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Calling all coaster enthusiasts

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Hi everyone!

I am a filmmaker who is looking to do a documentary featuring the wonderful world of coaster enthusiasts. I am in search of coaster enthusiasts with unusual stories to tell about their hobby! Have you traveled far and wide for your coaster fix? Have insanes amount of coaster swag? This will be filming next month. If you know anyone who fits this description or you yourself are a coaster fanatic please respond with your location (state and city are all that are needed) and what makes your different from the normal theme park goer.

Thank you!!!

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To the guys looking for cash, this is a documentary. Documentaries don't have pay scale like SAG-AFTRA, and for good reason. The people you see being interviewed in documentaries are (most of the time) doing it for free or for a very small payout. Once you're being paid then you can be manipulated to say what the producers want you to say because you're their employee at that point. This completely negates the entire purpose of a documentary, which is to document the facts of a particular topic.


That being said...


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So I should come clean here and say that my boyfriend is actually the one doing this (and the one who has the credentials). He didn't know I posted on here as I was trying to surprise him with some help. Apparently he has what's called a non disclosure agreement with a studio, so I wasn't supposed to say anything. If my original post can be deleted that would be great. Sorry for the confusion here - I was just trying to help him out.

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