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Chuck’s Saga of Theme Park Review’s 2023 Scandinavian Trip

UPDATE, January: Linnanmaki (p. 3)

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14 hours ago, SharkTums said:

I also thought the weird kids bunny dark ride was great! I felt bad it didn't have a longer line...maybe cause it was kind of hidden?

it was WAY hidden. . and right next to the "sofa" photo op for the costumed characters. . . if you weren't looking carefully, that queue really did look like it was a queue for the photo op!

luckily I found this one (and rode it a bunch). . but I was sad to hear I missed Desperados - which also had a kind of hidden queue, and knew nothing about it until Chuck mentioned it.    I was all over this park on the two full days we were there. . not sure how I missed that one!

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Part 11
A Most Unusual Day: Skara Sommarland

This may be the strangest day of the TPR Scandinavia Trip for two reasons:

  1. One of the group, Barry, had to spend some time in a Swedish hospital after getting an enormous splinter in his foot at the park's wake-boarding attraction.
  2. Tranan, a notoriously unreliable S&S Free Fly coaster, ran pretty much all day while other, simpler attractions broke down frequently.

Did I say "splinter"? From what I understand, Barry impaled his foot on a huge piece of the wake-boarding pier. He rode in an ambulance to a hospital in another town, accompanied by Colin, one of his trip mates, and caught up with the group in Stockholm by train after being released. Barry and Colin were both real troupers during and after this incident; Barry was able to get around the rest on the trip using crutches and wheelchairs and the help of other TPR folks.

As for Tranan, it's fun but very weird as you cruise over, under, and beside the track. ERT on this ride, and on the park's bizarrely named new bumper cars, Badrings Bumpers (the park's webiste also refers to them as "Swimming Ring Bumpers"), went well. But other rides were having issues. For example, Robb and some of the group got stuck midcourse on the park's spinning mouse. A technician rode up on a bicycle, reset the ride (which resumed operating), then rode off again. The ops sent the next car full of riders, which got stuck in exactly the same place. Newton, the park's flume ride with cute little whale-shaped boats, also kept breaking down.

Even the deck outside the restaurant where the group had lunch had some technical issues. Seating inside was limited, and it was a rather hot day (especially for Sweden). Fortunately, awnings provided shade for many of the tables. The staff extended the awnings, which work with electric motors controlled inside the building. At the table where I and some others were waiting, the awning extended, then slowly retracted, leaving us in the blazing sun. They tried three or four times to get the awning to stay in place; each time, it retracted. Finally, they let us eat inside. Good lunch, as I recall.

Well, we did grab some ice cream before we left--yay!  On to Stockholm!



Skara is a popular campground with a surfing-beach-themed water park. So maybe this should be "Valkommen-a-bunga."



Would you trust these birds on Tranan? Looks like they may have smoked some weed this morning.



"Er, these birds look a little stoned. Is this a good idea?"
"I'm sure it will be . . . fine."



Lord, what the hell is happening?



The bird is upside-down? How is this even possible?



This ride provides a different sensation than any other coaster I've ever ridden. It is, indeed, unique. You feel really exposed on these very open trains, and you're held in by nothing more than a rather funky seatbelt. I think it's fun but just really weird.



What has this bird been drinking, and where can we get some?



Tranan can have strange effects on people. (I think this is an Andy or AJ photo.)



The theming of the new bumper cars is rather . . . interesting.



Lots of manspreading here.



"I can see everyone's crotch, which fills me with joy."



Thank god my shorts held up! (Photo by Elissa, I think.)



Time for a manly lunch on a Manly Beach.


This weird snake ride used to be at Grona Lund (the same people own Skara).



I'm sure Robb got some interesting footage.


"We broke the ride! I can't wait to post the POV!"


This is as close as Eric and I got to riding Newton.



I know there's some ice cream around here somewhere. But where could it be?



Goodbye, Tranan! See ya around, Snake! Catch you later, Karp Pond!

