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Ipod Nano


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Im going to put in an order for my black 4gb Nano today!! Yippie!!


I havent got to play with it yet, however I love how the original IPod works (just never got one because I found it kind of bulky). Maybe Ill go to BestBuy today and see if they have started selling them yet.

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The thing I hate about iPods is that the batter roughly only lasts about 1 1/2 years. Then you have to send them away to be fixed, but you are better just buying a new one than getting it fixed because it cost so much.


How long does the nano battery last?


I've never actually owned any iPod model, but I have heard this as well. That sucks!

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I like the black ones, but I have a mini (silver, 4 gig) and I can't justify spending another £130 so soon after getting this one, and since the mini stays in my laptop bag size isnt really a problem, no pocket space needed!


But that black ones really nice .... tempted! :?

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I think maybe he was implying he doesnt have a mac, so it sucks that you cant have a windows machine (like the majority of people) and upload pictures.


I cant find the Nano anywhere! everyone is sold out. Best Buy in my area said they started selling them Thursday morning and sold out of them by 6pm. I decided to order my Nano through Apples website (slight company discount! w00t!) and it looks like its going to take forever to get here, but I can wait!


By the way, for those of you worried about the Nanos structural integrity, check out this article. They put it through a stress test, including running it over with a car both front and rear tires... AND IT STILL WORKS! *pics included*




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Leave it to some crazy from Ohio to preform this test :shock:


I have the old 30g. I think they stopped making it like 2 days after I got it. I can't find any extras for this thing. Well... cheap extras I should say. And I love how the battery only last an hour.


Well powering a 30gb HD and everything else on it does need some power.



And what about us Ohioans? Just need to make sure it wont break


Im most likly going to pick up one of these plus a Monster Cable Car Attachment deal so I can play it in my car. Im not a fan of the larger ones plus they feel more fragile. This thing suits me far better than any mp3 to date.

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I bought a walkman 15 years ago.


While I'm sure having 10 GB of music would be incredibly useful if I was stranded on a desert island, I don't understand why this product is of any increased importance.


Then again, I only got a cell phone in case the cable modem went out.


I'm not a technophobe - I'm just not a fan of useless technology.


If anyone needs me, I'm going out back to churn some butter.

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