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[RCT3] Tennessee's Great America

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Wow! Vampyre looks awesome! It seems like a mix of Mind Bender at FOG and Lisebergbanen at Liseberg. Fireball is really cool too! This is SO much better than Kings Paradise. Great work!


Thank you, I am proud of Vampyre, I've put much more blood,sweat and tears into this park than Kings Paradise. My main inspirations for Vampyre is Mindbender at SFOG like you mentioned and also the other Mindbender at Galaxyland. But also to an extent I was also inspired by (God rest its soul) Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Europe.



Christmas Eve, 1984



Silver bells.....silver bells.....it's Christmas time in the theme park....... ring-a-ling.....hear them ding....soon it will be Christmas day.....




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Merry Christmas to you too!


The park looks really nice all snow covered


Thanks and I hope you had a nice holiday!





Hello again! After a cold winter, Elmwood Lake Park is now open for business once again!


That's strange...usually this plaza is full of people, I wouldn't get too worried. Today probably just had a slow start.


The lack of guest flow in certain areas of the park sure isn't stopping Vampyre from being the most popular ride in the park, and one of the most prominent roller coasters in America! Another full house is about to leave the station!


Even though Super Looper's popularity has dwindled since Fireball and Vampyre was built, it still has a nice following as the first "looping coaster" for kids! It's not too large or fast. As Goldilocks would say, "This roller coaster is JUST RIGHT!"


Elmwood Lake's oldest coaster Vermont Maple Train is still fun for the entire family! Small children can easily enjoy this ride because you only have to be 36 inches to ride!


Bye for now!

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Love your park! It has a good collection of rides for the whole family and is well balanced. Are you going to use custom trains for Fireball? Because I hate the in-game Arrow trains. Same for the Mine Train


Thanks! But unfortunatley, I can't do that because downloading Arrow CTR will require rebuilding both Fireball and Vermont Maple Train. And you know what? Don't fix what ain't broke.


Nice Park, Anything new to come?


Yep! Right now!




It's now 1986! Elmwood Lake Park's get this- FIFTEENTH ANNIVERSARY! I cannot believe it! Elmwood Lake Park has been open for fifteen years! A lot has changed since it's founding in 1971, Several legendary roller coasters have been built like the thrilling out-and-back woodie "Screamin' Eagle" and the X-Treme triple looping roller coaster "Vampyre"! However, we can't stop now. More and more thrilling things are to come for this park! But now, for our 15th Anniversary, I am happy to announce.......


KIDTOWN U.S.A! A brand-new themed area just for kids!


KidTown U.S.A is like a theme park inside a theme park! Except all the rides are for kids! New attractions include the Helter-Skelter spiral slide, a Dinosaur-Go-Round, and even a little roller coaster for kids! The Mini Mine Train is built by E.F Miler and features several shallow drops and small helices.


We hope that KidTown U.S.A puts Elmwood Lake Park on the map for families!

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Awesome new kids section! Looks nice!


Thank you!



May, 1986



Ok, I'm concerned. The season has begun and the crowds are absolutley abysmal. These paths used to be filled with people, now there is just this emptiness in the park. Hopefully this downfall is just due to the fact that it's early in the season and schools are stil in session, but at this point all we can do is hope and pray that things pick up before any real fiscal damage can happen.



KidTown USA is barely getting any attention from the public, and we anticipated that this would be very popular with children and families!



Super Looper was running half-full trains all day. The crowds were so light that they closed off the rear three cars of the two trains.



It got so bad that even Vampyre, our most famous roller coaster was ocasionally sending out completley empty trains during some parts of the day!



I just hope that this sudden depression in crowds perks back up soon, becuase if it dosen't......



I don't want to think about it....

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Ok, well I really don't like how you made the kid section. All you do was add little objects and a few kiddie rides and called it Kids Town USA, you should add more buildings and fencing in that area to make it look like a town. Also you should add more fencing around your park, in like every picture I seen there is like no fencing at all. For your red coaster, well it is just to unrealistic for a Schwarzkopf. I don't really see Anton ever making something like that, now your grey Schwarzkopf is way more realistic and probably something Anton would design. You should also add more trees and buildings in your park, it is kinda bare. I hope you don't take this to harsh.

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I don't really like your kids area either. It looks like you took two minutes to make it. I don't like the tacky in game scenery. You could have added buildings,fences, or landscaping to make it look much better.


^I also have to agree about the red coaster. I think the supports could use a lot more work.


I really like the idea of your park and with some work you really could make it much nicer.

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This looking much better than Kings Paradise. Two things I would work on:

- Kids Town doesn't look great. Even just replacing the candy and butterflies with trees foliage would look better. It's also a bit small for a kids area.