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Part 12

Hey, It's a New Park for TPR: Furuvik

Furuvik is another part of the Swedish theme-park empire that also encompasses Grona Lund, Kolmarden, and Skara Sommarland. Like Kolmarden, its much larger cousin, Furuvik is a zoo with a small collection of rides. Unlike Kolmarden, all the rides are gathered in one spot called the "Tivoli," so you don't have to hike to two or three miles to get to them.

The main attractions in the Tivoli are two Vekoma family coasters: Lightning (a fun launched ride with cool-looking, kind of retro trains) and Fireball (one of those Family Boomerangs that have been sprouting like dandelions all over the place recently); there's a family "dragon" coaster, as well (it's a Zierer--just for a change of pace, I guess). They even have a Sally "Boo Blasters" type dark ride with a nicely themed queue to round out their collection of flats and carnival games.

But the zoo is the main attraction here. Furuvik has an interesting mix of habitats, ranging from a Swedish farm to an island for primates to enclosures for camels and other hooved beasts. Even the zoo contains a few odd attractions. There's a somewhat creepy boat ride that winds through a mysterious cave and abandoned village (not sure if there were supposed to be live animals there). They also have a little obstacle course where people ride hobby horses. 

The zoo is working on rebuilding its image following an unfortunate incident involving some escaped chimps earlier this year (Google it if you're curious). But they still have a fair-sized collection of orangutans. You can even walk among some of the smaller primates in both indoor and outdoor habitats. 

The name "Furuvik" means "pine bay" in English, and it certainly lives up to it. The park sits in a forest by the sea, and there's a nice spot where you can hang out by the water. There's even a museum there devoted to coastal defenses. This makes sense, as Russia isn't too far--just on the other side of the bay.



They have a cat as a mascot? I like this place already.


All zoos should have a Tivoli.


Behold the power of neon! Art Deco lives at Furuvik! 


Sarah looks rather blissful sitting on what looks like a dynamo from a 1930s "Flash Gordon" serial.


Hear that dynamo hum!


Seriously, it looks like Emperor Ming the Merciless mounted some sort of death ray on the front of this train.


Lightning is a good ride--thrilling for kids and fun for adults.



For families, yes, but we old farts like it, too. (Photo by either AJ or Andy, I think.)


I saw neither fire nor balls on this ride.



But Vekoma Family Boomerangs are becoming a "thing," it seems.


At least it's not themed to a gravy boat.


Well, if you were disappointed by the lack of fire or balls earlier, here are some furries on a dragon-themed coaster.


Well, may as well get in line . . . OH MY GOD!



We must escape the furries! (Photo by . . . Elissa or Jere, I think?)


OK, ghosts. We're gonna get all "Scooby Doo" on your ass!



OK, everybody got that?



His instructions are in Swedish, but I think it boils down to this: Aim your gun . . .



. . . and blast the hell outta them ghosts! (Not sure who took this photo.)


OK, all you Mystery Science Theater fans--sing along: "It's Joey the Lemur! The friend to mankind!"


"I don't know about you, but this yellow stuff is getting me really high!"


"Yes, you can walk under me, but be advised that I eat a rather high-fiber diet. You have been warned!"


"Look into my eyez-z-z-z-z . . . you are in my power . . . you will accept me as your sovereign leader . . . understand?"


It was a bit of a walk to the creepy boat ride.




This boat ride would make a pretty good haunt.


It's already kind of spooky.



And the unstable boats add an extra thrill.


There's a walk-through habitat full of critters, such as this white-headed saki. ( That's this animal's name according to the park's website).



Looks like it's feeding time.



"How about feeding me, pal? Just stick you hand down here."



"OK, where's that lady with the food?"



"I'm out here. Please don't try to tear my arm off this time."


I think one orangutan is about to mug another orangutan.



Meanwhile, back at Lightning, this bird seems oblivious to the peril it's in.



"OH CRAP!" You'll be happy to know that the bird escaped unharmed.


"Oh boy! Sticks and leaves! We camels love sticks and leaves!"


"Hey, big boy, once you go camel you don't ever want to go back. Get me?"



As I said earlier, "Furuvik" means "pine bay."



"Yeehaw! Yahoo! And other such cowboy nonsense!"


