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[RCT3] Adventure Kingdom (1970)

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Some out-of-character backstory:


I created a park named Seaside Spot Theme Park a couple years ago whose storyline was based on a seaside shore in Malibu, California. I continued that park for a while, a little choppy and inconsistent as it was my first story park, and due to computer issues and RCT3 Mac Store updates, that park is gone as well as all of the custom scenery with it (as well as the other parks I had).


So now, my RCT3 is a blank slate. I decided to start fresh and create a new RCT3 story park. With more time on my hands as the holidays are approaching, and being able to learn from my mistakes with my seaside park (such as limited expansion), I am taking a new approach to my story park with a whole new design and storyline. This park will include CS, but only for necessary things such as roller coaster supports (and possibly a CTR here and there). The majority of this park's infrastructure will be in-game. I hope you enjoy!




Saturday, March 28, 1970


In the late summer of 1968, the town of Wichita, Kansas, was expected to receive its first theme park slated to open in the spring of 1970 named Adventure Kingdom. In its debut season, Adventure Kingdom was to have 4 initial attractions:


1. Twist and Shout - an Eli Bridge Scrambler family thrill ride

2. Acrobat - a state-of-the-art looping hammer ride

3. Kingdom Carousel - Adventure Kingdom's classic carousel the whole family can enjoy

4. Runaway Express - the parks largest and star attraction, an Arrow Dynamics Mine Train coaster


With 1970 now upon us, Adventure Kingdom has just opened its doors to a large crowd! The people of Kansas are thrilled to have a new theme park in the area. Heavily wooded and green, Adventure Kingdom features lots of vegetation that gives the park a shaded and relaxed feel as well as providing a fresh and clean experience for its attractions and guests.


Here are some pictures from opening day. Enjoy!


-David Greensburg, general manager and park president of Adventure Kingdom


Here is the main midway as seen from the park's entrance.


At the end of the midway is Kingdom Carousel.


Just east from Kingdom Carousel is Acrobat, the thrilling looping hammer ride.


Across from Acrobat is the park's main food court, featuring many classic American foods.


On the west side of the main midway is Twist and Shout, a spinning family thrill ride.


The Services and Souvenirs building is located across from Twist and Shout, providing as an area for guest services as well as some souvenirs for the kiddos!


And now here is the star attraction of the park: Runaway Express, a 2,000+ foot-long Arrow Dynamics Mine Train roller coaster!


Runaway Express travels through a very heavily-wooded forest, giving the attraction a true "abandoned" theme.


After the first turn, Runaway Express travels through an abandoned mine area. Looks like this mine brought up some valuable stuff!


Here is the largest drop on the ride, located after the second lift hill. Keep your arms inside...you might hit a tree!


The drop leads directly into the ride's 405-degree upwards helix!


The final turn over the lake...


...leading into the ride's brake run and transfer area.


Runaway is a hit for Adventure Kingdom!


And so is Twist and Shout! Full rides on opening day!


Adventure Kingdom is a wonderful theme park and has made its mark in Wichita. A strong future is ahead!


And I will leave you with Tyson the Adventure Tiger: Adventure Kingdom's mascot!

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Tuesday, September 1, 1970


Adventure Kingdom has had a successful debut season! Runaway Express, the park's star attraction, is getting rave reviews among families. However, the people of Wichita, KS, want more. Expansion is underway--although nothing is going to be revealed yet!


Here are some photos from the last week of daily operations. Starting this weekend, the Kingdom will operate Friday through Sunday through October, officially closing for the season at the start of November.


-David Greensburg


The lush, vegetation-filled midway of Adventure Kingdom


Runaway Express' line has died down as it is the end of the season...not to mention it's great capacity.


Runaway Express peaking above the treeline


Guests enjoying the Kingdom Carousel


I spy some dirt being move around! My mind is spinning with excitement!


That is a decent size plot of land! Not to worry...the announcement will fly in soon.


Looks like Runaway Express might have some competition in the coming years!


And like always, I will end this small update with Tyson the Adventure Tiger!

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Saturday, March 27, 1971


After a long off-season, the 1971 season is now among us at Adventure Kingdom! And with the start of the 1971 season...the Kingdom is proud to introduce its brand new family-thrill attraction, Treetop Swings!