- Your paths. Real parks don't just go down one straight line with rides on the side. This works for the main midway or entrance area, but after that you should make loops or even just turn to one side to make your park look more interesting.

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Today on RVN world news, we have a shocking report from Lynchburg, Tennesee. An raging inferno broke out at an amusment park after a wooden roller coaster was reportadly struck by lightning during a freak thunderstorm. Reporter Deborah Owens has the whole story, Debra?



Yes, Damon. These are unimaginable pictures we have coming in to our studio right now. At approximatley 8:14 PM, most of the roller coasters at the famous Elmwood Lake Park in Lynchburg, TN were shut down after reports of heavy rain. And at around 8:30 a stray bolt of lightning struck the park's only wooden roller coaster, the Screamin' Eagle coaster, causing a fire. Reports tell us the the fire appears to be in control and the Lynchburg Fire Department is currently fighting the fire, but there is no word yet on when the fire will go out. One of the eyewitneses to the incident says, "I was walking to the park's exit when I hear this HUGE crack of thunder that literally knocked so many people off their feet. I looked up and...just the entire top of the first hill of Screamin' Eagle was on fire." No foul play is suspected in the fire. Elmwood Lake Park has been closed down indefinetly, and there is no word of exactly when the park will reopen.



The Next Day


This is.....unbelievable...as I survey the damage done to Screamin' Eagle......never in a million years would I ever believe that this could happen to my park....and at a time like this when we're going through a financial crisis, this was the last thing Elmwood Lake Park needed.

A large portion of the entire first hill has just.....collapsed.


As of now, people are writing me letters asking me when we can get a coaster manufacturer to refurbish Screamin' Eagle, but...as much as I want to seee this coaster run again. We simply cannot afford it. The issue with money is not getting better and is only getting worse. As of now, Elmwood Lake Park has plans of re-opening June 17th, but Screamin' Eagle will be remain in an abandoned state for the rest of the season.....and mabye more than that....

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No foul play is suspected in the fire.


How could it be foul play?


Arson is aways a possibility.





I really do not like to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems that absoultey nothing is going right with Elmwood Lake Park now.


Today, July 9th, 1987 is my absolute last day working as the general manager of Elmwood Lake Park and the vice-president of TAC or Tennesee Amusments Corps. Just last week I handed in my resignation notice. Why, do you ask? It's not a happy story. Since 1970, Elmwood Lake Park is my baby. I love that amusment park as if it were my own child, and like a child, I watched grow up and basically evolve from a dinky little family park to a thrill seeker's paradise. But now.....I just cannot stomach to see what my park will turn into in the future. TAC is losing money fast, combined with the fact that one of our famous roller coasters are out of commission after it was damaged in a fire. The president of TAC can replace me with whoever he has in mind, I just can't see this park suffer for much longer. If things don't change and soon, there might not be an Elmwood Lake Park anymore.....



All we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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August, 1987


Hello people of Lynchburg.....I wish that I was writing this bulletin under happier circumstances but...things are anything but good. It kills me to write this but, TAC has gone belly-up. They filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy just last week and Elmwood Lake Park's assets are right now in the process of liquidation. The President of TAC and I have been trying for weeks in vain to keep the company together and keep Elmwood Lake Park open to the public, but after the lightning strike incident that caused the fire that shut down the Screamin Eagle coaster, TAC just kept on losing money. I also will not be able to stay in Lynchburg for I am being transferred to a whole another theme park...From next year onward, I will be part of the management team of a tiny theme park in upstate New York named "The Great Escape USA" which is home to only a single roller coaster named "Steamin Demon"

As much as it pains me to leave MY theme park, Elmwood Lake Park to a horrible fate, I cannot stay. Hopefully, and I'm seriously counting on my lucky stars, in the not-so-distant future, the saga of Elmwood Lake Park will continue. But for the time being, it sure doesen't seem that way....The park, owned by the bank, will continue to operate normally until November of 1987, but after that....I don't even want to think about it.


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A look inside a derelict amusment park right here in America.



Before we show you our little trip, I want to tell you about a place called Pripyat, Ukraine. Ever since the 1986 Nuclear Disaster in Chernobyl, the cities of both Chernobyl and Pripyat have been completley desolate and abandoned. Mere facades of bustling cities. In the city of Pripyat, there is actually an abandoned theme park with a roller coaster that has been left to rust in silence forever. You might tell me "Well, that's all the way in Europe!" But what if I told you that there is an abandoned amusement park right here on our home soil? The name WAS Elmwood Lake Park. At the time it was one of the greatest theme parks in the entire nation. But in 1987, after a horrible financal disaster, the park filed for bankruptcy and was subsequently closed down. As of today, the entire park remains abandoned. No one has been allowed in for years....but now that's about to change!


The park from the adjacent woods. Peering from the trees is an attraction that was once one of the most highest-rated roller coasters of all time.


