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Arrested Development


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My favorite show is Arrested Development on Fox. Well this coming Friday the final four episodes of season 3 will be shown and quite possibly the end of the series due to the fact that Fox has decided to cancel the show and not renew it. Now, I don't watch that much tv due to the fact that I work the overnight shift at UPS 5 days a week, so I don't know what shows come at all anymore. The only day I do watch tv is on Sundays and I would watch The Simpsons and Arrested Development. Then, they moved it to Mondays so I had to dvr it. Well now they go and decide to go and get rid of all together. I am so mad I could spit! Now the word around the campfire is that either ABC or Showtime might be interested in picking the show up. I really hope that someone will because this is a great show. It is intelligent humor along the lines of Seinfeld, All In The Family, and Curb Your Enthusiasum(sp?). Not a lot of people understand the show because it is fast paced and has dry humor, but I do and I love it!! So please, if you find AD as enjoyable as I do, write to Fox and tell them what morons they are for getting rid of such a great show. In fact the only show that is as good as Family guy on now.

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Arrested = best show on tv.


"due to the fact that Fox has decided to cancel the show and not renew it."


Unfortionatly it's only the latter. Fox hasn't cancelled it. If they do, and Mitch (Hurwitz, creater of the show, for those of you who aren't fans) agrees to the contract, then Showtime will pick it up.


But even if Mitch did sign, until Fox officially cancels it the show is doomed to hang in limbo....


Fox made a huge tiny mistake with how they handled this show.

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Delirium, I love the pics of your kitty! on the pet photo thread. I have to get pics of my babies up there(2cats, 1dog). So that is going on with AD? I thought that it was cancelled. It so sad that Fox would rather keep on human waste such as Trading Spouses or Skating with the Stars then keep on quality shows such as AD. Well I'm gald that I work night work so Idon't have to watch tv at night, although Idid see an episode of My name is Earl 2 weeks ago Thursday night when I had off and I found that show to funny.

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Actually, Fox hasn't made an official statement regarding AD's future. Even though its painfully obvious it will not be keeping the series. If Hurwitz agrees to stay with the show, I think its almost guaranteed Showtime will pick it up.


I think its a slap in AD's face that Fox is burning the final 4 episodes all at once against the Olympic opening ceremonies. But its guarenteed that i'll be watching all 4 AD episodes, it is one of the greatest shows currently on tv.

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It's my favorite show too. I'm hoping the Showtime rumors are true, but I'm not counting on it.


I'm throwing an AD party on Friday. Hopefully the final four eps will be as awesome as the rest of the series, and it provides some sort of closure.

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I notice that the ads say "Season Finale" not "Series Finale." Seems that putting it up against the Olympics is just asking for it to get little to no viewership.


--Robb "I personally never liked the show, but I hate to see such a well respected show go away." Alvey

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Its only my favorite show on the air. Sadly, it doesnt seem like it will come back on another network. Per other reports a deal with Showtime hasnt worked and ABC would be the only other option IF Hurwitz wants to take it to another network, which doesnt seem likely. Personally, its my favorite comedy in a LONG time. Taste the sadness.........

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Although I was a casual watcher of the show (seen a good bit of Season 1, not so much on the other seasons).


But the series did wrap up all of the plot lines real good. Oh, and some funny bits in there too.


Man, I should have watched this show more often. I just wish it would get picked up by Comedy Central or Showtime.

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Fantastic episodes.


They wrapped things up nicely and brought it all full circle, but I agree it really did feel like a series finale.


I can see why Mitch Hurwitz is leaning towards not continuing the show.


ETA one thing I CAN'T get out of my head................. Mock Trial with J. Reinhold! Mock Trial with J. Reinhold!

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That was the most brilliant two hours of television I've seen in my entire life.


"I bought you a wedding ring....tone."


"I'm not scar dot com."


"I'm the judge!"


That was great. Also, I loved all the hints that Justine Bateman's character was a prostitute. Such as...


on the dot-matrix printout it said "conslutant" instead of consultant.


or Michael on the phone "you forgot to add away at the end". Then he tells someone (I forget who now) "He said she's blown everyone away."


Also loved William Hung and the Hung Jury and Franklin wearing the "George Bush hates Black Puppets" shirt...classic!

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Brilliant show, and I'm glad they got to wrap things up just in case it never comes back.


With last nights concluding episodes it's almost like a British series where they did a limited run with a story arc that naturally completes rather than just ending in limbo.


I'm still really hoping it finds a home somewhere and comes back, but if it doesn't it still came to a satisfying conclusion.

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I'm sorry, am I the only fan of the show that didn't hear about the show not airing on Friday? I kept looking it up on T.V guide for monday. Thank goodness

a) I was watching t.v. at 8

b) got bored and flipped channels at 8:11

c) downloaded the first few minutes via bittorent.


NOWHERE on the official website (which I frequented a lot to see when the new episodes were coming -- I had heard it was going to be in a 2 hour block) was it advertised.


THEN -- putting it up against the olympics?


I'm sorry, but the network heads at Fox are a$$wholes. They don't advertise the show's season finale and THEN position it against the olympics opening ceremony?


Its like they want it to fail.




ANYWHO -- I thought the show did wrap up nicely (I knew Lindsay was adopted) and man, Anyong has changed!


I just wish they found busters hand.


I'm thinking the writers did close things off, but they kept it just as open as well -- now we can have a whole story arc with Mom in prison.


Works for me!


Prays that showtime picks it up for two seasons and its downloadable off of iTunes.




EDIT: 600th post!


Also -- the No scar...dot com -- had to watch my downloaded version to catch that --- sooo funny.

Noticed conslutant too.

Thought justine did a great job 'family ties' is the name of the episode lol.


And bringing in the nurse to re-do their WWII scene was sweet.


"Put a fig in ma mouth"



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  • 2 weeks later...

Thought you all might be interested in seeing these:






Arrested Development has been picked up for 12 episodes by Showtime!!! I’m staking my rather tenuous reputation on it!!! A friend to Better Than Fudge with knowledge to be trusted says it is so. The information is according to a cast member of the show–we’ll leave it at that.


Spread the word! Tell them Better Than Fudge said it was so and God bless the Bluth family!!!




Hey all --


I, too, have seen the report on betterthanfudge.com that Arrested has been picked up for 12 episodes.


My source (*Very reliable*) says:


"No deal yet. It's closer, but not done. The chances are now 50/50."




So good news -- it looks like Arrested could be saved!


Go Bluths!



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