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[RCT3]The Outer Limits: Flight of Fear Recreation - POV

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"Be prepared to Face Your Darkest Fears... New, the Outer Limits: Flight of Fear at Paramount's Kings Island will launch you into the next dimension of coaster excitement. It’s not only the first indoor roller coaster of it’s kind on Earth, it is the first roller coaster that is completely out of this world! Surrounded in darkness, riders will experience the most innovative themed ride experience available anywhere today!"


Thanks for checking this ride out, it was one of my favorite projects I've ever made. I hope you enjoy the finished product!











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Wow! This induced a flashback to me standing in line for ride, completely unsure of what it was, aside from a roller coaster. Two hours later, wandering out of the darkened exit, still dizzy, into the blaring Ohio sun, I still wasn't exactly sure what exactly happened to me there in the dark. All I knew is that I immediately had to get back in line and try again. (Loved the ride even with the OTSR's)


This is very well done.

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that was a really cool video. Not sure if all the effects at the KI location are still being used, but the Kings Dominion park, the ride effects have been less over the past couple of years. I think the pre-show effects still make the ride.

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