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NEWS: Adventure World Abu Dhabi announced

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Plans have been unveiled to build a major new theme park in Abu Dhabi, with more than 25 rides on five themed islands. Adventure World Abu Dhabi will be built in partnership with Adventure World Poland which has similar plans for Warsaw.


In a brief statement released on Sunday, backers said it would be one of the largest year-round theme parks in the Middle East. A total of 25 attractions will include a water park, entertainment area with restaurants, shops and clubs, super coasters, wave pools, interactive fountains, boat cruises or carousels, the statement said without giving further details. Over 100 experts in theme park construction will be involved in the development of Adventure World Abu Dhabi, the statement added.


No timeline was given for when the entertainment project would be completed.


Earlier this year, ambitious plans were announced for Adventure World Warsaw, which is due to open in spring 2014. Its five themed islands - on which the Abu Dhabi model will be based - have working titles of Adventure Harbour, Creature Lagoon, Castle Island, the Land of Legends and the “Polski” Plaza. The backers of Adventure World Warsaw are a consortium of private and institutional investors, who plans to invest €400m in the first phase of the development.


In September, it was announced that the $165m Yas Water Park, one of the key attractions on Abu Dhabi's $40bn Yas Island, is back on schedule to to open in the fourth quarter of 2012. The water park will have an Emirati theme and will follow the adventures of a young Emirati girl in search for an exquisite pearl. The story will take guests through more than 40 rides, slides, and attractions, including a unique pearl diving show demonstrating traditional Emirati heritage.

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I have much higher hopes of this park opening than Dubailand. I lived in Dubai and in 2006 they announced that it would be ready by 2010, however only the headquatures is built. I know its because of the financial crisis, but Dubai is just being stupid with all these projects theyre planning. Theyre also planning to build another Palm Island with a Busch Gardens and Seaworld park.

Just stick to the one project Dubai, or you wont get anywhere.

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I took this photo when I was at the Ferrari World Friday last week. I didn't have a good camera with me so this is all I got (was there to ride, not to take pictures).


The construction site is more or less where "Warner Theme Park" is indicated on the old Yas Island maps. I was pretty surprised when I saw this from one of the Ferrari Worlds ouside smoking areas.


New park on Yas Island

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This is the layout...


red = lift

orange = brake





Photos of every section:


lift 1 to brake 1:



brake 1 to lift 2:



lift 2 to brake 2:



brake 2 to brake 3:


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