Treetop Swings is the first modern chair swing ride in the world, and we are proud to welcome its debut here in Wichita, Kansas. It's a perfect fit for the lush green environment at the Kingdom, and it is expected to be a big hit!


Now onto some photos from 1971 Opening Day!


-David Greensburg


The beautiful, lush midway of Adventure Kingdom


The Kingdom Carousel... a classic attraction


Guests loading onto Acrobat to get their world turned upside-down!


The food court is quite busy on opening day!


And now for the new attraction for 1971... Treetop Swings!


Guests get to swing right over the water!


There is also a small path around the perimeter of the ride for guests to relax and enjoy the scenery.


The other side of the park is still just as busy! You can see Tyson the Tiger entertaining some guests!


Runaway Express is still the star attraction... sending out full trains!


Twist and Shout is doing its thing, too!


1971 is going to be a strong season at Adventure Kingdom. We definitely have more up our sleeves for the future!

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Saturday, November 6, 1971


The 1971 season at Adventure Kingdom was a success! This park is definitely going to see a bright future.


Something fishy has been happening adjacent to the new Treetop Swings. Some trees have been removed, but no dirt or construction is visible yet. We'll have to see.


Here is a quick update with a few photos from the final day of the season. I will make sure to update throughout the winter. Considering this clearing is beginning so late in the season, we may be looking at something for the 1973 season.


It's the final day of Adventure Kingdom's second season!


Treetop Swings has done well with the crowds. Here is a view across the west midway.


As stated, a few trees have been chopped adjacent to Treetop Swings.


Nothing is going to be revealed yet, but I'd keep your eyes peeled if I were you.


One last shot. More updates soon!

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No update here, just checking in.


I would GREATLY appreciate some feedback (please be critical and honest) so I can continue with this park to be the best it can be. Anything from "Good start!" to a big long paragraph is just fine! I have my future for this park written out until present day, but I sometimes feel like I am talking to myself in this thread! The more people comment, the more I will want to update!


I'm not trying to sound greedy or anything, but please don't hesitate to leave a comment! I'm very excited for this park and I'd love for other people to be too!

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I think the park is starting off very nicely. I enjoy the small collection of rides and its simplicity. If I had any advice, I would say to make the water look more realistic. At some water levels you can make it reflect the surroundings. Just a small touch that makes it look really nice. Keep up the great work!


As for the comments, I would say don't worry about it too much. I'm in the same boat as you, it's great to see comments because you know people are really reading and enjoying your park. No matter what though you shouldn't be discouraged by a lack of comments. People who really like your park will continue to follow it no matter what.

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^Thanks for the feedback. I'll continue to update this park even if there are few comments. Like you said, people will follow if they like it.


(In character)


Saturday, January 1st, 1972


Happy New Years, everybody!


Adventure Kingdom is in its off-season, and the park is snowed over! Definitely a cold winter here in Kansas. However, the weather is not stopping construction workers from working on this mysterious 1973 project.


As always, nothing will be revealed yet, but I am thrilled to share with you some off-season photos. It's only January and lots of dirt is being moved!


Snow is swept off the paths, but still covers the grass!


Glad I grabbed my jacket, it is cold out here!


I spy some dirt being moved.


This is definitely a large project, considering how early these crews are out moving dirt!


Another angle


A view from the parks' entrance midway.


And I'll finish this small update with a picture of the east midway from the entrance of Runaway Express. Stay tuned for the next update...opening day 1972!

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Sounds like a classic wooden coaster to me.


As for comments, be patient. If you haven't checked out my park, Frontier Forest, I've been working on it for a year and a half and I still only get about one or two comments per update. If you enjoy making the park, keep doing it. Not everybody always has something to say, but I can tell you people do enjoy watching the park grow.

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Saturday, March 25, 1972


It's here! Opening Day 1972 for Adventure Kingdom. I'm thrilled to open our park for guests for a 3rd season!


Remember that construction we took a peek at during the winter? It's full-speed-ahead now.


Even though I am personnel, I was unable to visit the construction site during the park's operating hours. I managed to grab a few shots for you guys from interesting places in the park. It was challenging, but it was worth it to see some very interesting things going on!




