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Speed and Saw

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Well as someone who hasn't rode either of these two eurofighters, my opinion is that of an online viewer!


But..... Speed looks very average as far as rollercoasters go - It sits in a field/dirt heap but is still a eurofighter so is fun!

Saw on the other hand has theming - Indoor section, big iron thing at the bottom of the drop and a cool cop car in the queue. As far as the layout is concerned they are both a bit different.


So....I would assume that Saw packs in a bit more of everything!

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I think they're both very different and fantastic rides. Saw got a lot of negative attention from the British enthusiasts when it debuted and I didn't have the highest expectations but it was awesome! Really liked the 'show' elements!


Speed has fantastic airtime and a super fast paced layout.

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Just want to give my 2 cents worth


Speed - Well paced with patches of awesome airtime, Never had a queue line longer than 20 minutes the times I have there.


Saw - Rough, quite often gives me a headache after riding, Unreliable had much down time. The in-line roll is my favourite part of the ride. Always has long queues.

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It's rough!?!? I thought it was quite good, and the airtime hill on saw is really good. And you can by a video to take home that face


I have found it rough numerous times I have been on it, both last year & also this year.

A couple of my visits to Thorpe Park, Saw has been fine and quite smooth.

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I find all Eurofighters to be a letter rough with the restraints banging the side of my head and neck.


Speed is a nicely paced ride, probably my favorite pacing on a Eurofighter.

Saw has great theming, but noticeable rougher especially in certain cars.


I can't remember was Saw one of the Eurofighter's where the front row is actually a lot rougher than the back row. I think Mystery Mine is the only other Eurofighter where I experienced that.

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SAW - The ride does not have a Cobra roll, it has an Immelman loop. I have yet to ride Speed but I think SAW - The ride is amazing. It has some of the best theming in the UK and has a pretty intense layout. It is a bit rough at the bottom of the 100 degree drop but having ridden the Manhatten Express at the NY NY Hotel in Las Vegas, I think it is safe to assume that it is as smooth a a baby's bottom in comparison .

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