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Photo TR: Seabreezing to Fantasy Island

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Yesterday, I drove out to Seabreeze and Martin's Fantasy Island. I crossed the border at Queenston/Lewiston after a 1 hour wait, urghh. The good news is that was by far the longest time I spent in a line all day. I decided to use the NY-18 and the Ontario State Parkway to make my way to Rochester. It's a beautiful drive along the lake, through some small towns. Little to no traffic at all. I took nearly 200 pictures between both parks. Here are some of the better ones.



Welcome to Seabreeze!


First stop, the Bobsleds.


Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme....


I've heard horror stories about this ride, but it wasn't bad at all.


Next up was Whirlwind, the Maurer spinning coaster.


Wheee! It spun quite a bit, but nothing really crazy. Pretty fun ride.


Next up was the main attraction!


Up the lift.


Around the turn.


They took the tunnel! This ride was running great! Great air in the front car, especially coming up the hill into the turn around.


Log Flume. Didn't feel like getting wet today. It was pretty hot too, so the line was pretty long.


Here they come!




Kiddie/Credit whore coaster.




Into the trench. Nice kiddie coaster.


The park also had a Music Express. One of the better flats around.


Sea Dragon. This one got up to a pretty good angle.


Tilt-A-Whirl. Classic.


Flyers. Another classic.


Screamin' Eagle. I heard blood curdling screams coming from this thing. No thanks.


YoYo was down for the count today.


Seabreeze also has a pretty nice looking water park.


Dan's worst nightmare.


Very nice.


What could this be?


Gorgeous carousel! Organ sounded great. There were even rocking chairs in the pavilion if you wanted to watch, or just relax for a while.


Absolutely beautiful.


There were these historical pictures on display in the pavilion.




It was worth the effort.


Whirlwind. Nice addition to the park.


This one was posted over by Jack Rabbit.


And that was Seabreeze. Finishing off with this. Interesting tidbit of info given a recent occurrence.


Seabreeze is definitely a great park with charm. I'd definitely visit again. MFI pics to come.

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Nice pics, Chris! I am embarrassed to say that I have never been to SeaBreeze despite only being about three hours away. Looks like a nice little park...very similar to Waldameer.


Regarding the Queenston/Lewiston bridge, I try to avoid that one at all costs. Seems like the Peace Bridge and Rainbow Bridge should be way worse, but every time I see the Q/L bridge it's always packed and has a huge wait time to cross. I think the Rainbow Bridge at the Falls has the least amount of wait...at least every time I have crossed there.

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What sort of horror stories have you heard about Bobsleds? It's one of the funnest coasters anywhere. I love it.





I've read some things about it on the forum about it, and seen some pictures. But it was definitely more fun than I imagined.

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After visiting Seabreeze, I made the trek across I-90 and met up with ClubTPR member DougMJr at Martin's Fantasy Island. If you visit after 5, admission is only 13 bucks. Great way to spend the end of a day. Pictures below.



Biggest reason we are here. Silver Comet!


It looks pretty impressive.


At the top.


Overall, the ride was running pretty well. It does throw you around a fair bit on the turns, and it was kinda rough near the end, but overall a very good woodie.


The parks other coaster is a Zamperla "Spinning" Mouse. This one is definitely Elissa friendly.


Basic layout. It's meant to spin during the second half of the ride, but it really doesn't spin much, if at all.


Ferris wheel shot!


Speaking of the Ferris Wheel.


Just in case you forgot where you were.


The parks Log Flume. I hear you do get pretty wet on this one.


Pretty nice looking.


At the top.


The park also has a small Star Flyer. It may be smaller than the others, but it still delivers. It ran a long cycle and it was pretty fast as well.


Ferris Wheel shot! Looks really nice.


The parks Disco.


Definitely gets right up to the edge.


New craziness for 2011!


This thing seriously looks insane. The Disco was enough spinning for me.


The parks other new ride for this year is a Gravitron.


We end the day and we see an ACEr taking a nap. Must have eaten too many of Fat Phil's chicken fingers.


Overall, we enjoyed our time. Definitely a nice place to stop for the evening if you are visiting Darien Lake or Seabreeze. Thankfully the trip back across the border was only 5 minutes this time. Thanks for reading everyone. Please comment away!

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Great pictures of these two parks! Can't wait to check out Seabreeze before LeviaTHON and then Martins Fantasy Island on the actual LeviaTHON trip. After riding Silver Comet I'll have ridden all of the "Comets" in the USA.

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Seabreeze is definitely a nice little add-on to the Leviathon trip. Jack Rabbit is a solid classic woodie, and the ops were dispatching the train in less than 30 seconds Martins Fantasy Island is a nice place to spend a few hours at. They have done a pretty good job keeping Silver Comet running well.

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I never ended up making it to Fantasy Island, but as someone whose former home parks were Seabreeze and Darien Lake it's great to see Seabreeze still doing well for itself.


It's always been just a nice and fun traditional park, with a decent coaster collection and nice waterpark for a place of their calibur.

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