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There is something hidden in the forum!

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I just got completely screwed, wasted, toyed with, and punched in the groin.


The Golf isn't my favorite car...

I tired to give you as many clues as I could! Apple Juice, Carrot Top, Tiger Woods.....


....and you were the one who asked for another contest to begin with! So I felt it was only fair to hide it in your post!

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Honestly, I was stocking A.J.'s posts ever since he guessed that it was in one of his posts. Then when you said that it was on pg 122 of a thread, I just looked for any of the topics with more than 1220 replies. When I saw the picture, everything else connected into a "DUH!!" moment.


Awesome game! (sorry I've been silently watching. I could not think up any good questions)


EDIT: Thanks for all the "congrats", I appreciate the sportsmanship...err...crapsmanship? Thanks again, and you'll totally get the next one Chris (Benvenuto)

Edited by VinTheAttendant
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