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4 Disney World Parks In 1 Day Possible?

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I am going to spend 1 full day at Disney World Saturday August 3rd. I have a special 1 day hopper ticket that was purchased from undercovertourist.com The rides I want to do are:

-Test Track never been on it

-Soarin never been on the Disney World one but been on the Disneyland one

-Tower Of Terror at least 3 times

-Rock N Roller at least 2 times

-Star Tours at least 2 times

-Expedition Everest at least 3 times never been on it

-Dinosaur never been on it

-Safari Jeep ride that's 20 min never been on it

-Rapids Ride never been on it

-Space Mountain

-Splash Mountain

-Big Thunder

-Peter Pan

-Small World

-Tiki Room

-Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Or is it too hard to try to do 4 parks in 1 day? Or just do 2? I went last July but I had 2 full days at Disney World. I did the Magic Kingdom & The Disney Studios. The Studios has an extra morning hour from 8-9 so I don't know if I should do the Studios because I'm not staying on site by the time I get there at 9 I'm assuming Rock N Roller will already have a long line. I've never been to Animal Kingdom. I don't care for the spinning coaster. But Expedition Everest & Dinosaur & the rapids ride yes. Epcot I've been once back in the 90's. Don't really care for Epcot except for Test Track & Soarin. How do you think I should plan my day with what 2 parks or just stay in the Magic Kingdom? If you suggest I do 2 parks how many hours should I spend in each one?

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you're handicapping yourself by trying to cram in 4 parks in 1 day, I wouldn't do more than 2 (and even then it would likely be 1 with maybe dinner at Epcot).


why go to the parks, if you aren't going to allow yourself to enjoy the magic of them?


That said (and keep in mind, I'm likely not the best person to ask, as you'd probably get a better answer from someone local (Robb/Elissa)), several rides on your list almost always have huge lines (and even with fast pass take a while to get into):


Test Track -- just refurbed, so very popular right now

Soarin -- HUGE line, that's mostly hidden so you don't realize how long it is (and clear across the park from Test Track (and EPCOT is a BIG park)).

Peter Pan

Splash Mountain


For Test Track, Expedition Everest I absolutely recommend single Rider Line.


for the Safari, if you don't catch it first thing in the morning the animals tend to hide/sleep from the heat (and it's absolutely way in the back of the park. . so that's a trek just to get to.



if you really only have 1 day, and want to do as much as you can? Honestly, here's what I'd do:'

Start at Animal Kingdom

Safari first, then Expedition Everest (single rider line), Kali River Rapids, back to Everest, then Dinosaur on the way out.


Tram over to Hollywood Studios and go right to Tower of Terror and fast pass, and then ride Rock N Roller Coaster while waiting for fast pass time (they're next to each other). Skip Star Tours (or if you must. . you'll waste time as it's across the park from RnR Coater/ToT). . . .then go over to EPCOT for dinner in world showcase (either Morroco or Mexico have great restaurants) and while there try to single ride Test Track and/or fast pass Soarin.


Magic Kingdom is a whole day by itself. . if you dont' have a full day to spend there (it's much more spread out than Disneyland), then i'd just skip it on this trip.


just my 2cents.

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As someone that just got back from WDW, I will tell you it's possible to do 4 parks in 1 day but very difficult. My best advice is to tell you to go to Epcot first. It should take you less than an hour to ride Soarin and Test Track. Then go to AK. Get a fastpass for Kilimanjaro. Go on Everest while you wait. Then get a fastpass to Rapids before you go to Kilimanjaro. Finally ride Dinosaur. After you're done with those, you should be looking at about 2 pm. Then go to HS. Get a fastpass for Rockin Rollercoaster AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! That coaster is far more popular than the other 2 rides. I would do Tower of Terror while you wait and after both ride Star Tours. Then you should be looking at about 6 or 7 pm. Head to Magic Kingdom. Wait until the very end of the day to ride Peter Pan. Its crowded and not worth getting a fastpass early. I'd head to Space Mountain first, then go to the other side of the park to ride Splash Mountain and BTMR. If you ride stuff during the Electrical Parade and Wishes, you should have a much shorter line for these rides. Close out your day with It's a Small World and Peter Pan. Make sure you get out of Tomorrowland before the Electric Parade starts otherwise it's very difficult to get to the other side.


