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Photo TR: Six Flags Over Texas - Holiday In The Park


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So .. first day of Holiday in the Park was Friday (11/25) and I ventured out since the first Friday is usually dead. Well .. we got there at like 3:45 to wait in traffic at the toll plaza for 10 minutes with all lanes open.


Ok so the park was a TAD crowded when it opened at 4pm, so I headed to get some quick construction photos since it would be dark soon. After that got a ride on Shockwave, Mine Train, Titan (bleh) and just walked around being dumb. The park was INSANLEY crowded and with alot of rides closed, made it worse. But the cool temps, not cold, but not hot made it nice. Most lines were over 45mins so we skipped alot ... but did get some Fajitas and Pink Things .. mmm Pink Things.


Zee Photos!:


Xander from the board .. working but stoned at the same time ... this is why Six Flags is loosing money!


Old South section


Texas Section with lights


Texas Chute Out at Christmas time


More "snow"


ICE .. I mean Snow Hill


Good ole Southern Palace


Looks very nice at night


The model train display, well part of it


Play Dr. with Mr. Alvey, he's likes that ;)


Hmm .. family park?


White Trash Christmas Tree?


Mmm Silver Dollar City .. I mean SFOT


Ze cows from New Jersey arrived


Mmmm Shockwave


The smei-new Ben and Jerry's at the front of the park

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Closed Rides:

Oil Derrick

Texas Chute Out

Batman: The Ride

Mr. Freeze


Bumper Cars

Roaring Rapids

Splash Water Falls

Both Flumes

Texas Giant

Casa Magnetica


So yeah about half the park, well coaster wise and then when you throw in lower operations due to rehabs .. it can get bad.

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I used to go to this when I live in Fort Worth back in the 80's. The "fake snow" hills where there and the only ride open was "Avalanche" oh sorry La Vibora. It was pretty new (there) and so had really long lines. The only food place open was the fried chicken store by the enterprise and they sold hot chocolate and cider in plastic cups that said "Holiday in the Park". I still have one somewhere.


Anyways, thanks for the TR and helping me remember my childhood

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thanks for makeing me remember my summer. Mr. Freeze 35 times in a day 27 times in a row wow. anyways looks nice at that time. When I went a lot of stuff was broken but luckily none of the coasters. oh la vibora and Mr. Freeze were probably the best 2 rides for me there.

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