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Well, this one isn't done, but I'll post some screenies.


Yes, it is still oldschool RCT2, no expnsions or customs, but that's not the point of this park.


The point of the park is to be crowded, rides over, in between, maybe under other rides. Space conservation. Without further hesitation. The entry plaza of death.


Not the crowdedness, and fancy station/queue buildings.

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Today I achieved a giant pagoda monestary...


Remeber, I still want my park to look good. I've gotten the most beautiful park thing a few times with this on, but it's not like any of those awards are hard to achieve.


Last of the day, here you can see what all is enclosed in those two buildings. As you can see, there isn't much room to ad anything around them and have it still look good.


Now for fanciness. Here you can see the haunted house that I built today, and the mouse. The haunted hosue is realistically enclosed, floors and rooves on all the seperate room, and about 20-25 doors.


This is the rest of that corner. It's not complete yet, obviously, but it looks good anyway. I really dig those shingled rooves.


Here we see the giant monestary. I houses the queues for the chute ride and the enterprise, and also encloses about 1/3-1/2 of the chute itself. Note the chinese food around the chinese themed ride? Heh? heh? ;-)


This is the rest of the invert in the first picture update. Then, of course, the rides that are all queezed in around it.

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Well, I spent the week finishing the park up. No more wide open spaces, unless you count the lake-ish area.


Some major additions:

-Premier Launch shuttle coaster

-Some more flats and scenery

-Classic woodie

-Mine Train

-General Improvements

-More Toilet Names


Here are some screens and the download!

(Sorry for the quality, I haven't reinstalled Photoshoppe yet.)

Astor Place.SV6

Last but not least, here is the park itself. You should download, if not for anything else, to look at all the bathroom names... I love being bored and random. The park is pretty gosh darn good, too!


Possibly the least impressive shot I'm offering up here, you can see the haunted house, flying saucers, 3d cinema, and the Premier shuttle launch of joy.


I like trees.


This is the lake/Mine Train area. The Mine train stration and a majority of the track is underground, just like a good MINE train should be!


Another view. Note that I didn't waste any land by adding some flats in the middle of the woodie, wewt for queue buildings.


A view of the good wood. It's all left turns, but I think it has that classic feel.


Closer View, not the lack of expansion area... I should turn it into a scenario of doom!


General Overview

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I have to say, I really love this park. I like that all the rides seem to be original rides. The park looks great and the peeps seem to like it. I downloaded this park a long time ago, and I rediscovered it through a reply you made to another thread. Thanks again, It was nice to re-discover this park!




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