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Photo TR: Kings Island on a Sunday

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I took the advice of some fellows on the KI thread on which day to hit Kings Island where I'd be able to get in as many rides as I could, which was apparently a Sunday. This was perfect since the park closed at 7pm, which meant I could stay all day and get back to college that same night in time for classes the next day!


So on Sunday, October 5th, I woke up early and made the one and a half hour drive north to hit the park by 11am opening. I had missed the mark by 30 minutes, but it didn't matter because it was true what was said: very easy crowd level all day! This contrasts immensely with the previous time I was at the park, which was opening day of this year, and when I had to wait 5 hours for a lap on Banshee.


I'll explain more about the day as we go along. Onward to photos!


After parking my car and entering the park, I wandered my way to the left of the park to hit the first rides of the day! Did one easy ride on Drop Tower before renting a 2 dollar 2 hour locker and hopping in line for Banshee. Drop Tower closed for the rest of the day afterwards.


Yep, virtually no lines. I added more time to my locker rental and went back for it! For quite a while, I got on, got off, saw the line was still short, got back on, got off, rinse and repeat. Honestly, I felt kinda sorry for the people I saw that morning lining up for Fast Lane. This ride was a total walk-on every time I came by it the whole day! As a bonus, they let us choose whichever seat we wanted! So I varied from the front, to the back, to random spots in the middle and so on.


I also ran into almost every complaint people had about the coaster. There was a rattle which mostly became harsh in any row after the 3rd. The vests did hug kind of hard on one occasion, but the vest don't ratchet down and lock so I easily lifted them up. Lastly, the lap portion of the restraints did crush my thigh on other occasions. None of these kept the coaster from being #1 on my list of personal favorite coasters, though! I still love it, and so did the many people I saw when they came off of the ride! :)


Gone, but never forgotten. I'll do an amusement park haunt some year... I'm just not into them yet.


After that initial lap, I went down to The Bat and gave a lap on it, before coming back towards Banshee to grab my camera. The bat is still a pretty fun coaster! Lots of speeds, and plenty of swinging! Plus, it can be surprisingly terrifying for those who have never been on rides like these before!


Once I got back to Banshee's queue, the next picture was what I saw:


More laps. Can't get enough!


Once my locker rental was close to expiring, I came and grabbed my stuff to take photos. Banshee is extremely photogenic, but you can only get good photographs from certain places. To photograph any other part of the ride, or come up with something original requires some creative thinking... or different lenses.


For instance...


Fisheyes are a huge amount of fun to use as a walk-around lens, believe me. To all photographers, I'm telling you, it'll transform ordinary places and make them a little more interesting. (This is a Rokinon 8mm, fyi.) Don't use it all the time though, it get's old to viewers quick.


"Hey... hey stan?"

"Oh god, not again Jerry."

"Hey Stan... knock knock?!"

"*Sigh*... Who's there?"


"Boo, who?"

"Aww, why are you so sad, Stan?"


"... I hate you Jerry."


"Hehehe, good one!"

"*From a distance* NOT HELPING!"


This view's quite obstructed when you first enter the park during Haunt season.


This thing to be exact.


I finally tried this for the first time. It took sooooo long for me to realize there were no Scooby Doo characters visible... Hm... weird.


I almost did this, but with how long the ride cycle was and how long the line was, I didn't.


I opted for this instead, mainly because I needed the credit... What have I become?!


The initial helix out of the lifthill was surprisingly fun and the rest of the ride was alright. It progressively got rougher around the turns until it finally ended. Not bad for a family coaster though. I wouldn't mind at all seeing these replace existing family coasters in parks, especially Roller Skaters.


Next was Diamondback. This turned out to be the longest wait of the day, with 30 minutes.


Honestly, after riding rides that flipped me endlessly and pulled immense amounts of positive G's, it was incredibly refreshing to hit-up a smooth airtime machine! I had forgotten how good this coaster was. Wow, was it splendid!