Thanks for a fun day, Furuvik.



We hit this somewhat frightening single-rail alpine coaster on the way back to Stockholm. (Photo by Elissa.)

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I was SO glad I wouldn't let them talk me into all getting into ONE boat.

we for sure would have died.



and that poor family in the back. .they were trying so hard not to be embarrassed for us, as we were all laughing like loons and trying not to tip over.

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Part 13
Hey, It's an Old Park for TPR: Kolmarden

I've been to Kolmarden a few times with TPR in the past, so I'm not sure how much more I can tell you about it now. It's still a great zoo with Wildfire, one of the RMC's best creations, which careens around natural rock formations and beautiful woods. The park is also mind-numblingly, blister-inducing big. It takes between 30 and 40 minutes to walk from the main entrance to Wildfire on some steep, hilly paths, which provided the biggest challenge to Barry and his comrades after the Skara Sommarland incident.

Seriously--you need decent walking shoes for this park.

I can't really add much here to what I've previously written about Kolmarden, but here are a few highlights:

  • Wildfire is still amazing, both on the ride and backstage.
  • We got a nice behind-the-scenes tour of Kolmarden's gondola safari, including the big engines that run it and the place where they store the gondolas at night.
  • The park offers a fun opportunity to "camp out " (or perhaps "glamp") next to their wildlife habitats. We got a good look at the campsite when the group went there to feed their giraffes as part of a wildlife tour.

The pictures and captions will tell the rest of the story of our great day at Kolmarden. Enjoy!


Zombie mastodons can be dangerous--watch yourselves! Happy Halloween!



So, their way is the highway? How novel!



Who's ready for something you apparently can't do at Busch Gardens Tampa at the moment?


Hey! Big-ass body of water! You're distracting from my view of Wildfire!



"Whoever splattered me with this white stuff is gonna get the horns, I swear to god!"


"I say, Cyril, you didn't spray paint the chap with the horns again, did you?"



"Me? Er, why of course not. I'm too busy here, umm, enjoying these . . . sticks."



"I'm a real zebra. Not like those phony ones in the old Tarzan flicks."


They plunged into the mysterious fog and were never seen again. At least not in this dimension.


One must step lively to take a backstage tour of Wildfire. 


"Welcome to Wildfire! Who's ready to lube a train?"


Off they go.


Back they come.


Here we are at the nerve center of Wildfire.



The train gave me permission to take this photo.


"You sure you want to let those guys in here, sir? They'll see the BIG BOARD!"



Here we have an example of "forced perspective." Is Wildfire's wheel really big, or is Robb's head really small?



The only thing better than taking a tour of Wildfire . . .



. . . is taking a ride on Wildfire.


One of the best rides in Europe..



It's tough to beat this natural setting for a coaster.



Who's ready to go behind the scenes at the safari ride?



Watch your step.



Here's where they store the gondolas after closing. The chords are for recharging the on-ride narration, which is offered in multiple languages.



This ladder is even steeper than those stairs.


This is like climbing around inside a battleship.


"Yep--the lion dragged him down there. Well, half of him, anyway."


Looks like something out of a 1970s sci-fi movie.


"Captain! We canna maintain this speed much longer!"


Is this the best theme-park "safari"? Possibly. It gives Kilimanjaro Safaris at DAK a run for its money.


" Just call me 'Skull Loki.'"


Aw, this coaster is so adorable!


Who doesn't love dolphins . . . except for sharks? And orcas?


"Hi. We're chimps and we're ready for some flingin' if you catch my drift."


OK, who's up for some bear baiting . . . I mean feeding?


Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake.


Shot from Jason's point of view.



"Oh, I'm so glad you're still alive. Pay no attention to the man in the hockey mask. Now you can give me some of those delicious pellets."


"After you've fed us, we really don't care."


"Yes, Jason can decapitate or eviscerate you then. It's totally fine."


"Yes, you'd better move along. Jason is not known for his patience."



Do not let his adorable, dreamy appearance fool you. This is a Satanic Raccoon!


Die, panda wanna-be, die!


They still have the half-buried bus where the tigers can whiz on you.


