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A Preview of The 2015 Knott's Boysenberry Festival!

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Spring is here! That means it’s time for the Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm! This annual event (Formerly called Knott’s Berry Bloom) returns with special entertainment, decorations, character meet-and-greets, and tons of food. This year there are over 60 boysenberry themed food and drink items! Knott’s held a special tasting for media to try out some of this year’s offerings, so check out our report below for just a small taste of what awaits you at the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival. The event runs March 28 - April 12, 2015 - don’t miss it!


We’re at Knott’s, and we came hungry! Bring on the boysenberries!


The Wilderness Dance Hall has been converted to a Wine and Craft Brew Tasting area for the festival.


The Knott’s media team welcomed us to the event and gave a little history on the significance of the boysenberry at Knott’s Berry Farm. Every single boysenberry on Earth can trace its roots back to Knott’s - pretty incredible!


The Knott’s culinary team then got us salivating by telling us all about the special foods they had whipped up. They had me at Fun Bun! (More on that later)


Before we delve into all the park food, it’s also worth pointing out that there are lots of good food-related gifts you can get at the festival that are tasty and unique. Anything from the Berry Market line would make a great gift, and we’re huge fans of the boysenberry licorice as well!


You can also get boysenberry BBQ sauce this year! Yum!


Food time! Here’s an all-beef hot dog with boysenberry relish and boysenberry ketchup.


A fish and chips sandwich with boysenberry tartar sauce.


Boysenberry BBQ ribs.


Fried cheese curds with spicy boysenberry dipping sauce.


Or for those feeling particularly adventurous, fried alligator with boysenberry aioli.


Time to wash down that food with some drinks! How about some boysenberry beer? There’s also a non-alcoholic boysenberry cider for the younger ones.


There are a bunch of wineries offering up delicious tastings of their wines, but the most fitting wine for this event would have to be Honeywood Winery’s Boysenberry Wine. This stuff was so good! Knott’s should have this year-round.


If you get boysenberry’d out, there are tons of other wines to try. Sangria, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon... whatever your heart desires! We were impressed by the wide array of wines available for tasting.


While food is the star of this year’s Boysenberry festival, there is lots more to see and do than just eat. There will be a pie eating contest...


You can meet Easter Snoopy...


Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies will perform...


Families can enjoy Lucy’s Really Big Spring Show...


And dance the night away at the Jammin’ in the Dark dance party.


Knott’s had some entertainment on hand to keep us laughing through the night.


Spears and I are both vegan, so I’ve got to give a shoutout to John Chiu from Knott’s food and beverage for hooking us up with some vegan versions of the boysenberry foods. That was totally thoughtful of him!


It’s time to check out some desserts!


Boysenberry flautas.


Boysenberry pie.


And here it is, perhaps the item that people will go most nuts over, the Fun Bun! It’s a cinnamon roll, dipped in Knott’s famous funnel cake batter, deep-fried, filled with boysenberry jam, topped with boysenberry cream cheese frosting, and dusted with powdered sugar. The one in the photo is half-eaten so that you can see some of the innards of this heavenly beast. But good luck ever getting a photo of an un-eaten one, because it’s so tempting that you’ll eat it before you ever think to take a photo.


To round out the night, Spears grabbed a boysenberry cotton candy for the drive home! Thanks Knott’s for all the yummy food!


The 2015 Boysenberry Festival runs March 28 - April 12. With tons of special entertainment, decorations, and food it’s sure to be a great time to visit Knott’s!

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It’s a cinnamon roll, dipped in Knott’s famous funnel cake batter, deep-fried, filled with boysenberry jam, topped with boysenberry cream cheese frosting, and dusted with powdered sugar!


It always amazes me the amount of things Knott's can do with boysenberries. Great report!

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All of the food looks amazing. I'd try the cheese curds and tartar sauce! Not sure if friend alligator counts as pescatarian but I might be willing to give it a try...


Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely have to get out to this some time and try all the amazing food. I love boysenberries and think it's so cool they originated at Knott's!

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