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  1. ^Not ready to do that yet Im not as stupid as NLE thinks I am. Im keeping the ride itself a secret until a later update. (the tracks pretty much spot on for RCT3)
  2. Do you guys think it will be released by Christmas or by the end of this year? Looking amazing with the timberliners!!
  3. Transmission received by THE BUREAU OF PARAN0RMAL ACTIVITY at 0200 hours. [264597-5193] ["We have spotted an Unidentified Flying Object. Details of the landing site are still being analyzed, and will be announced sometime in the future. Our electron levels and energy readings are exceedingly dangerous. We might have discovered a new page in the history of humanity. Wish the team luck, we will need it."] [END TRANSMISSION]
  4. Where can I find the cartextures for Real's Top Thrill Dragster recreation?
  5. You should recreate Intimidator 305! I think you could do it! Your models are amazing Zach!!!!!!!
  6. @ Twister II and @gotdane Your thinking of this one. This is A113s. He worked on it for 3 and a half years, then cancelled it. california_screamin_(unfinished).nlpack
  7. Oh, haha. Great job on this ride A113! Can't wait to not be able to run Screamin!!
  8. Will you be releasing this amazing work of art tomorrow? Im really excited as I've really wanted to see a Speed-The Ride recreation for a long time now! It looks amazing A113!
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