"Could you toss me a small child? There's a good chap."



One last look at Wildfire before we head out.

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Part 14
The Park with a Monster in a Subway: Grona Lund

It’s been awhile since I updated this trip report, but before I get started about TPR’s latest visit to Grona Lund, I’d like to express my condolences to the families of the victims and to the park over the tragic accident on Jetline, which happened just a few days after our group had departed Stockholm. To the best of my knowledge, there hasn’t been a final report about what happened, and the ride remains closed.

Like Kolmarden, I’ve written a lot about Grona Lund over the years. I’ve visited this park a few times with TPR, and I like the place quite a bit. Even so, there has been a big change at the park since my last visit: Monster, the park’s B&M inverted coaster. When I was there with TPR a few years ago, they gave us a construction tour when the ride station was just a concrete-lined, partly flooded hole in the ground.

I’m happy to say that Monster is even better than I’d expected. I love how it swoops over the park, just barely missing the roofs of buildings. There’s even a surprising pop of airtime at one point (not something you expect in a B&M invert) and this cool little “carousel” bit it does at the park boundary. The concrete-lined hole from a few years ago now resembles an old-time subway platform.

Monster was definitely worth a solo “Zen ride.” I took one during an ERT session. It was quite a nice experience with just the B&M “roar” for company and some great views of the Stockholm waterfront.

Let’s move on to the photos of TPR’s day at Grona Lund. You may see guys in wet t shirts--you have been warned.


Morning ERT is serious business, as you can tell from Steve and Big Mike’s expressions.



In case you hadn’t heard, this park kind of likes towers.



So, you have to walk upstairs to get into the subway to ride Monster? Makes perfect sense.



This station needs a barbershop quartet, if they have such things in Sweden.


Everyone can now claim that they have truly ridden a Monster.


I can’t vouch for how much “stump thumping” occurred or who the “stump thumpers” were. All I know is that "stumps" were, indeed, "thumped."



"Why don’t we call it ‘Soarin’ Over Grona Lund’”?
“What the hell? A letter from Disney’s lawyers?”
“Let’s stick with ‘Monster.’”



This drop into the brakes before entering the station is pretty cool. Best final brake run anywhere.



Intense, yes, but old geezers like me like it too. (Photo by Elissa, I think.)



I don’t want any of you to be too nervous about Insane, but notice I’m not riding it.



I think they kind of like it.



“My god, what is happening?”



Last known photo before they were spun into a different dimension.



It appears we have a dissenting vote in the “Do you like Insane?” poll.



“Really? We vote both vote ‘yes.’”



How’s the Vilde Maus water challenge going, guys?



Watch out for that hill!



Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened to me, too.



What? No water cups? Get the buckets ready.



Welcome to one Insane workshop.



Intamin in all its naked glory.






“OK, before you Insane guys start carving yourselves up with chainsaws, get your tickets and wristbands.”



Er, lady? I don’t think you’re properly dressed for this particular fun-house obstacle.



Good luck, men! I see you’re wearing appropriate attire.



Eric nearly blends in. Soon he will be one with the FUN DIMENSION!



This crazy slide/conveyor belt practically throws you over the side.



Eric enters the Multiverse of Madness.



When the Swedes build a “Tunnel of Love,” they build a real “Tunnel of Love.”



I’ve always been impressed with how well they use space at Grona Lund.



The harbor is pretty busy today.



I’m glad the giraffe crane is still here . . .



. . . as are the Swedish tacos.



This Angry Bird went a bit off course.



Twister is down for retracking, but I love the old-school sign and entrance.



Look--it’s Sarah’s favorite attraction!



Just knock on the door, Sarah.



Your host will be with you shortly.



The “troll tree” is still here, but I guess it doesn’t shoot out flames anymore.



I love how Monster just flies over its entrance.



Joey has two balls. He is very proud.



Elissa was not victorious in this challenge.



Another beautiful, old-school ride entrance.



Watch the ground rise up to meet you on Ikaros.



The sun sets on another beautiful day in Stockholm. We'll be heading to Finland soon.