Seriously, I could've gotten back in line and easily marathoned more than Banshee, it was that good.


Already rode Vortex. Banged me around a bit, but I survived in one piece. I still love how massive looks compared to almost any other coaster in the park.


I got a ride on the Beast after a 15 minute wait. This knocked me around a bit, including harsh slowing on the trims on the first drop and in the first covered straight bit. People still ask me why this coaster isn't in my top ten. I'm not sure how else to explain it. I'll still need to give a night ride on it someday, but until then, Voyage at Holiday World reigns supreme for me.


Sweet floater airtime on the first drop!


I was assigned row 4 of the train after only a 15 minute wait. Still gave an awesome ride filled with some strong g-forces, two super-sweet rolls, and more inversions than you can shake a stick at (whatever that means)!


Pardon the larger-sized cell phone pics.


Seriously, this can be addicting!


I took breaks from lapping Banshee, and still had quite some time left in my locker rental for my camera bag. So I wandered away for a lap for each side on Racer, did Vortex, and lastly Flight of Fear. Firehawk was closed at the moment, but I'd return to it later.


FoF threw me around a bit, but I still absolutely love this coaster to death! It's pretty high on my list of personal favorites! Get some strobes and effects working on it, and it'll hit my top ten, easily. (I have a soft spot for indoor coasters and launchers).


A weird contraption. Slow operations, loud lifthill, but also very smooth ride. Plus getting stuck on the brake run wouldn't be so bad because I could easily take a nap on it.


Weeee, ow... weeeeee!


In all seriousness, praise be to Ron Toomer for creating beasts like this (no pun intended).


I'm not a fan of walkthrough haunts, but I absolutely love how haunt events can transform a park. Plus, this was my favorite piece of theming I've seen in the park.


Peace, dude.


I went back to here for another lap on Flight of Fear, and about the time I got off was when Firehawk was running.


Lookin' Down the midway... or the mall, I'm not sure which.


Empty train after one of the trains got stuck on the lifthill, forcing them to run tests for a while.




Obligatory photo op here


Soon riders were screamin' their way down the tracks again. And so was I for a little while, rounding my total to 12 for the day eventually.



I wish this was a little better composed, but eh, I still kind of like the action in it.


There's not much new angles one can get after shooting the obligatory shots. So I tried experimenting



Not bad, but missing a train. It'd be a money shot for certain.


... Eh, close.


Soon 7pm hit, and Kings Island kicked everybody out. All in all, I had a pretty good day! LOTS of laps on Banshee and many other favorites!


Total lap count:

Banshee: 12x

The Bat: 1x

Racer Red: 1x

Racer Blue: 1x

Vortex: 1x

Flight of Fear: 2x

Flying Ac Aerial Chase: 1x

Diamondback: 1x

The Beast: 1x

Firehawk: 1x

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Nice photos of my home park!


The lines for Diamondback have consistently been longer this year than for Banshee, partly because of Banshee's much faster crew and partly because most frequent visitors still prefer Diamondback over Banshee. Both are definitely world-class.

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I agree. Something about this park makes it worthwhile to go. It may not be the biggest park, or park with the most rides in the world, but it has a very SOLID collection of coasters. I went this past Labor day weekend and loved it. The Beast was amazing. It was my first time on Diamondback, Firehawk and Banshee. All excellent rides. Banshee was fun but not very intense to me at all. I'm sorry but I found Firehawk less intense to ride than the B&M flyers. I have only riden TATSU and that ride made me sooo queasy! Firehawk did not do that to me at all. I prefer being on your back than completely face down, like TATSU. Hope to get back next year.

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Really great report, loved the photos. I think I'd like to marathon Diamondback a little more than Banshee too. But both rides are awesome. The Beast really is a different ride at night, I didn't like it in the day. I would tell anyone to add a night ride on The Beast to their coaster bucket list.

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