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Little Amerricka

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That layout looks like a great mid sized ride.

Relatively simple enough to construct without too much twisty madness to navigate but plenty of fun packed into each leg.

Are you having a firm do the actual design/signoff of the ride or is that being done in-house as well?


Also I totally volunteer as tribute to drive from Duluth to come swing a hammer for a week.

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As you can imagine, some other things have been going on since the last update, but I've been picking away at the design when I get a chance. Been tweaking the ride path and I pretty much have it how I want it. Maybe a little fine tuning here and there, but I'm pretty sure I've gotten it where it won't be taking off arms and hands. Currently working on designing the support structure at every bent down to the half inch - doing my best to make this sucker ride like an RMC. Even for a small mind-sized ride, it comes out to about 120ish bents, so it's pretty slow pickings.


When the park was building the Meteor, they were lucky enough to have the owner's dad around to check the calculations and sign off on the ride - he was a senior engineer at GE. I work around several PE's at my full-time job, and the city structural engineering department is a couple floors up from me, so I'm hoping the most I have to do is hoof it up a couple stairs and have them check my math and give me the thumb's up. I was expecting it to be a lot more intensive, but apparently it doesn't take much to have the state sign off on a ride - the Meteor was 2 whole equations.


If anyone is willing to lend a hand building the ride, we'd be more than welcome to have them aboard. A majority of the workforce is volunteers who help when they can, and the park doesn't have the budget to bring in professional workforces. Makes every project feel a little more personal and rewarding. And on some days results in higher-than-normal consumption of alcohol.


I did my best to make a stunning, professional-quality video for the ride, but of course with my luck the way it is, nothing would cooperate. So, in the spirit of Little Amerricka quality, here's a phone recording of my computer screen. Only the finest here. Feel free to offer any feedback or ask any questions. It's not going to be an easy year, but the gears are turning slowly, and we're still expecting some big things in the near future.


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Looks like a great coaster for your park! My only thoughts: maybe consider adding a tunnel on the pre-lift turn, as well as on the final turn of the ride. Could be a relatively inexpensive way to heighten the experience!

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Have you tried using OBS Studio for screen recording? It’s free and you can find plenty of online resources to figure out how it works.


If all goes well, when do you guys expect to start construction?

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