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Changing Weather


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Well, I live in Southern California where the weather doesn't change much. The only time I've experienced any of those is in a "very" hot and dry weather; and thats the bloody nose and the dry skin. But, come to think of it; doesn't everyone get that during very hot and dry weather?


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Florida is a little wacky in the winter.


One day, it could be pushing near 80 degrees for a high. The next, it could be around 65 for a high. Since this seems to happen at a constant pace at this time of year, my sinuses seem to act up.


And I keep getting headaches, congestion, and sore throat. I hate sore throats a LOT.

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The weather has never bothered me, which is strange because I have asthma. But the girls (wife and daughter) are popping Sudafeds and other anti-allergy stuff like candy.


At one time, I had a continuous string of colds, bronchitis, etc. from November to February. No more, and I'm just fine anymore. I don't know why.


But I'll take it.



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Damn chapped lips.



It has been soo flipping cold here (in LA)... well, to ME anyway.

I have no idea how anybody can live in anything under 50.


But the worst part is the wind, which there's been alot of. I have Lunch right after PE (and therfore, right after showers) so my hair is still wet when i go to lunch. Wind + Water= really funky hair.

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I always get a cold and my ears become very clogged. In Ohio, we always have severe weather changes, especially in December-April. We have been "on a weather roller coaster" (as our weatherman put it) lately, with temperatures in the mid 60's one day, and in the mid 30's the next.

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Ok I said I'd post a picture of the ice rink, and this is the best I have without having to take my new camera to work again.


The rink is 14,000 square feet, and according to the company that made the dasher boards, its the only rink they've ever seen without any straight sections.


Ice Rink

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I usually get nose bleeds with the rapid change in weather and usually sinus headaches which are awful.


But this year up here in Hamilton, Ontario we've gotten really no snow and with Hamilton being the warmest town in Canada this week im quite PO'ed because I love snow despite the crappy feeling I get with changes.

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sucky winter here in Ohio.

Hit the 50's again this weekend.


Worst ski season i can remember.


Interesting question about cold sores. i've noticed a huge increase in people complaining about then this winter. Most of the people i work with have been sicker this winter than any other.

i thought i had mono, but doc said it was the flu. I was down for 4 days, and could barely leave my bed. Yeah, i'm 43, but I'm not 83.


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