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Calaway's Closing Day 2005

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I took a lot of pictures...


A text TR will come later...



More pics after I resize and such .


Oooh! Purple car!


Chaos is pretty much universal!


A shot of "The Vortex", Green isn't it?


Mini-Elissa loves Dippin' Dots!


Chantal checking out her Halloweekend Hunt Card


The observation tower


The scariest thing at Halloweekends :-D.


Look, people in Bedrock


Yeah... otherwise your kids will fall out!


Look... a stuffed Robb!


A box for a TV, I don't know why the park needs a TV.


Mini-Elissa a.k.a My sister Chantal


The parking lot when we arrive...

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More pics...


Wow, this ride does it all.


"Ready to lose control"? No, but I do want to go on the ride.


"Thrills around every bend"


These are the really stupid entrance signs... "Experience the Rush"


Finally a coaster!


WTF is this?


Mother Nature's Thrill Ride? Isn't that "Air" in Alton Towers?


Hey, Calaway has dirt too!


But I spoke too soon :-D


A little better...


Awww! Aren't we cute?


Wheee! Where is Jack Sparrow?


This is the Ocean Motion change seen in the sign above!


Chaos in motion!

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The change on Ocean Motion/Pirate Ship is pretty strange. It doesn't seem like any other parks have that requirement (42'-54' sit in middle.)


Also, those signs are totally awesome. (Especially the 'Are you ready for this?' one.)

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Calaway only has the stupid green coaster. .


Here are some more pics...


This pic is out of order but...


Disneyland Resort Paris? Wicked! Bet the lines are shorter there today :-D.


The coolest guy in the park!


Chantal listens to Robb & Elissa on In The Loop.


Here's the Haunted House Hunt Card.


Um... What, I catch you at a bad time?


Waiting for our turn in the Mansion


More people.


Look at the line for that one hole!


The line for the Haunted Mansion (LOL, yes it is called that)


The same parking lot not even 3 hours later. YIKES!


I finally made it on... :-D.


Here are the bumper boats.


Pulling up to the station...


Coming down the hill.


Oh man... I'm never going to get to ride.


Oh look, the line is getting bigger.


If I ever got on the ride... I would.


Cue techno song...


The corkscrew on Vortex.



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25 years and still the same ol tired arrow corkscrew that they opened the park with. You'd think that in 25 years they MIGHT be able to offer something else. Anything else! Sheesh!! :shock:


I am sad to say that this used to be one of 2 parks I called home till I moved east.

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Hey nice job! I tried to accomplish the task of displaying Calaway in all it's pathetic glory on opening weekend, and my camera battery went dead after 4 pictures! I bought a season pass, but that was the only day I even went! I'm moving to Toronto in 2 weeks, and I can't wait to get away from that nightmare of a park, although I'm sad I won't get to ride "Mother Nature's Thrill Ride!"


Although, seeing that picture, and knowing Calaway, they'll probably fit an entire river rapids ride into that little trough.


Oh, but they had one of those barrel-loopy rides, that was new since I was last there a few years prior, those things are hard to find and lots of fun!


^^And I wouldn't call this place the "Cypress Gardens of the North", I assure you that any trees or grass you may have seen in those photos are the ONLY ones in the park!

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Nice Closing Day TR.


And to all you in the USofA with a few more coasters at your disposal? Bitch all you want about how slow such-and-such is, or how painful so-and-so is getting, take note:


Playland/Vancouver - One great wood, one awful old steel corkscrew, and one soon-to-kill-someone mad mouse coaster.


Galaxyland/Edmonton - Mindbender 3-looper steel, two smaller family coasters. All indoors in the "Great Edmonton Mall."


Calaways/Calgary (^see above^)


And that is IT for all of Western Canada's coaster collection. And they haven't been added to, for years and years and...


Thanks for the TR - now I know I don't need to get to Calaways so badly, lol. One coaster credit aside.

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^^ Why would they go through the expense of putting in a rapids ride? They already have their "Log Ride", in all it's craptacular splendor. Let's face it, Calaway Park always has been and always will be a small-time "young- family" park. If you want thrills head north to West Edmonton Mall, they may only have one major coaster also, but at least it's an Anton!

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^Um, the joke was that Calaway is so cheap that they would fit the ENTIRE rapids ride into that trough. Like, 10 feet long, and advertise it as "Mother Nature's Ride" because you're on water! Yay!

And the log ride is also the most popular ride in the park.


And yes, Mindbender will always be one of my absolute favorite coasters. That thing is just crazy.

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^ Uhm yeah, I got that. I guess you missed my point. I meant to be sarcastic in nature, Like Calaway is so cheap why build a 2nd water ride when you can just repaint, and rename the old one. I mean they did it with "turn of the century", er Corkscrew, I mean Vortex.


But no doubt in Calaway fashion, Mother Nature's ride, will most likely be some ages old ride, that has been out for years in the US, but will be "ALL NEW for 2006", by Alberta standards.

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Here are the last batch...



I would like Elissa's imput!


Here we are in the mirror part of the Twiz 'N' Ywirl Maze...


Leaving the park and saying Goodbye til May!


A quick pic before getting on.


The roof of part of the line. Gum, tons of pennies, and garbage! No line though!


What? You thought I would just walk on?


The last ride of the day... our log ride.




There is a silde in it as well.


I dunno... more maze.


Oooh! The mist zone!


A random play toy in the middle of it...

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Gee, this looks like Canada's version of Cypress Gardens mixed with some ghetto Bedrock theming, only with less white trash and 100% more Canadians.


Oddly enough, that's exactly what I was thinking...


Hooray for weird Canadian parks!

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You're all going to wonder, "WTF, what a old thread" however I went back to Calaway last night, and rode The Storm! It's basically like a Enterprise, but themed to weather. It's a good addition though cause Calaway needs more upside-down rides.


BTW... How on Earth do water levels go down on a log ride?

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