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  1. As a local Californian it bothers me to see a park once themed about the great parts of our state be turned into some confused land of whatever ideas Disney didn't have the space to put in Disneyland. Obviously I'm excited for the new ToT because it will create a much better ride experience, but now only Grizzly River Run and California Sreamin' remain as the original California rides. Not before long they'll be different too.
  2. Thanks for the photos Robb, the Joker looks like one kick a$$ ride! Also cool to see the Tsunami Soaker retheme, so it looks like that photo was real.
  3. If that's real it looks pretty nice, although the name "The Penguin Ride" is one of the least creative names I have ever seen. Then again, it is Six Flags It could also be fake though because it's weird how the birds from Tsunami Soaker are still on the spinners. I have a feeling the retheme will happen, but not 100% sure if that photo is real. I guess we'll find out this weekend.
  4. As excited as I am for the Joker, this caught my eye the other day on the park's Instragram. Anyone have any clue as to what this could be? My guess is that they are retheming Tsunami Soaker to the Penguin, which would make perfect sense next to the Joker. Has anyone who has been to the park recently noticed anything?
  5. That POV is absolutely breathtaking! It amazes me how it maintains its speed throughout the whole ride, especially for being a test run. So excited that I get to live 20 minutes away from that! Also a side note, I would suggest reading some of the Facebook comments left on the video. Some of them are just cringeworthy
  6. Here's something the park's twitter posted today. That station is quite vibrant!
  7. Thank you everyone for the responses. It's good to hear that aside from Vertical Velocity and probably Hammerhead the majority of the rides will be open. I'm especially excited for White Water Safari to be open because over the past couple years I have had season passes and very rarely have I had a visit where all three water rides were open. As for crowds and Flash Pass I don't think I'll every buy one for Discovery Kingdom. Aside from Bring a Friend Free days or special days such as cheerleading days in the park, I have pretty good luck with crowds. Usually Superman and White Water Safa
  8. Is the park normally crowded during Spring Break? I plan of attending the park on Friday and I'm hoping it won't be too crowded due to Spring Break. Also, to those who just recently went, I noticed on the website that some rides such as Vertical Velocity, Hammer Head, and White Water Safari are temporarily closed (I'm assuming due to the construction happening for next season). Are these rides actually closed or is the website just not updated from a previous time? Thanks for the help.
  9. Well a sad update today. Due to more computer complications this park will no longer continue as the park file was lost forever. My computer's hard drive fully crashed and I was unable to retrieve any data, therefore deleting this park and Simmons Creek Amusement Park. It is frustrating as a park creator to constantly deal with these issues and although I would love to attempt to recreate these projects, I feel as a busy person that I will not be able to find the time. I know not that many people were following my parks to begin with but I do apologize to people who were. I have always w
  10. 1986: 1986 saw more national attention for this small growing amusement park. People from all over the Cedar Rapids area have flocked to see this year's new addition, Valley Bumper Cars. I am happy with the park's progress so far and I hope Pomegranate Valley will one day become one of the premier parks in Iowa along with Adventureland. Of course the hit of this season was the new Valley Bumper Cars, a classic dodgems family ride. Although not too thrilling, Valley Bumper Cars provides for a fun ride. Speakers within the building play classic ragtime music that give this sectio
  11. Pomegranate Valley: Hello everyone. I've decided to start a new park in RCT2 due to my recent and lengthy frustrations with RCT3. I have not dropped my other park, Simmons Creek Amusement Park, but for the time being I will focus on mostly this park. Please bear in mind that I just currently got back into playing this game and that I am by no means an expert. I know this is sometimes overstated, but any comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated as the help me improve my park. I hope you all enjoy. Opening Day-1985 Here's the entrance plaza. Upon entering the park guests are
  12. Hello Milkxy. Excited to see your park as I'm getting back into RCT2 myself but just a quick heads up on pictures. The guidelines say that you need at least 3 screenshots for a new project to be started. I hope this park turns out nice but I don't want it to be locked because of not putting screenshots or following directions. Looking forward to future updates, best of luck.
  13. While I can't make any promises, I hope to get it out within the next 2 weeks. I have everything ready to go but I am still unable to take photos and the game crashes very frequently. As soon as I figure out those problems though I will release it. Sorry to keep everyone waiting.
  14. ^Correct. Whoever guesses the coaster gets to post the next picture. It's amazing how some people can't follow simple rules.
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