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Bug's worst nightmare!


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Hey all!

I got an new terrarium and I put a pitcher plant, a venus fly trap, and a sundew plant. They all eat bugs, but the venus fly trap is the best to watch. Here are some pictures I took of them today. I might post a video of the VTF eating later...


And here is how it looks overall.


This the ''nighttime'' light for the plants. Well its more for the cool look it gives my room at night! I have a UV light for the daytime.


Feed me Seymour!!!


This is the pitcher plant. The bugs go into the ''pitcher'' and they cant get out. There is acid at the bottom that kills them.


This is the sundew plant. The bugs get stuck on the ''dew'' and the leaf wraps around it and kills it.


Here is the venus fly trap. Later I will train him to eat people. Cool Fact: I left this guy in the pot it came in so I can stick him in the fridge in the winter!

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^Actually I have a video....when it was alive.. I have to find it though, it's lost in my computer somewhere.


I don't get it. I went out and bought special soil for them, I fed them reverse osmosis water, and did every thing that the internet said, and they DIED!! Only one is left, and it is growing really well though. Now that I said that, it will probably die in a few days...

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