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I love(d) RCT3. My computer has graphic limits (I have to have many of the graphic features turned off - background mountains, clouds, etc - and my coasters disappear when i move the camera too far away ) so I get frustrated with that but at least I can do stuff with it.


I would love to see a No Limits - styled version as far as the track options go.


The online idea is a great one.

I would like to build bigger parks (I don't know how some of you manage) and an online directory of "theme packs", new and old.


Mostly, I hope I can afford the computer upgrades (or a whole new computer) so I can play the next one, when and if it is made.


Video games are budget-busting wonders that make you scream when you remember that you still have to make that mortgage payment (as are computers).

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Or, if PS3 manages a user-friendly mouse/mousepade controller this time around, then they should just release RCT 4 on it!

Not gnna happen.


Sony has confirmed many times that you'll be able to use any PC mouse and/or keyboard.

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There should be a remake of RCT / RCT2, with a better engine so we can have more (and new) rides, new theme elements, more options, etc.


And with more camera's, not unlimited 3D, but instead of 4 windrose views, 8.


And a better zoom:



Whatever comes next, it should look nothing like RCT3. That game felt hollow, cheapish, ugly, way too demanding (pc-specs), etc.

RCT1&2 felt like a real toy. Everything seemed to have mass, it seemed real.

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^ I agree. I think they should give up on the 3D...you can still make a really good looking game with a '2D' engine.


Although I don't EVER want to see another excuse for a sequel like 'RCT 2'. I was completely underwhelmed that they made no effort to change the graphics or even the overall look of it all. Couldn't believe it.


But yeah, I think they could have so much more space and time to make a realistic and detailed 2D rollercoaster tycoon, rather than having to worry about handling a 3D engine.


Although I don't really have any idea about how you'd make a computer game, so I really shouldn't talk!

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umm, you need a good PC to play any new games coming out right now. You cant just change the game engine so that you can play the game on max graphics with a 5 year old PC.


I'm not saying to ditch 3D, but it should look like the first games. Not the shiny blurry texture crap with fluorescent green grass we have in RCT3.

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I think companies that make games should try to make good use of the technologies they have available to them. Otherwise, the players (especially kids and game geeks) complain about the game being behind the times. That said, the game should certainly stay 3D but just make better use of it. If you don't like it, oh well. I guess you need to turn your settings down or get a new graphics card or a new computer. I got a better graphics card just so that I could get better graphics in RCT3 and The Sims 2. I'm quite satisfied with how my games perform most of the time, even though I have a 4- or 5-year-old computer. (Except it does take a while to quit them. I usually have to use the task manager and End Process for TS2 and its Body Shop.)


I do think the implementation of RCT3 could have been better. The game slows down exponentially whenever I use a lot of theming or allow a lot of peeps in a huge park, so I make most of my parks "ride labs" so that I can ride the rides without the peeps slowing down the game. (I'm currently working on Six Flags Over Asphalt, a ride lab in a parking lot that doesn't have much theming anyway.)


So, what I'd like to see in RCT4:

- Less cartoony graphics. Those peeps are really ugly.

- Better adjustment on angles for tracks. I like how they let us pivot the seats on the 4D coaster in 5-degree increments. They should expand that to turns, drops, and other elements. I don't think coaster designers do everything on 45- and 90-degree angles. And it's not possible to get a really good recreation of Balder in RCT3 as it is now.

- A more complete, realistic set of elements on all coasters. I'd like to be able to recreate Thorpe's Colossus or PKD's Volcano, as well as any B&M with an Immelman or a dive loop.

- Being able to adjust the heights of elements more easily - no fixed sizes for corkscrews and loops

-> A better building interface. I *hate* having to slide tiles on walls and floors. With one of my favorite indoor coasters, it took me less than half an hour to get the track the way I wanted it, and three days to build the building. Completely unacceptable. So most of the time, I just throw a track down and go on to my next idea.

- In the test results, I'd like to see if the park guests would be able to survive my rides. I finally did build a coaster with over 10 excitement last month (an Intamin rocket coaster with a zero-g roll through fire, a second zero-g roll and a flying snake dive into mist, three other inversions, and a bunch of airtime hills), but I'd be surprised if any real-life human could go on it.

- Tighter turns on water rides. I shouldn't have to build something 200 feet high just to recreate the Pipeline Peak at Kings Dominion and Carowinds.

- Getting to see rides get built.

- Peeps need to be able/willing to go to the back of the park. I once built a park with great coasters in the middle and back and an aquarium in the front. The aquarium's queue was flooded even after I had expanded it several times, but I had to place my entrances and exits very strategically to get anyone to go on the roller coasters.

- Better promotion for new rides - the initial announcement to the public, the grand opening, etc. If you can't get a new ride open on time, prepare to have some ticked-off guests, just like in real life. Similarly, the guests should be mad at you if you have staffing/maintenance problems and can't keep all of your rides open.

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^ good ideas. If I felt like wasting three hours I could make a good list on what RCT4 needs. However I must say they NEED A NEW GIGA COASTER AND ROCKET!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! THey need more realistic launches, cars and alot more elemnts. I hate that peice that goes from flat to vertical in 90 ft! it should be like 200 ft! The current giga car needs a COMPLETE redo and the Intamin should be able to loop! And more gradual sloping and curves. You shouldn't be able to make the turn after S:ROS's drop in 8 squares. And they need to be able to switch from double rail to tri rail to quad rail track. I could go on for hours just on the Intamin! RCT3 Intamin!







Super extra use of smilies! yay

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Now that I've been reading TPR and other amusement park-related forums for a few years, I think I'd like to see the rides have better descriptions that include the manufacturer's name. That way we can distinguish between Intamin Floorless vs. B&M Floorless, Morgan Hyper vs. B&M Hyper, Vekoma flyer vs. B&M flyer vs. Zamperla Volare, and so on.


Also I think that the pay-per-ride is somewhat outdated; I think of it more as a carnival approach than a theme park approach. Some parks still have it, so the option for it should still be there (some people would argue that it should stay for nostalgia's sake too). I'd prefer to charge the outlandish admission prices that parks are charging now to get into the gate, and make the rides free.


Adding the Stengel dive to the Intamins would be pretty awesome too (although I think the tracks need more banking options in general). I'd love to see what I could do with a Maverick type of coaster in RCT4.

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everyone here wants the realism, including me, but you have to understand that coaster enthusiasts are a minority when it comes to buying this game. Most people dont know what a B&M is, or what a dive loop looks like. So even though it will be great to have all these things... it wont happen.

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