Like I said, this can be done but it's very difficult. You really have to have a game plan and be prepared to skip meals or eat very quickly. I hope this helps.

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I've done it once a few years ago, I don't like to attempt it often though. How it did it:


Start with the two quickest parks with the least amount of interest. For me it was AK and Hollywood Studios. I recommend ending your day with EPCOT, as it's much more the 'adult friendly' afternoon-evening park. Plus it has the best food for dinner. Make reservations if you want something big!

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It is doable, but I wouldn't recommend it. You'll be doing a speedrun through all the parks, missing one of the top qualities of the WDW parks: atmosphere. Sure the rides are cool, but there are much better parks focusing on thrill rides in the neighborhood.


Looking at your list of rides you want to do, I'd suggest doing just Magic Kingdom and Studios. You'll get most of your list while you can still enjoy the parks instead of doing a hit and run.

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See last year I had 4 days in Orlando 2 at Universal & 2 at Disney. This year only 3 -August 1st & 2nd will be spent at Universal-2 day park hopper with one use express ticket. Can I upgrade the express ticket to the unlimited use one? My mom bought them online with her credit card & we already printed them out. I won't have her credit card only cash to pay the upgrade on the express. It's only like a $20 difference to upgrade to the unlimited use one. I have been to Universal Orlando several times before this year & last year. I have even stayed onsite at the Portofino 3 years in a row before it got too expensive. & That's why I chose only 1 day at Disney. I wish I had 2 days at each resort but I don't. I made me a hard decision which parks to choose. So I decided on 2 days at Universal -wanted more time there since I like all the coasters, water rides, Spider Man, ect. My parents are paying for my trip so my mom chose how many days in Orlando so I had no say in the planning & what month to go except choosing the parks. My mom got all my park tickets. Even though she got me the 1 day Disney hopper I think I'll stay put at the Magic Kingdom. Yeah I'll miss the Tower, Rock N Roller, Star Tours but at least I just did the Disney Studios last year so I'll be ok missing it. Thanks for helping me decide what to do. Magic Kingdom all day it is.

My parents will be dropping me off at the Transportation Ticket Center. The Magic Kingdom opens at 9. What time do you suggest I get to the Transportation Center & how early should I get on Main Street so I can dash over to Space? I'd rather have several rides on Space Mountain, Big Thunder & Splash. Much rather stay there all day. & I don't like being in the big sea of people trying to get out. It was just a mob last year trying to get on the ferry. What time is the last ferry/monorail? The Magic Kingdom closes at 11.

I'm also worried about the afternoon thunder storms. Last year during my first day in Orlando at Islands Of Adventure my day got cut short 2 hours because of the thunder storm. I left about 7pm. I had wanted to ride Hulk a 3rd time but because of the storm it was closed. But no storms the other 3 days last year. I know they do keep the inside rides open. Are the lightening bolts anywhere near the park & are you safe enough to walk around in the open areas of the park? & How do you get to all the indoor rides when there's lightening bolts do you just walk along buildings?

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We've been to all 4 parks in a day, but it wasn't our ONLY day at the parks (it was one out of 9) and we went to each park for a specific thing. We also had a car.


Morning EMH at DAK

Afternoon lunch at 50's Prime Time (DHS)

Dinner at EPCOT

Evening EMH at MK


I think on this day we probably rode 5 or 6 things outside of EMH.

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It's very possible to do four parks in a day. But to do everything you want on that list, on a SATURDAY IN AUGUST, that right there is going to be your biggest challenge.


Let me just tell you that we went to DAK the other day for lunch, and it was a Wednesday in June and Dinosaur had an HOUR wait and FastPasses were not anytime soon.


If that tells you anything!


--Robb "When Dinosaur has an hour wait mid-week in June, it's going to be a busy summer!" Alvey

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^I always take your advise Robb thanks for posting. I am going to stay put in one park for the day Magic Kingdom & not try to attempt to park hop. Yep definitely forget it. I'd rather enjoy all the rides in the Magic Kingdom. & Last year I missed Peter Pan & Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. Plus I can be happy riding several times Space, Splash & Big Thunder. That will make up for missing the park hopping.


