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Hello Mr. Heart,


Today is our Press Release for our expansion plans!


Hello Everyone I would like to welcome you to Bell Gardens Amusement Park on this fine day. I am extremely pleased to be up here and announcing such a large project for our small, but profitable amusement park.


With help from industry giant Scharwzkopf, we are opening three unique attractions over the next few years.


This year, we see the addition of the high-flying, thrill seeking, Firework Flyer, which is an Enterprise attraction that will sent guests head over heels, and round and round. The addition of the Firework Plaza will make way for a Summer Night Time Show in 1974.


Also for 1974, will be the addition of a very unique attraction, custom made from Schawrzkopf, Magi Maelstrom. This will be an indoor Magic Carpet ride that will disorient you and create feelings of weightlessness! The ride will have light and sound effects!


And for our final purchase, we present to you:




A Triple Looping, first of it's kind ride! Kitanzi means loop in Swahili, and is sure to have guests coming back time and time again. The ride will be the last part of this massive expansion, and will feature it's own plaza, just over the railroad tracks.



Now ladies and genteman, please enjoy the Firework Flyer!


This is going to be our first postcard picture! So perfect when put in this perspective.


Here is the land clearing for Magi Malestrom!


This ride looks fantastic!


I cannot wait to go for a "spin". Hahaha!


The queue goes right under the ride itself!


Just look at all the parts this ride has!


It's finished testing, why don't we ride!


The begining is quite fun!


But now we begin to rise!


This will be a hit!

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Love the new Enterprise- very cool idea to put the queue under the ride itself- I've not thought of doing that with a flat ride before... (hmmmm... stealing idea....)


Keep it up- looking forward to Anton's return to your park-



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May 14th, 1974


Dear Mr. Heart,


I am happy to say that we just finished installing all the ride hardware inside Magi Maelstrom's building!


Would you like to come out and have a test ride?



Oh Mr. Heart, I almost didn't see you! I assume yo would like to try the new attraction? Haha of course you would!


The building is quite impressive for a price tag a two million is it not?


I love how the towers appear as if they were off in the distance!


The new "Cupid Gardens" in the queue look fantastic! I actually had Disneyland call me abou hiring out some of my Garden staff, by with Magi Maelstrom needing to be completed, this came first.


Another beautiful addition to our park's collection of gardens.


Quite a tall building, it's basically a large facade since the ride is very skinny!


It's so detailed!


Oh, the front entrance is closed off due to construction, but we can use the back entrance.


We really tired to make it look like a palace, I think we did a terrific job!


Ah, here it is, the entrance blends right in doesn't it?


Here we are, Magi Malestrom!


The ride looks great! Anton has really outdone himself with this fantastic attraction!


I can't wait to get the feeling of weightlessness on these drops!


The floor has a very complex pattern!


This ride is pretty disorienting in the dark!


The roof has some great views that the public can't get!


The towers look fantastic!


The building gives a great view of the gardens and queue! Well I had better head out Mr. Heart, I have an important meeting with Anton about Kitanzi's Location!

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To Mr. Thomas Heart, May 9th, 1975.


Dear Mr. Heart,


I am sorry to report that Kitanzi will not be opening this year, as the opeening has been pushed back until Revolution, Ktianzi's future brother at Magic Mountain opens next year.


In the meantime, our guests will be able to eat in our new dining establishment! Bell's Cafe!


Your Friend,


Alexander Knight


Hello Mr. Knight, I almost didn't see you! The Bell's Cafe doesn't open for another twenty minutes, why don't we have a look around!


Firework Flyer is still a great ride!


Here it is, the Bell's Cafe!


I love the way it turned out!


It Sells Subs and Steak Sandwhiches.


There's the counter where you order.


The new Cafe even has new restrooms!


Let's ride Firework Flyer!


I love watching this ride go!


The park looks so different now! I had better head out, see you later!

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To Mr. Thomas Heart March 19, 1976


Hello Hello Hello Mr Heart!


I'm extremely pround to introduce to you our newest attraction, new for out tenth season, Kitanzi. This looping coaster from Anton Schwarzkopf sends you screaming upside-down THREE times! All three inversions are vertical loops and you just have a lap=bar to keep you in. I'm so excited for the opening of this beast! Would you like to see it test? Testing begins this Saturday, adn will open the following Friday for a Midnight Auction event!


Your Very Excited Friend,


Alexander Knight



Mr. Heart! So great to see you out here to watch Kitanzi test!


Something new dominates the back of the park across the new railroad track bridge!


Getting closer to the beast!


I present to you:




There it goes, through the first loop!


Being able to walk under the ride and not being a staff member is pretty interesting don't you think?


Here it comes after the second set of Block Brakes!


Around the banked turn!


Through the final curves!


The brake run allows for 3-4 trains to run at oce. Once the work shed has been compeleted, we'll be able to run that many!


This ride is quite massive! I love how each loop is a different color!


Here's the ride from the outskirts of the park!


he view from the Block Brakes is very different, and gets you up close and personal with the ride!


The goes a train on the lower block section!