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great update!

and brings back some wonderful memories (and some scary ones. . I have pics of myself on front row of Jetstream. . . I absolutely add my thoughts to yours in terms of the Park and those affected by the accident).

I have to look and see if I have pics of Jere in his soaking wet shirt, as he ended up sitting behind me and my unstable water on one Maus cycle) :)

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21 hours ago, cfc said:

Everyone can now claim that they have truly ridden a Monster.

My wife can claim she's ridden 2.



Because of that one at Walygator, you see.

I mean, I rode both of them also.

This isn't working.


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Part 15
An Identity Crisis and Dueling Infinity Coasters: Power Park

Puzzled strangers are nothing new on Theme Park Review trips. Here’s a case in point. We flew to this rather small airport in northern Finland en route to the country’s (and I imagine the world’s) northern-most theme park--Power Park. The group was hanging out at baggage claim when I noticed this, I presume, Finnish gentlemen in a suit and tie staring at us in astonishment. It was as though he couldn’t believe that anyone who wasn’t Finnish would fly here unless they absolutely had to on business.

Hey, fun is very serious business. Sometimes, fun requires you to wear a fire suit!

So, off we went from the adorably cute little aerodrome to Power Park . . . or was that “Powerland”? The resort and park bear both names. From what I’ve gleaned, “Powerland” started out as the amusement section of the Power Park resort. However, over the years the “Powerland” name was dropped, and the whole place--hotel, go kart tracks, stables, and amusement park--became known as “Power Park.” But I could be mistaken.

Power Park boasts two Gerstlaurer Infinity Coasters: Junker and Pitts Special. Junker is a launched ride with a sprawling layout, some inversions, and plenty of airtime. Pitts Special has a vertical chain lift, a twisty layout with no inversions, and some decent airtime. The rides are next-door neighbors. When you see all that green track from the park’s go-kart grandstands, it looks like it’s all one ride. Everyone seemed to love Junker, but were more indifferent to Pitts Special. I look at it this way: Junker is great ride, while Pitts Special is a good one.

There was a TPR Gran Prix this year. I drove in the 2009 version and found that I wasn’t a “go-kart guy” (I also had the worst time of anyone on the track that day, as I’m far too cautious). But Power park had plenty of other attractions to offer, such as Thunderbird (an old GCI built in 2006) and a fun Wild West shooting dark ride in a haunted saloon. (Yes, like other Scandinavian parks, Power Park has its own western town.)

Start your engines and come on in.



The cleverly named “Park Hotel.” It’s actually quite nice.



The photo of the photo session of the video session of the TPR Gran Prix. I’m dizzy just from writing that.  



See all that green, twisty Gerstlaurer track? It's two Infinity Coasters that seem to merge into one! Perhaps Power Park is a portal to the Multiverse!



I think the train in the foreground (red stripe) is Pitts, while the train in the background is Junker. But it’s really hard to tell from this vantage point.



Is "Powerland" the alternate-universe "Power Park"?



We’re not talking “junker” as in your cousin’s old 1980 Chevette. This is “Junker” as in the old WWII German airplane.



A dramatic shot of Junker in flight, diving out of the sun, strafing an enemy airfield . . . well, maybe not that.



Pitts Special cannot do this.



Reactions range from “whee” to “why did I get on this thing?”



Put me in the “whee” group. I really liked this ride.



Time to unleash the group on an unsuspecting park! (Photo by Robb Alvey.)



Neo’s Twister is a ride that exists.



The fact of its existence is neither “good” nor “bad.” It simply “is”--and that’s enough.



Bill Maher in a cowboy hat doing a set in Vegas--Finnish style.



“You gonna flip them flippers or whistle ‘Dixie’”?



It’s a truck and a restaurant? O brave new world with such people in it!



“I’m Jack Palance. And tonight, you’re going to ride a Vekoma Boomerang that doesn’t actually try to kill you! Believe it . . . or else!”



Joyride. It too exists. Like Neo’s Twister.



This gives you a good look at Pitts’s weird “treble clef” element, which reminded me of Fury at Carowinds. At least that's how it looks from this angle.