& Question for Robb:

For Universal I have the 2 day hopper ticket with one use express. They are already printed out. I was wondering when I get to the park will they let me upgrade to the unlimited express by paying cash? My name is on the express ticket but my mom got it with her credit card. I can only pay cash to upgrade. My mom doesn't want to give me her credit card & my parents are dropping me off. Yes you can purchase the unlimited express without staying onsite. This is something new not sure when it started. But I'm hoping I can upgrade.

2 Spider Man's all right looking forward to both!

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For Universal I have the 2 day hopper ticket with one use express. They are already printed out. I was wondering when I get to the park will they let me upgrade to the unlimited express by paying cash?

My gut feeling is *yes*, but it's probably worth checking with the park just in case...


Here's a thought for you, since you say you've never been on Everest or Dinosaur...


DAK is open until 7pm on the day of your visit....


Get to MK early, for opening, get in as much as you can, and then leave the park around 4pm to head to DAK. You can probably at LEAST get in a couple of rides on Everest (using single rider) and Dinosaur, as the park does start to empty out later in the afternoon/evening.


Then head back over to MK until closing at 11pm.


I'm not sure I'd recommend trying to do any other park that day.

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^^^I will take Robb's advice by going to the Magic KIngdom first & then leaving around or 4 like he said. I would like to ride Everest & Dinosaur since I've never been on those. Thanks Robb for the excellent advice! You always know whats best!

How long does the bus take from the Transportation Ticket Center to Animal Kingdom?

& If I see lightening bolts around the park is it safe to walk in the open to the indoor rides or should I be walking along buildings to get to the rides?

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I've done all 4 parks in one day. It was tiring. We made it to all 3 parks and saw fantasmic at night. This was in March and we got on all the top rides we really wanted to see with waits that we're not that bad. We started at Animal Kingdom, went to MK, Epcot, and Hollywood studios, I used to work at Disney so I've done the rides tons of times but for the people have been once (or none) really enjoyed it. MK will be your hardest to do.

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Having been to WDW only during peak-ish times of the year, this seems impossible.


Take into the fact that traveling between the 4 parks kills about an hour and the fact that not being at certain parks to acquire Fast Passes before they run out limits the ability to ride rides with longer lines, it seems crazy to try to do even if hit an EMH day at a key park.


Even one ride on each attraction on the list seems extremely difficult. But 3 times on TOT? 2 on RNRC? 3 times on EE? And Tower AND Soarin AND both mountains AND Peter Pan AND BTMR AND Dinosaur AND the Safari?


Even if these rides were all in the same park, there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to do all this. Much less the travel time between parks, earlier park closures, limitations on Fast Pass acquisiton, etc...

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Glad he decided to add a day. I once did all 4 parks in one day, it was a January 3rd and the crowds were thinning out. It was also 2000, right after "Y2K", so many of the newer rides in Animal Kingdom weren't there yet. I was very selective, I only rode 2 or 3 rides in each park and started with Animal Kingdom since it opened first. I also used the bus/public transportation system... which wasted a bit of time since I was unfamiliar with some of the schedules and stops.

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How bad are the lightening bolt storms first week of August? & How long do August storms last? & What time do they start? & Is it safe enough to walk out in the open of the parks to get to the indoor rides or do you suggest walking as close to buildings as possible? I'd still like to stay in the park even if a storm hits to do the indoor rides.

Last year I went to Orlando first week of July & I got cut short 2 hours. The lightening bolt storm started around 7pm & lasted around 2 hours. I didn't know what to do so I hurried to the guest drop off along with everyone else leaving. That was my first day & all other 3 days were fine no rain/storms.

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Okay, seriously stop with the insane questions. If you are that scared of "lightning bolts", your parents might want to reconsider leaving you alone in a park by yourself.


These type of off-the-wall questions is what got you banned from this site in the first place. You've got a second chance now so stop with the obsessive questions, okay?

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