I am going to love this attraction!


Loops, the new big thing for roller coasters.


Well, it's getting late, and I have to get back to the office to finish up some test logs. See you later Mr. Heart.

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Hello Mr. Heart! So good to see you here this afternoon getting ready for the Midnight First Ride!


People are already in line, even the ones who won the first ride auction tickets! I still can't believe you won the two front seats!


This queue is going to be filled since we can currently only run two trains, the rain delayed the work on the storage shed for the trains.


I just love the way the streamlined trains look!


It's getting dark, is that rain? I hope not!


Are you ready Mr. Heart?


Here we go!


And away we goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


This loop is incredible!


Through the first set of brakes!


The second loop! The third!


Second block section!


Through the banked turn!


The helix is so intense!! I love this ride!


And the brakes! I must say, this was a fantastic addition for our tenth year of operation!


Here's the progress of the shed through the light rain!


See you later this year for the tenth year celebration; our first Fireworks show!

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The new Schwarzkopf is a TRUE gem. VERY nice layout, stays true to what Anton would have wanted, and looks very good...


That having been said, a color change for the track/supports is in order: The current color is too 'meh' with the vibrant loops- Perhaps a nice yellow beam, with bright blue rails, and silver supports-


Otherwise, I'd love to see an on-ride video of it!


Great work!



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The new Schwarzkopf is a TRUE gem. VERY nice layout, stays true to what Anton would have wanted, and looks very good...


That having been said, a color change for the track/supports is in order: The current color is too 'meh' with the vibrant loops- Perhaps a nice yellow beam, with bright blue rails, and silver supports-


Otherwise, I'd love to see an on-ride video of it!


Great work!




Love the park, I also agree with everything in the quote.

One of these days I am going to whip out the big old credit card and go get me a new computer so I join in the fun and amazing possibilities of RCT3.

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January 19th, 1977


To Mr. Thomas Heart


Dear Mr. Heart, how are you? I wanted to know If you would like to visit the park to celebrate the new year?


If so, stop by this saturady to check out the changes to occur.


I love the entrance to the park Mr. Heart, do you?


The park looks great in the mid-morning sun.


Firework Flyer is attractive as ever.


I love the look of Thunder Racer!


Magi Maelstrom has gotten a little harder to maintain than anticipated.


But we can't forget the crown of the park, Kitanzi!


The new train house has been completed!


The two other trains have arrived! We start testing them tomorrow!


This is the space for the two trains currently running.


It matches the station's colors!


How's the ride look from the roof? Even more impressive?

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Union Tribune August 9, 1977


Passing of a Tycoon


We have just received word that the general manager, and owner of local theme park Bell Gardens, Alexander Knight, passed away in his office from a heart attack yesterday afternoon. Mr. Knight's good friend Thomas Heart talked with us about how he met Knight, and what he thinks about the whole situation. "It's tragic, Alexander had just proposed and was planning on getting married in the new Event Pavilion that is going into the park next year. As for the rest of the park? I'm not sure who it was left to, or who will take over the roll of GM for the park. I met him on the day the park opened ten years ago...the [park] has changed drastically in these ten years, and I hope it will prosper for many more." Knight was just 42 when he passed yesterday. His will was read this morning, and to everyone's surprise, Mr. Heart had been left the park, as well as a recommendation for the position of General Manager. His wife-to-be was left his house and a large sum of money. The entire community will gather a Bell Gardens in two weeks for a memorial celebration, and the christening of the pavilion, with will be named in honor of Knight.


This is a new chapter in Bell's history, but will Mr. Heart be up to the challenge?



(unknown person): That's a shame, I'll have to attend the memorial...Mr. Knight was a great guy.

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Now that I've reached Bell Gardens ten year anniversary, I've decided to release a download. This post shows every ride currently in Bell Gardens, as well as several overviews of the park, enjoy...


Bell Gardens

Celebrating Ten Years


Little Lightning




Cloud Wheel


The Tea Party


Merry-Go-Round The Gardens


Firework Flyer


Magi Maelstrom


Great American Zipper


Thuinder Racers




Bell Gardens Express


Overview 1


Overview 2


Overview 3

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Hello everyone! Here is the ten year download for Bell Gardens. Feel free to check the park out and if you would like, try the search out the Three Easter Eggs hidden in the park.


When you find one, PM me the code that was with each of the hidden objects.


The first person to find all three wins! Good Luck!

Bell Gardens Ten Year Download.dat

Enjoy! More coming soon!

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Journal Entry by Thomas Heart:


August 12,1977


But things have been in turmoil over the past three days since the death of Knight. I'm quite surprised he left ME the park to manage... I'm sure if I have what it takes to make a theme park work...


I found Knight's favorite pictures from Bell Gardens from over the years, and I thought I'd put them here:


Kitanzi testing hours before the Midnight opening. What this photo doesn't show is the rain clouds that moved in!


The first full train of riders climbing the hill for Thunder Racers.


Magi Maelstrom opening weekend.


Firework Flyer Night Testing with lights.


Cloud Wheel

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