Opening Day 1972! Look at the beautiful scen...wait...is that a construction wall?


Sure is. Walls are up and there is totally nothing going on behind them.


The construction wall extends all along the east side, reaching down to Treetop Swings! This is a big site!


There is a crane (as seen from Runaway Express' queue line)! This is a HUGE project!


Desperate to get a shot, I rode Treetop Swings (adjacent to the site) to try and take a peek...and I did! I spy footers! That doesn't mean anything...


I also managed to peek through the wall near the park entrance...there is also a large concrete pad and some scaffolding. Interesting!


That's all for now...at this pace, we will see much more VERY soon! Stay tuned!

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Saturday, July 29, 1972


Hello! Happy Summer!


I have some big news! We are finally proud to announce our new-for-1973 project!


Ladies and gentlemen, new for the 1973 season at Adventure Kingdom: Shooting Star!


Here is a recent news article released.


WICHITA -- Adventure Kingdom has announced its major 1973 attraction to be called "Shooting Star".


"We are proud to announce our largest investment since our opening in the spring of 1970," says David Greenburg, general manager and park president of Adventure Kingdom in Wichita, Kansas.


"Shooting Star is a one-of-a-kind ride featuring steep drops, sharp twists, and a smooth steel roller coaster experience," he adds. "There is nothing like it in the world. We are proud to work with Anton Schwarzkopf in the development of this cutting-edge attraction."




Height: 70 feet

Largest Drop: 60 feet

Maximum Speed: 40 M.P.H.

Track Length: 1,755 feet

Ride Duration: 1 minute 12 seconds


Ride Type: Jet Star II model (successor to the Jet Star)

Manufacturer: Anton Schwarzkopf

Design: Anton Schwarzkopf


As you know, construction on Shooting Star is already far underway, and there has been a lot more completed over the last few months. Here are some photos from yours truly.


-David Greenburg


Concept art for Shooting Star







Lots of head choppers! Let's move on to some park construction photos!


I spy some supports!


It appears that all footers are in place and some of the tallest supports are erected!


I spy some track pieces! They will be up on this thing SOON!


Another angle of the spiral lift supports!


An overview of the construction site! Track will be going up soon! Stay tuned and get excited for Shooting Star!

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Saturday, November 4, 1972




It's the last day of the operating season for Adventure Kingdom, and since the announcement in July, Shooting Star has made GREAT progress! Track work is now complete, TRAINS have arrived, and more! We cannot WAIT for it to open with Adventure Kingdom on Opening Day 1973!


Here are some photos!


As you can see, the construction walls are down! Due to Adventure Kingdom's effort to be green, we added more vegetation than we removed with the mess that is Shooting Star!


Green is way better than yellow! It also means one step closer to this fantastic new roller coaster opening!


As seen from Treetop Swings, the track work is complete!


For security reasons, a chain link fence is till enclosing the construction site. This is where the main queue will be. I think I spy trains!


Because it is the last day of the season, I worked it out with personnel to get a brief tour of the site for you guys!


Here are the trains! 2 have arrived, and the 3rd is on its way!


This is where guests will load and unload. Notice how the trains are yellow instead of blue like in the concept art.


Shooting Star's switchbacks will be located right here in conjunction with a new mini-plaza we are opening!


What a mess of track!


Shooting Star's spiral lift, 70 feet tall, is the tallest structure in Adventure Kingdom now!


The final brake run and turnaround into the holding brake and station.


Tyson is super excited for Shooting Star! Stay tuned for more!

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Saturday, March 24, 1973


Hello everybody!


Today is opening day for the 1973 season...which also means opening day for SHOOTING STAR!


With testing throughout the winter and several other enhancements in the surrounding area, Adventure Kingdom is proud to announce the official opening of the world's first Jet Star II roller coaster!


Shooting Star is the tallest ride in the park, peeking above the treeline at 70 feet. With multiple twists, drops, helices, and an ultra-smooth ride, Shooting Star is sure to be a hit at Adventure Kingdom for 1973 and years to come. It is the perfect combination of family and thrill.


Let's get onto some photos for opening day! Adventure Kingdom saw its highest attendance today!


