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Ron Toomer has Passed Away

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Ron was truly an icon and legend -- the rides we all have enjoyed over the years as well as the great coasters of today and tomorrow owe a huge debt of gratitude to him.


I was truly stunned and saddened to read about his passing. Having grown up in the 70s and 80s, Ron's creations are what I grew up riding -- his machines are the creations that made me passionate about coasters. A passion I still have today. His rides inspired me to start taking road trips to see new parks and take on his latest inventions.


Rest in peace Ron -- and a heartfelt "thanks for the ride" from all of us.



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I am extremely about this news because I loved Ron Toomer's crazy contraptions and coat hanger elements he was able to put onto rides. Sure, some of Arrow Dynamics's ride were not really the smoothest of rides but some of them truly were engineering marvels and I think Mr Toomer had a great deal in created those rides.


He truly will be missed and I pray for his family and the company (even though it is no longer Arrow Dynamics).


Jimmy "Viper is my favorite Ron Toomer coat hanger creation" Bo

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So sad. Arrows made up almost all of my first coaster experiences when I was growing up, including the all the Arrows at BGW (DF, BBW, LNM), Corkscrew at Canobie, GASM at Great Adventure, Black Widow at Riverside/SFNE, and several others.


Without a doubt, I credit those firsts with contributing to my love of coasters. Thanks for your work, Ron, and all the amazing rides you gave us (especially the Big Bad Wolf )...

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Ron Toomer's creations were a few firsts for me. First looper was CP's Corkscrew. First hyper...Magnum. First suspended (and still one of my favourite coasters) Vortex at CW. There's more, but you get the point.


I share that sentiment as my first looper was anaconda some 19 years ago,I've also had the pleasure of riding all three of his creations at BGW during my visit in 97 & despite what others have said through the years since DF's removal I found it to be a very smooth & exciting ride.


Arrow coasters have that special "something" that B&M & Intamin just can't match,sure we consider Arrow rides rough by today's standards but the creations that flowed from Ron's engineering mind & genius are classics in their own right & we must always remember where those rides,as well as those of today came from.

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After watching America's Greatest Coaster Thrills in 3D or whatever the proper name was, I was too young to even remember, this is devastating. I'm happy that he survived this long to see just where the industry would wind up thanks to some of his creations such as the corkscrew and the modern hyper. These designs are still very relative today and continue to dominate park skylines. In addition, I never knew of his other achievements which prove just how brilliant this man was. Ron, God bless you and thank you for bringing joy to this world that will continue down the road for generations.


I'm going to have to break out my VHS copy of that video myself and give it a watch in honor of this important man!

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Fantastic video documentary ! I really regret I never got to ride DF, smooth or rough, it was a giant leap for arrow out of their "comfort zone" with awesome looking elements... I have a feeling some "meh" rides will now have a kind of sentimental status in members' hearts...a bit like Schwarzkopf coasters, in a way...

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