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Atlantic Adventures [RCT2]

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So I finally reached enough progress where I feel this deserves its own thread. Once again this is a NCS and no hacks park by yours truly. I've been working on it slowly over the past couple weeks. Past 2 nights hit it hard and made the waterpark area. I'm sure some of you have seen pictures in the preview thread and I can finally show you guys what I have so far. It's basically started as just a design for Swashbuckler, the giant Intamin coaster in the park. diving under the water 6 times and appearing on a total of 3 islands. Really happy with the layout even though it is a tad on the larger scale, just shy of 7,000 feet. The more I started working with the pirate theme the more I realized how much I loved it. I'm really happy with how the incorporation of the scenery and track pieces to make the final product have turned out thus far. Constructive critisizm is always appreciated as well as letting me know if you like it Now onto the pictures!!


The entry plaza


unnamed restaurant


scrambler ride that was added


The waterpark entry area in the park. really happy with how this is turning out


Pirates Plunge the small water slide complex at the water park


my take on an Infinity pool ;) love how it turned out, if you dont know what an infinity pool is google it ;)


here you can see the 3 hot tubs at the water park. also the one that is jetting out from the park for a more scenic view :)


another area along the beach front


showing most of the layout of Swashbuckler


bunch of room for expansion :)

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This is just amazing, my only problem is the underwater tunnels on Swashbuckler and how different parks of the rides are on different islands: From a realistic standpoint, the islands could flood easily.


But screw realism...I mean come on, this is amazing!

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Thank you guys so so much!! This park was more leaning towards the side of a fantasy park anyway so Think your all really going to love the new ride I added to the water park Hopefully get some pictures up tonight of it.

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There not. Like I said in the initial post this is NCS AND no hacks


So this is another custom ride that isn't going to work. I don't know if its possible to hack this so it works but please use my idea and if you can, amazing!! Its a giant Intamin shoot the rapids type ride. Just like Pilgrims Plunge at Holiday World Note: there is still sooooo much work left to do on this with themeing and tweaking. I'm just showing this to get your guys' opinions on the concept thus far.


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Got a little more work done on Castaway, the parks giant Intamin shoot-the-rapids ride! Added a few more details, made the lift hill taller and reworked the supports. Still Lots of work to be done on this ride but I'm personally loving how its turning out!



You can see how the elevator system works. While one boat is getting onto the lift the other is going down the drop. than they switch places and go right be each other at the wide section. (now if only it worked) haha

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Thank you guys soo much!! I plan on adding some more details to Castaway and try and work with some landscaping. But it'll have to wait till after Easter, I'm back home visiting family. My big goal is to work on getting guests to Swashbuckler and finishing it up. The only theming I've done is the Transfer station/brake run. So it may be a while.

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