The beautiful lush greenery that makes Adventure Kingdom so unique


Wow! This area looks much larger! Let's check it out!


As you can see, here is the entrance for Shooting Star...NOW OPEN! Quite a line has developed!


No more cranes...no more dirt. Shooting Star fits right in with its surroundings.


The perimeter pathway of Treetop Swings got expanded to accommodate more guests in this new area.


Beautiful rock work and trees blend in Shooting Star's queue very well.


Full train after full train after full train. Shooting Star is a HIT!


As seen from the on-ride POV...here is the view from the top of the lift--70 feet above the ground!


Shooting Star's largest and steepest drop!


Lots of head choppers!


The final brake run...which passes over the queue line and exit


And the holding break leading into the station


As mentioned, there were a TON of people at the park today!


While Shooting Star (and even Treetop Swings) is the new hotness...let's not forget about the park's classic 1970 attractions! Twist and Shout is still attracting guests!


Runaway Express' queue was quite short today...possibly due to Shooting Star's opening and this ride's amazing capacity--or both!


It's still a fan favorite, though! The Express is the perfect "first" roller coaster for kids!


What a change since 1970. Adventure Kingdom has definitely expanded in 3 years! We have made sure to preserve the beautiful vegetation as much as possible.


Guests continue to line up for Acrobat...the park's only inverting attraction.


Back over to Shooting Star...guests continue to enter the queue. Many people hop back in right after exiting!


One of the many turns on the ride


What a PERFECT addition to Adventure Kingdom!


It blends in so well...as if nothing changed!




There are lots of shade and benches for guests to relax...maybe those who wish not to ride Shooting Star or other rides.


And I'll leave you with this shot that showcases Adventure Kingdom's skyline! Stay tuned for more!

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Sorry for the lack of updates recently. The end of school and finals week has been busy, but now with winter break I have more time on my hands. Keep looking for more frequent updates from now on!


Saturday, November 3, 1973


Hello all!


Shooting Star has been a WILD success at Adventure Kingdom. Its cutting technology and wide appeal has done well to our guests. With that, the 1973 is winding down to a close, but heres to looking forward to 1974 and beyond!


Here are some photos from the last day of operation at Adventure Kingdom for the 1973 season.


The classic midway shot


Even during the last day of operation, Shooting Star has still gathered a small line on the upper platform.


The line for Treetop Swings is nonexistent.


If you look to the left of the picture, Acrobat is still maintaining a healthy queue. It's capacity isn't the greatest, however.


Quite a few trees have been cleared out on the east side of the midway (across form Shooting Star). Future expansion might be in the works...


Even after Shooting Star's wild success, we are still thrilled about what the future will bring!


As it is late afternoon, many guests are beginning to head home. To 1974!


Shooting Star was the perfect addition to Adventure Kingdom. It is the tallest structure in the park, but who knows, that may change at some point...


Guests getting their final rides in. Shooting Star has run all 3 trains all season, so it will see an extensive refurbishment over break to keep it running like it's still opening day!


And I will leave you with one more photo of this mysterious tree clearing. Congratulations to everybody at the Kingdom for making 1973 a huge success! To 1974 and beyond!

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Saturday, March 23, 1974


Hi everybody!


The 1974 season is now in full motion with our new attraction for the year: Adventure Wheel!


Adventure is a 60-foot ferris wheel, a classic amusement park attraction, that peeks above the treeline of Adventure Kingdom. The views up at the top are great, and we anticipate it being a solid addition to the park.


Some photos from opening day, shall we?


The main midway seems a little more crowded than usual...hmm...


That's because, located directly adjacent to the park entrance, is Adventure Wheel!


The Wheel sits about 10 feet taller than Runaway Express, and about 10 feet shorter than last year's successful addition, Shooting Star.


It's a classic attraction that is a must-have at any amusement park!


Opening in the same area as Adventure Wheel is the Main Street Deli. The park needed another food facility, this time serving fresh sandwiches, soups, and lemonades.


A quick peek inside the Main Street Deli (please mind the limits of RCT3...)


Adventure Wheel can be seen from almost anywhere in the park.


Many people in the queue line for the ride. It's a relaxing attraction that ALL guests can enjoy!


