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Parkitect (PKT) Discussion Thread

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I'm liking it as well! There's a limited selection of rides you can go through, so for now much of the game is just trying to be as creative as possible with what's offered. Other than that, the game runs quite smoothly with no major bugs. I'm very interested to see what more they can do with it.



(My park is much bigger now, but I'm not near my desktop to take a better screenshot.)


If you wanna hear me mindlessly drone-on for 20 minutes about my first thoughts on the game (as well as build another coaster), I made a small video.



Edit: Here are some better screenshots of my park.


Snow Patrol


Snow Patrol (left) and Arctic Express (right)


Yeti wing coaster


Front area of the park

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I am going to download this tonight, so excited! I have a question... there are two tiers to buy... the Parkitect 15.00 (basic) and the soundtrack version for 25.00. What is the difference? Does this mean the 15.00 version has no soundtrack to it, or simply that the 25.00 version includes the soundtrack to listen to outside of the game? (I know this one also includes wallpapers) Just curious, thanks!

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Hey all


I am going to download this tonight, so excited! I have a question... there are two tiers to buy... the Parkitect 15.00 (basic) and the soundtrack version for 25.00. What is the difference? Does this mean the 15.00 version has no soundtrack to it, or simply that the 25.00 version includes the soundtrack to listen to outside of the game? (I know this one also includes wallpapers) Just curious, thanks!

I believe the soundtrack is just separate as audio files.


I tried some recreations of real world coasters. I find it a good test of how versatile and accurate the coaster builder tool is.


There a few omissions and foibles which make some recreations quite tough at the moment but for the most part it's pretty good and its much better than RCT at doing certain things.


I've mostly tried creating some of the Arrow loopers as the Steel coaster is quite versatile. I'd be interested to see/hear if anyone's tried some wooden recreations.


Here's some notes from my exploits.


  • -The long swooping drops of rides like Viper at SFMM and GASM at SFGAdv were easy to do with the variable turns on drops.
    -The rise into the loops on the same rides was less elegant as currently loops are only possible from flat tracks rather than an entrance from below.
    -Doing the corkscrews and cutback on Drachen fire was a breeze thanks to the diagonal corkscrew options.
    -The current lack of a helix option makes the helix under the cobra roll a bit of a mess.
    -Had issues with long curves on the lowest slope setting. Large curves would often end up 1/8th of a height unit and it would be impossible to complete the track as i couldn't figure out how to get it back. So the rise into the brakes and curve following the cutback aren't as good as I'd like
    -Drachen fire file can be seen here
-Cloning a ride like Python at Efteling was easy apart from the final helix. Looks really good too with the sloping kamikaze curve into the diagonal corkscrews like the original.


Sorry about the lack of pics. Working from a laptop with no internet and a PC with no Parkitect. I shall try get some across tomorrow.


Might give Loch Ness monster a go later but again the helix might be tough to do.


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Here's a bit more in-depth look at how things went. Now with screens


My first attempt at anything was building a B&M style looper (Even though the B&M looper isn't in game yet, so i used the Arrow track) This one is clearly loosely based on Led Zeppelin, well at least to start. 




I was mainly messing around with the track editor at this point. I think this demonstrates why I think the game currently needs steeper drops. The main drop looks too shallow although it works quite well for the zero G. The Zero-G is made just by rotating the banking on each piece of track rather than a specific element like RCT. This allows quite a lot of flexibility in size and shape of the roll. I definitely made my corkscrews too big but i learnt for later on. 


Next up i tried a recreation. And since the arrow track is in game why not go for one of their most infamous coasters.




The 45 degree corkscrew was great here. A really handy addition for recreations. Especially ones as simple as Loop-screws. A more customizable half loop would be useful for the first inversion and the games lack of a simple shallow helix's is annoying at the moment. I actually made a much better rising and falling curve after the cutback in a later version but I didn't save it.


Continuing a general theme i tried making an aproximation of Loch Ness Monster. Not an exact clone but something very similar.




I'm slowly getting more used to the controls so this was easier than expected. You'll have to excuse the rubbish foliage. The in game options are a bit crap right now and combined with me generally being crap at them anyway it doesn't looks great. 2nd screen shows the rain effect. If you look at the 2nd pic it kind of shows how varying the the size of track pieces affects the number of supports placed.


Next up I tried playing with the B&M wing coaster. For some reason its limited to 90ft at the moment which is crazy because rides like Parrot Coaster and Gatekeeper are around 170ft. Anyway I went for a small custom X-Flight style design and messed around with the track options. 




