Zipper and Pharoah's Fury.


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I've got good. news. the fair has been moved to the Jinks Center parking lot, Skillings road, and the high schools closets parking lot and its not delayed. It will have 7 rides worth going there for. The rides are: Tornado, Orbitor, Zipper, Big Wheel, Super Slide , Pharoh's Fury, and a Rouindup(New). Also, they do have a Dragon Wagon and a dizzy dragons, I probalby not ride then though. On the 2 days of the fair (Friday and Saturday) i'll take my camera on the rides. Coments please!

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Finally we have our ENKA Pics:


I end this PTR with the Carousel. You can see my sister on it on the far left.


My sister with the Ms. Piggie doll she won. You can get and Idea of the fair in this photo. Ferris Wheel and Carousel in Jinks Center parking lot, and family rides on the street. Big rides behind.


Another shot of Orbitor and Zipper.


Clearer Shot of me, my friends on the Orbitor, Zipper, Tornado, and Roundup.


Pic of me in front in front of Tornado and roundup. You can see the Zipper in this shot.


Tornado and Roundup.


Pharaoh's Fury. Not as great as some other years.


Here is the round up, I tried to get a pic of my friend, so thats why it looks bad.


The Zipper than gave me a cut on my right hand's 4th finger knucle but still a good ride.


Best Orbitor Ever! 10/10! Way more intense than BGE's. Currently my wallpaper!


Here are all the rides on the street except for Dizzy Dragons: Dragon Wagon, Pirate Ship Fun House, and Super Slide


I'll start off with the Ferris Wheel

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