Thunderbird runs surprisingly well for a 17-year-old GCI. I like its nice sign and waterfall, too.



It does, indeed, have hair time--if you provide the hair.



“This here’s the wildest ride in the Finnish wilderness!”



OK, this was apparently a somewhat uncomfortable section of track. (Photo probably by AJ or Andy.)



I vote for the front row on Thunderbird. (Photo probably by AJ or Andy. Or maybe Elissa. I forget.)



So that’s what happened to WDW’s old Tower of Terror billboard.



Let’s have another look at Pitts Special.



It’s the best Infinity Coaster at Power Park that isn’t Junker. OK, I kid--it’s a fun ride.



It’s also endearingly bowlegged.



Here’s another ride that happened, but I’m not sure it exists as more than a hallucination.



There’s this little indoor mall near the park with a collection of unusual cars--such as James Bond’s Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me.



You get a nice view of the park’s skyline on the walk back from the mall.



Before we bid a fond farewell to Power Park . . .



. . . here’s one last look at Junker.

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Part 16
Selfies, Hype, and a Tornado: Sarkanniemi

About all I remembered about our second Finnish park, Sarkanniemi, from a previous TPR trip was that it had a dark ride, which was fun; the first Volare I’d ever ridden, which was not exactly fun; and an Intamin inverted coaster named Tornado, which was fun.  Well, the dark ride is gone, which is too bad; the Volare is still there, which is also too bad; and Tornado is still there, which is very good. There used to be an Intamin Half-Pipe on top of a building, but it’s gone, too.

I remember the park itself as being a bit generic, but it did have a nice setting on the water. It’s changed a bit since then. A parody of social media has seized the midway. It’s much more colorful now, and somewhat generic rides have been given names like “Hype” and “Boom.” There’s even a handy spot for taking a selfie, which helpfully sports a sign that says “Selfie Zone.”

The social-media midway has the usual assortment of flats you might see in any European park, along with a Premier Sky Rocket 2 (the aforementioned Hype) and one of those Zamperla Moto Coasters. There’s a nice observation tower, a small aquarium, and even a “farm,” as well.



A look at the park from the other side of the water. It amuses me that Hype (Sky Rocket 2) sits next to Boom (drop tower).



We’re visiting the park tomorrow, so this is where we are for now.



Let us now explore the city of Tempere and take in in this exquisite work of art.



Now this is a tasty work of art. This pizza joint was a short walk from the hotel, and many of us ended up eating there, along with a lot of locals.



It’s too bad that they haven’t build more of these Intamin inverts. I think the only other one is in Spain. This one even features a zero-g roll in a cave!



This ERT session was a lot of fun, as Tornado is very smooth and re-rideable. (Photo by Elissa, I think.)



I love the fluorescent yellow and orange trains.



What sorcery is this?



Fluorescent orange is the color of Zen rides.



While fluorescent yellow is the color of “whee” . . . wait, that sounds wrong.



To ensure safety, be sure to take all selfies in the designated Selfie Zone only.



Let’s see what this is all about.



About 150 feet, I think.



We all felt magically transported to a Busch/SeaWorld park in the U.S. (I imagine Andy or AJ took this photo.)



This is Trombi. I think this might be Finnish for “ouch,” “ow,” or perhaps “!!@#@$#@!!@@!.”



“OK, who’s ready to become a social-media sensation?”



Sarah was born ready!



Is that Eric . . . or Dr. Strange?



Hmm . . . I suspect that AI provided the name of this food stand.



Robb shoots his most intense backseat POV ever.



Either Elissa took this photo or I have an enormously long, invisible arm that’s holding my phone out for a selfie.



Let’s check out the view topside.



I wonder where the toilet fountain is?



The park isn’t too big, but you really have to search to find the entrance to this rapids ride.



Either the sea is calling me, or I really have to use the restroom.



This is my best picture from the aquarium, which isn’t saying much.



This is the only shot of the park’s “farm,” as I had to rush through it right before we left. I hope you like dog statues and sheep butts. We're off to Helsinki!

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eh ........ <shudders> ..... Trombi.  Enough said, right?

