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Nice Gadget Coaster! May everyone please hold off on downloading for a little while. 1 hour max. I need to check out BTM's stats. If the ride is above 10 then it will be saved on my computer but deleted from the park map.



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Sorry for the double post.

"Mt. Chasemores" has been deleted off of the map. Sorry Zane, but the rules clearly state that your ride must be under Extreme in all catagories. Thanks F1ishy for pointing that out and glad to see that you can take part in this project!


The park is ready for the next person to add their addition.



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Ok i'm done.


Expedition Everest has taken me a good solid few hours to make.


A few rules:


-Do NOT change any track. Especially Do NOT add any brakes to the backwards section. It WILL error Rct2.


-Do NOT test the ride with more than one train on. This can lead to crashes and errors.


-Do NOT change the length of the cars. This could cause problems..


-Do NOT change the lift hill speed. If you increase it the train will go off the track.


Basically any of these will probably lead to an error making Rct2 shut down.


What you can do.


-TEST the ride with ONE train.


-OPEN the ride with TWO trains and KEEP the minimum time that the trains have to stay in the station.




Ok I know you're not supposed to mess with other peoples rides when you're doing your turn. But even if you've downloaded this for fun DON'T mess with it. If you've been working on something else it will not be nice to have lost 2 hours work because of an error.


Oh and my Rct2 randomly shut down while making this... So the people after save your game every 10 minutes please.


Right here we go.



It is a big ride and Adventure Land was the only place I could think of putting it..


So like sorry if it takes up quite a bit of room...


Oh and Smallish. Space Mountain crashed on me... If you have another turn i'd take a look at where it goes really slow and change it.


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