A view of Shooting Star from the top of the wheel.


On the back side, it also gives unique views of Runaway Express's helix and lake turn--something not able to be seen previously.


Tyson the Tiger is excited about the new attraction, are you?! Stay tuned for more on 1974 and the future!

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Tuesday, July 30, 1974


ACROBAT, looping thrill ride at Adventure Kingdom, to close by 1975


WICHITA -- Adventure Kingdom amusement park has released a statement regarding their thrilling loop-o-plane ride, Acrobat.


"Acrobat will be permanently closing on Saturday, November 2, 1974," states David Greenburg, park president and general manager of Adventure Kingdom in Wichita, Kansas.


Acrobat opened with the park in 1970 and is in its 5th season of operation.


"Sometimes you need to take a few steps back in order to move forward," he continues. "Acrobat is our step back. It's time for bigger and better things at Adventure Kingdom."


Get your last rides in on this thrill ride before it closes for good at the end of the 1974 season.


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I'm really loving this. I'm saddened at the loss of Seaside Spot Theme Park but like you said, one must step back before stepping forward. You really improved with this park. Shooting Star was marvelously executed and your use of in game scenery is artful. Keep this up

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Sunday, November 3, 1974




With the announcement of the removal of Acrobat, major changes are coming to Adventure Kingdom in the future.


The ride closed yesterday (Saturday) and LOTS is happening right now in and around the area, including something a little strange with another attraction...


But rather than talk about it, let's look.


Classic shot from the entrance of the Kingdom.


The line for Adventure Wheel was almost a walk-on.


Acrobat officially closed yesterday, but Kingdom Carousel is also mysteriously closed with the entrance boarded off. There's no way that both of these attractions are leaving so soon, especially a classic one like a carousel.


As little as one day later, Acrobat is completely gone. However the queue and vegetation still stands.


It appears that a portion of Acrobat's queue line has been painted...the same colors of Kingdom Carousel.


Whatever is happening, we know that big changes are coming.


Meanwhile, Shooting Star's line is quite short as well. Although it does have an excellent capacity with only a seatbelt as the restraint.


Vegetation has really grown in and around Shooting Star. It looks quite nice!


A small flower bed was placed below the ride's initial helix.


The area around Treetop Swings remains quite peaceful.


Back over the Acrobat's spot and Kingdom Carousel, I imagine that sometime in the future, this will look quite different.


And to emphasize how light of a day it was, Runaway Express was sending out almost empty cars!


Until next time.

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Tuesday, December 24, 1974


Merry Christmas Eve!


Adventure Kingdom releases 5-year vision and beyond


"It is important to have a vision - what you want to do, where you want to go," says park president David Greensburg. "Our very special 1973 addition, Shooting Star, has exposed us to our potential."


Adventure Kingdom will open for its 6th season on Saturday, March 22, 1975.


"Our 5-year vision has been established, and we will play it out in two phases from 1975 - 1979," he adds. "Our first projects of Phase One are already beginning with the removal of Acrobat. Details will be released as this vision unfolds into reality."


The first stages of Phase One, which will occur in 1975, are:

1. Removal of Acrobat

2. Relocation of Kingdom Carousel

3. Extended midway

4. New sit-down restaurant & other facilities

5. Kingdom Railroad


As you can see, lots is happening for the 1975 season at the Kingdom. Let's check it out.


Here is some concept art for the 5-year vision. The red area represents the 1975 expansion this year. The blue area is future land for the rest of Phase One and Phase Two.


I spy something unusually yellow.


Construction walls are up in Kingdom Carousel's former location. Speaking of Kingdom Carousel...


It is now relocated to Acrobat's former location. It received a more vibrant green and blue paint scheme along the way, too. It opened this last weekend for guests to enjoy.


This area will look very different in 1975.


No worries, Twist and Shout isn't being neglected. Sending out full rides of 18 people.


A full train of riders were stuck on Runaway Express' holding brake for about a half hour. Nobody was injured. The ride sent out a few empty trains and is now running great like always.


A shot of Adventure Kingdom's star attraction, for your pleasure.


One more.


And the twisted track that is Runaway Express.


That's it for now. Expect BIG changes next update as we carry into Phase One.

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