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[RCT3][WIP/REL] The Intamin Super Pack!

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Ever wanted Intamin's full product line in your RCT3? Well, the wait is over! Welcome to the Intamin Super Pack! This is a large CTR pack, consisting of every Intamin creation known to man, yes, EVERY Intamin creation!







Blitz: http://www.mediafire.com/?8wp3x1xbidlhv1d


This release includes both the generic Blitz, Blitz with nose holes (Stormrunner), iSpeed, and Speed Monster!





Double Coaster: http://www.mediafire.com/?6wt6eqrmxv5mtyl


The super rare Double Coaster. Only 1 was built, but never operated.











The super insane Spinner! As seen at Bakken.









Vertical Lift Blitz:






Kingda Ka:






Cheetah Hunt:


Yes, I know Cheetah Hunt doesn't have eyes. The one shown is a request for someone. But it does use the same nose model!




And yes, we have even more soon!

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All of the cars we make are going to come on the appropriate track. There is a program made by me and a friend of mine that makes it easier fir beginners to switch cars onto other tracks.


Regarding the cheetah hunt, Techno only showed his model but only his nose is being used. The body cars are mine.

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Thanks guys!



Clearly not done yet. Still needs body textures. Still needs a ton more work.



See ya in the next update!


Just curious, do you plan to have a reversed version (Seats facing forward) of the Superman cars? All SFMM has to do is turn the cars around, unfortunately RCT3 doesn't give us that option...

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These will come handy really soon! I hope you also make CS pieces for LSMs and the little launch houses! Very excited about this !!!!!


- David

I actually make LSMs a long time ago. I'll get a thread going here on TPR too I guess.



Anyways, what do we have planned you ask?



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Thanks guys!




Lol yea, I really am not liking the texture. I'm really not good at textures AT ALL! Hopfully the texture will be replaced.



And a bonus nerd shot!



More soon!





The Kingda Ka CTR is done, but will not be released until we're done doing something else that will be released with it! Rct3Lover, don't tell anyone.

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As you guys seem to know what your doing, and your doing it quite well. Might I give you an idea for something that would be awesome to see.


(Its intamin too!)

This is also very surprising as its coming from me, but....


Californian Screamin' and Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril (backwards train!)


Also , for the Superman Freefall ride, will that be exclusive to one track?

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