Does the Aquarium include that huge space where the dolphins show was with the pool and the seating, Chuck? I remember their shutting the thing down, etc.

Or a different building, entirely? Just curious. The Finnish parks were a great 'finnish' Conclusion to the two tours I did with TPR. 🙂

Thanks for all your TR-ing of this tour!


And  Happy New Year to You!  🎆 and here's to a better, more positive 2024.

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1 hour ago, cfc said:

^I don't know for sure. I think the aquarium was under the observation tower, but I'm not certain.

yeah. . the aquarium was under the Observation tower/restaurant.

we ate lunch at the restaurant on top of the tower, and were chatting with the hostess up there, and I BELIEVE she said the dolphin tank had been "filled in" and they were going to be using it as a theater for children's shows.

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Part 17
Our Revels Now Are (Almost) Ended: Linnanmaki

We have reached the most melancholy part of any trip report--the last park. Fortunately, it’s a good one: Linnanmaki in Helsinki. Although it’s not on the scale of Liseberg, Linnanmaki is a solid urban park, with a good assortment of attractions and some very aggressive seagulls (kind of like Liseberg). It’s also the home of my personal favorite “new-to-me” coaster of the trip: Taiga, a multi-launch Intamin creation.

Taiga features not only forceful launches, but also a crazy, disorienting layout with equally crazy airtime. I was wondering if any ride could top Farup’s Fønix, but Taiga pulled it off; Taiga is even “Phoenix themed,” too. ERT on this ride was great!

But there’s more to Linnanmaki than Taiga. They also have a classic wooden coaster with  brake men and brake women; two dark rides--a “haunted hotel” for witches and a goofy circus ride with clowns and elephant feces; an “outer space” indoor coaster; Tulireki, a weird Mack coaster than makes no sense at all; and a ball of fire!

Here’s a look at the finale of TPR’s 2023 Scandanavia Trip. My thanks to Robb and Elissa for making it all happen. 



This fountain is either adorable or frightening. Up to you.


I’m having Tivoli Gardens/Bakken flashbacks here. So many serious faces! I guess being in the middle of a classic woodie is serious business.


Are you "Oikopolu" or "Taigapolu"? Not to worry. We won't judge you.


 I'm Taigopolu and I'm proud!


Intamin has done it again. With this, VelociCoaster, and Pantheon, I'm a happy man.


You don’t know whether you’re coming or going in this layout.


"What is happening to us? Save us, Jeebus!"


Er, how does this work, exactly? Talk about “twisty.”


If Taiga is too much for you, you can always play the Linnanmaki home game.


Or perhaps you would rather challenge the Dark Forces?


”Yes, come a play a little game with us, dearie.”


”Roll the dice to see which demon you will invoke!”


“You have summoned Tulireki! The most messed up demon of them all!”


”He has the power to cloud your mind and convince you that this is a good ride!”


If Grona Lund’s Insane was a bit much for you, try Kirnu.


”Kirnu” is Finnish for “chum.” This ride just wants to be your Kirnu (not to throw you to the sharks).


But maybe you’d rather have Ukko, the Finnish God of Thunder, as your Kirnu.


Vuoristorata (“roller coaster”) might be a good Kirnu for you.


it’s just not the same with computer-operated magnetic brakes. Linnanmaki and Tivoli Gardens are doing it right by sticking with brake men and brake women.


Oh, lord--this ride still exists!


It’s scarier and smellier than the hotel-for-witches ride!


If they break into “Dancin’ Queen,” I’m outta here.


When at Linnanmaki, take this sign seriously!


Er, heads up, Jere!


It’s Linnan-anarchy with these freakin’ birds!


What out for your goodies there, guys! The gulls are hungry!


Just about time to go. Here’s one last look at a classic from the past . . .


. . . and Taiga, the classic of today.


I leave you now with an old classic and a ball of fire! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this look back at Scandinavia 2023. Once again, my thanks to Robb and Elissa for another great TPR trip!

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that statue of Nekkid guys eating ice cream instantly made this park a favorite of mine :)


but there were SO many great and fun, and insane, rides here.

great pics.

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