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How many cars are you running?


Because your entrance and exit are so far away from each other, using regular old continuous circuit mode isn't a good idea. The guests riding the ride will have to walk all the way back when they exit.


You might want to make the final brake run have a few block sections, and have two stations with a bunch of block sections in between them.

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There's just a lack of substance in all of your screens. All you seem to be doing is placing a flat and surrounding it by shrubbery or some other sort of foliage. Do something with your rides.

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^I have said it to many, and I'll say it to you. Making an NCS park is all about experimentation.


I use no cheats, no custom scenery or other custom content to challenge myself and not have to be reliant on "Is there a piece for this??".

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WESTERN Adventure


Follwing a small indoor darkride section with a surprise drop into an abandoned mine, riders climb 50 feet above Bell Gardens, before wishing the operator ado, and plunging 40 feet into a slash down!


WEsTern Adventure opens Halloween Weekend, here at Bell Gardens.

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