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The Mitch Hawker 2013 Wood Coaster Poll Thread!

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What?? How did you find out I love Hades360 THAT much? Now that you know, I would love to see you with the love of my life 100 times. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.


I accept your challenge Mr. Ingvar. Only one of us may have Hades. I propose a duel for her/him/it! May the better man win.


In all seriousness though, I really need to get on El Toro or T Express or any other plug 'n play at some point in my life. I love wooden coasters, and they seem like the creme of the crop.

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Some of the groupings on the ballot creator are different from last year. The Backlot Stunt Coasters are grouped and all the Jet Stars are together (as opposed to having separate categories for Jet Star I and Jet Star II). I don't believe that this was the case last year which leads me to believe we may in fact be seeing a steel poll. I certainly hope so!

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