I was pleasantly surprised to find that diagonal zero-g-rolls work pretty well and as you can tell i discovered you can vary the size of lots of the scenery as well as change some of the tree colours.  The wing coaster is a bit limited at the moment due to its oddly short height restriction and the current lack of a half loop that steps to the side slightly making recreations of rides like Stealth, X-Flight and Gatekeeper pretty tough. 


Finally last night i messed with the wild mouse. The wild mouse makes pretty good standard mice but i noticed the ability for swooping drops might make a nice Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster approximation.





The turns can only be banked to about 15 degrees but I think it works pretty well. The in game block brake system is currently broken (and being fixed for next release) but the ride runs pretty well. 


Anyway I'll mess around a bit more later. not really played much with the woodies yet.

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I'm looking at some gameplay footage right now...and all I gotta say is that I now have a TON of faith in this project and Planet Coaster. After TPS dissapointed me, I'm happy to see we have two, maybe THREE new games to fill the void that the lack of a proper RCT4 left us.


Parkitect, once new building options come out and more track styles come out, could potentially be not just a newer-generation RCT2, but I'd even go as far as to say the 2D No Limits. And if the modding community gets their hands on this game, there could literally BE "no limits" to what we can do.

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Yeah I am having a great time with the game. I love the interface and how everything works. There are a few things that need to be fixed but overall it works pretty good. For example completing a circuit is sometimes a pain and it seems like the coasters need to be able to go higher and steeper.

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^The 1/2 too high or low or 1/4 too high or low get's pretty unnerving to me as well after a while! "How far back to I have to delete before I can get the track level with the station?!"


Personally I love the simplicity of Parkitect. It doesn't try to outdo all of the others by being too realistic. They've clearly pulled references from real rides to implement them into the game, but abstracted them to the point where they are simple shapes that we can still recognize as real rides. I'm thinking that's what threw me off of some of the others, in that maybe they were taking in too much realism in exchange for being able to simply build a park and watch it run.


They've got a long way to go before it's perfect, but like I said before, it's still kinda fun to spend a couple of hours constructing a park with what's in there now.


For some reason its limited to 90ft at the moment which is crazy because rides like Parrot Coaster and Gatekeeper are around 170ft.

You can try like what I did with mine, and build it up the side of a mountain to get it above the height limit. The height limits for almost all of the coasters need to be raised a bit, in my opinion (especially the junior and suspended coaster).

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Also been having a good time with the game.

Made a few nice semi-recreations


And found the Wild mouse works well as a improvised Gerstlauer Bobsled


Even looked into some simple hacking/modification. The game is incredibly easy to make simple changes to which bodes well for future community mods


Corkscrew on a wooden coaster


Modified Bannana Roll type inversion


Simple zero clearance hack


Fallen tree


Multi coloured trains.


Quite looking forwards to what the next update brings. Theyve already teased proper helixs on twitter.

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Only the ones out of the 2nd lift are sharp. the rest are pretty gradual. And that's only because the 2nd lift buts up against the edge of the map and I didnt have room to extend them out. Anyway you can edit the transitions however you want (except diagonals at the moment) The games only $15. Less than a movie ticket some places go play around.

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Do rides (specifically coasters) have anything that measures how "good" they are? Like RCT's excietemnt, intensity and nausea factors?



I'll probably buy it at some point, right now the game doesn't have enough features for me. Once it has more rides and scenarios wiht objectives I'll probably get it, but right now it sort of seems like Diet RCT (with, to be fair, a far more flexible construction system).

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Here are a few shots of my work in progress park, Arcadia Point. The big ride at the park right now is Katana, a B&M wing coaster. I just love the game allows you to make different sized and shaped barrel and zero g rolls, I am looking even more forward to updates and have high hopes for this software!


Katana's zero-g roll, cutback and barrel roll.


The first drop/inversion


The midway crossing

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This game shows some promise. I like the slightly-off angle isometric style they went with. It helps give better spacial visualization than true isometric does. I'm interested to see how refined the coaster editor becomes. I would love it if they add backwards-building into the designer. Nearly half my RCT2 coasters were build starting at the end.

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I had that issue in full screen mode. It seemed fine in windowed mode.

Unfortunately, I cannot play in windowed mode because the window does not fit in my laptop's screen and there's no way to make it smaller.

If you're using a windows machine you should be able to manually fix the properties tab.

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A couple new devlogs, including the addition of building helixes, new sounds, a new Double Ferris Wheel, and a new Gerstlauer Euro Fighter type named "Vertical Drop Coaster."



The new update will be available when the new build is made, then those who bought it will re-download it from Humble, according to Sebioff.

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Acording to Seibioff the next version will include the First person and coaster riding mods written by the community too


Hacked in a decent looking mine train. Unfortunately it doesn't work too well as the trains currently act as steam trains so the friction setting is a lot higher and the trains go a lot slower. Looks nice though


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