Upon entrance, I was suprised to see how well-kept the place is for an abandoned park. This leads me to believe that someone is taking care of the park and that mabye JUST MABYE the future of Elmwood Lake Park won't be so bleak.


This was one of the factors of Elmwood Lake Park's closure. During a thunderstorm, a lightning strike caused a large portion of the insanley popular Screamin Eagle coaster to burn down.


Another shot of one of the best roller coasters in the world, Vampyre!

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I know that I haven't been keeping up on the updates at all. I apologize because sometimes life gets in the way of making RCT3 Parks, but I'll try my absolute hardest to keep up on this thread. That being said, I can't give away much details now, but there MAY or MAY NOT be a HUGE announcement tommorrow concerning the heavily-doubted future of Elmwood Lake Park.




Stay tuned....

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November 1992




IT'S CONFIRMED. Cedar Fair, L.P announced today that they plan to invest over 70,000,000$ USD to refurbish the abandoned Elmwood Lake Park in Lynchburg, TN. and re-open the park as a Cedar Fair property in 1993.


Cedar Fair L.P is the owner of the world reknowned Cedar Point park in Sandusky, OH which recently opened Magnum XL-200 which is the first roller coaster to break the 200FT mark. The 70 million dollars that Cedar Fair has invested in the park will go twoards refurbishing several buildings that were left to rot for almost five years which includes revamping the Screamin Eagle wooden roller coaster which was substantially damaged in a fire in 1987 when the park closed for good. improving the park's atmosphere, and- of course erecting new and exciting rides and roller coasters.


"Elmwood Lake Park used to be the pride and joy of Tennessee, and we FULLY intend to bring this once-great park to it's former glory and even better!" a Cedar Fair spokesperson said at a PR meeting. Cedar Fair will also introduce several charachters you may know as a child that are on their brand. Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy, Linus, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, and of course, Snoopy and Woodstock!


Elmwood Lake Park opened up in the early 70s and closed in 1987 as the result of horrific financial issues with the owners, Tennessee Amusement Corp. The park has remained in an abandoned state for five years until the aquisition by Cedar Fair earlier this month.


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May, 1993


Hello! My name is Debra Caldwell and I am a representative for Cedar Fair Inc! And I am here to tell you that last week, our new property, Elmwood Lake Park had its official Grand RE-opening yesterday and I was lucky enough to attend the rope-cutting ceremony and the official opening of the park and I took several pictures of the event! However, you would have probably NOT wanted to be there because the crowds were huge. The parking lot was at full capacity and there were people actually parking on the grass two miles away from the park entrance!



There was literally a stampede when the park opened, so this picture was taken about forty minutes after opening.



The steel-looping classic, "Super Looper" was given a brand new snazzy paint job and brand new trains!


One of the highest-rated roller coasters in the world,"Vampyre" finally operating and causing riders to lose their minds after years of dormancy!


"Fireball" reportadly had 2-3 hour waits all day!


"Screaming Eagle" which was damaged in a fire was finally refurbished and now open for business!


We aren't resting on our laurels yet! We do already have some future plans for this rejuvanated theme park! We at Cedar Fair are right now, researching the market demand for a potential sixth major roller coaster for Elmwood Lake. Keep in mind, I am not comfirming nor denying anything. In fact, the general manager of Elmwood Lake Park still needs the OK from the head honchos to start construction. But stay tuned for more as I get more information from the top dogs in Sandusky.

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LYNCHBURG, T.N- After ten long years without any new major additions, Elmwood Lake Park will unleash a horrific monster of steel! NEW FOR 1994! STEEL SAVAGE: A brand new steel roller coaster with ski-lift style tracks and trains that operate UNDERNEATH the track!


The wrath of the Steel Savage begins as riders board the four-abreast ski-lift style trains and ascend a terrifying 146 foot tall first hill and proceed to nosedive at top speeds of 61 MPH and into a 127 foot tall vertical loop and a 116 foot tall terrifying Cobra Roll inversion! That's not all, though. After a twisted helix and a brake run, the train swoops into a gut-wrenching corkscrew and another helix! After that is something that has NEVER been attempted with an 'inverted' roller coaster before...The train literally goes into an underground cave where riders experience a hidden fifth inversion, a forceful in-line twist! After that, the train goes into MORE stupefying helixes and then emerges from the cavern as the grand finale!


This ride will also forever change Elmwood Lake Park's skyline as guests will be able to see this new ride in action as soon as they step out of their cars! Steel Savage was designed by Walter Bolliger and Claude Mabillard, based in Switzerland and is Elmwood Lake's sixth major roller coaster. Since the park's opening in the 1970s, Elmwood Lake Park has been known for being the home of several thrilling next-gen rides, such as the famous Vampyre triple-looping coaster.







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