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[RCT3] Adventure Kingdom (1970)

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Wednesday, January 8, 1975


Happy New Year, everyone!


As you know, Adventure Kingdom has began construction for the first parts of Phase One. What we will see in 1975 is:


-Relocation of Kingdom Carousel (complete)

-Extended main midway (in the works)

-New restaurant and facilities (in the works)

-Kingdom Railroad (see below)


It's only January and TONS of work has been completed. Everything for this first expansion of Phase One is scheduled to be ready for our guests on Opening Day 1975 in March!


Let's move on to some off-season construction photos!


Standard midway shot. I see some stairs?


As you can see, the main midway will pass over the train tracks. You can also see the incomplete station for Kingdom Railroad.


All 3,500 feet of track for Kingdom Railroad has been laid. Many trees have been removed, but our goal is to plant more than we cut down!


Kingdom Railroad passes over the same lake as Runaway Express. Very photogenic...especially in the snow!


Adjacent to the Railroad's station is our all-new sit-down restaurant! Name and food offerings to be announced later. A couple more small buildings with other facilities are also in the works.


A shot of Shooting Star in the snow...for your pleasure.


As well as Runaway Express' helix.


That's all for now. Stay tuned for the rest of this season and Phase One!

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Saturday, March 22nd, 1975


Happy Opening Day 1975!


Today, Adventure Kingdom opens for its 6th season. New this season, as the first expansions of Phase One are beginning, are an all-new extended midway, a classic American eatery, more facilities, and Kingdom Railroad--3,500 feet of railroad track that wanders through the back woods of the park.


Attendance was considerably smaller than expected this opening day, but with even BIGGER expansions planned for the future (!!!), we predict a large increase in attendance starting in 1976.


Let's check out some photos on this rather quiet opening day. (Be sure to read the captions...I've sneaked in a few hints about the future expansions!).


Construction walls are down.


The 1975 expansion of Phase One is complete. Let's check it out.


On the east side of the extended midway is Kingdom Railroad. This family train ride has 3,500 feet of track and circles a large section of the park's wooded areas.


On the opposite side, as clearly seen, is our all-new American '50s Diner. Themed to the '50s, this classic eatery serves the most American foods...with burgers, fries, chicken, soda, and shakes! With the American spirit being so well-received, I wonder what else may come along those lines.


A view inside (please understand the limits of RCT3).


The expansion also included a small bakery--Sweets and Treats. What's more American than junk food? :p


Trees are already getting cleared for the next year's expansion. What a convenient location next to the American '50s Diner...


Next year is a big year...and not just for Adventure Kingdom.


A view of the deeply wooded area the Railroad travels through.


Passing over the lake.


Back on the other side of the bridge, guests are enjoying Treetop Swings.


Shooting Star, the park's current flagship attraction, had an almost non-existent line. It definitely has a high capacity.


How much longer do you think Shooting Star will be the star of the park? (Pun intended)


Don't worry Runaway Express...we didn't forget about you. It's just becoming easier to do that lately...


One last view of the park. Wow, has it grown! Next year will be big...stay tuned.

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Sunday, September 21, 1975


Hello all,


The 1975 season was a success for Adventure Kingdom with our new expansion including a family railroad and two new eateries. With that being said, 1976 is shaping up to be a HUGE success as we continue to expand as a part of Phase One.


Our revolutionary new attraction for 1976 will be declared next month.


Here are some photos as the 1975 season comes to a close. Construction on this major ride is moving right along.


Classic midway shot, as always


The newly refurbished carousel as next to no line as summer slowly crawls away.


Shooting Star has been having some issues with its brakes. It has been closed all weekend with all 3 trains off the tracks.


Hopefully it will open up one more time before the season comes to an end in November.


But Treetop Swings is soaring powerfully through the air.


Now to the meat and potatoes of this update: dirt.


Dirt is being moved around quite a bit. It appears to go back behind the trees as well.


Wow! This ride will cover A LOT of ground.


There is an area in the far back of the park almost as large as the one up front. This attraction, as promised, is revolutionary.


I imagine that this view will change very dramatically, very soon. Stay tuned for the announcement next month.

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Wednesday, October 15, 1975


The time has come for us to announce our revolutionary new attraction for 1976!


For the United States of America's Bicentennial year, meaning 200 years since the famous Declaration of Independence was signed by our Founding Fathers, Adventure Kingdom will introduce PATRIOT!


The Patriot will be Adventure Kingdom's tallest, fastest, and longest ride! Here are some statistics:


Height: 95 feet

Top Speed: 48 M.P.H.

Track Length: 3,480 feet

Ride Duration: 1:45 seconds


Other awesome facts:

-Over 25 seconds of "air time"

-High capacity of over 1300 riders per hour. The ride will have three trains but run no more than two at a time in order to allow one to be cycled through maintenance throughout the season.

-Classic red, white, and blue colors.

-Built and manufactured by Philadelphia Toboggan Company


THE PATRIOT will open adjacent to the new '50's Diner and run through the woods and back. The station and queue area will be part of an all new Americana area, featuring classic American food & retail.


On July 4th, this summer, Adventure Kingdom will host an enormous Bicentennial celebration featuring lights, music, fireworks, and of course, Patriot! Adventure Kingdom will remain open for 24 hours, with all rides, food, and retail open, to celebrate this fantastic year of America!


Patriot will open in March when the park opens for its 7th year of operation! Be there, and get excited for Adventure Kingdom's biggest year yet!


A construction update from within the park will follow soon within the next few days.


The towering first drop!


Patriot pokes out above the trees quite often, making it very photogenic!


Station and queue (more details included when built)


Layout overview of the 3,480 feet of track.


The airtime-filled double down section immediately after the midcourse brakes!


The patriotic trains, featuring red, blue, and cyan accents.


The skyline for Adventure Kingdom will forever be changed.

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After a year hiatus, I plan on reviving this park and continuing with updates. Patriot will get built, and the timeline will continue where it left off in late 1975.


If all goes well, look for an update sometime Sunday. Excited to get back on track with Adventure Kingdom. I have big plans for this park that I have yet to execute.

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Sunday, November 2, 1975


Hello everyone!


As you likely know, Adventure Kingdom has its largest investment yet, Patriot, well under construction to prepare for the 1976 season!


Patriot will be Adventure Kingdom's tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster with a height of 95 feet, a top speed of 48 M.P.H., and a stunning length of 3,480 feet of track! The ride will feature a stunning white and red structure with blue- and cyan-accented trains.


In order to prepare for the scheduled March 1976 opening of this HUGE new ride, construction must be well underway before the season has closed for the park!


Today is the last day of operation for the 1975 season, so let's check out the construction of Patriot! It was a fairly slow day.


The lush main midway! I see something in the background... but more on that later.


Shooting Star DID end up reopening before the end of the season, but it has been on one-train operation, leading to a small line that would otherwise be nonexistent.


Runaway Express is also on one-train service. It's a slow day and the last day of operation, so that's understandable.


Kingdom Carousel had no line.


Now let's see what's happening over at Patriot's site.


The foundation and some scaffolding is in place at Patriot's station. Not to mention, LOTS of track has been placed!


The ride has almost been topped off! It's amazing how large the footprint of this ride is.


More dirt being moved around.


And even MORE dirt being moved around at the far end of the layout. This ride is HUGE.


In order to accommodate Patriot, the Kingdom Railroad has to be re-routed in some spots, therefore it has been closed for the last few weeks.


That's all for now. Stay tuned, because 1976 is going to be great!

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