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[NL] [NL2] The Amazing Flying Machine

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Those two bowl slides look awesome! If only we can get more themed water parks like this in the US (come to think of it, the world in general)! The whole coaster along with the whole area is looking great still!

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The coaster has gone through a slight name change - it will now be called "The Amazing Flying Machine" to fit more with the coaster's intended theme.


Also - I've done some tweaking to make the environment a bit more believable. The exposure of the renders has been dropped and all of the colors have been given a once-over. The result is a scene that still looks bright and colorful but closer to how the eye would see it in the real world.


Finally, there are several "missing" textures in these renders. But they're 90 to 95 percent there, excluding the fifth one. The fifth one is the first textured render of the two water slides, and that area still needs some work.






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Progress keeps...progressing.


The area around the coaster is now about ninety percent finished. Some areas around the windmill, and the lighting and thematic elements of the station platform, are all that remain there. After that, it's back to the water slides.





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This looks REALLY good!


This could easily pass as a real park promo.


That water tower support is wonky, yet realistic. My inner coaster nerd loves seeing things like that.


Question. Will catwalks be added to the lift?

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That water tower support is wonky, yet realistic. My inner coaster nerd loves seeing things like that.

The idea is that the pipe support isn't actually a support, and that the turn over the roof of the platform is actually supported by the water tower structure itself which doesn't bear any other load because the water tank is really empty. The structure is part of the framework of the station platform.


I suppose that the pipe could act as an auxiliary support but it's not totally load-bearing.


Question. Will catwalks be added to the lift?

Not likely. In the event of an evacuation the drive tires would slide outward just a tiny bit to let the train safely roll down the lift hill and into the little dip between it and the station platform, possibly straight back into the station platform (with the other train being backed up into the transfer area) if the train is stopped high enough on the lift.

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Progress update! I'm almost there!


I'm currently working on foliage and other small details. The release of finished renders is imminent. Because of this I won't be updating the thread next week, as I want there to be a distinct difference between the renders I show today and the "final" renders. So enjoy these while they last.





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