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What Would You Improve About rcdb.com?

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Hey there. This is for a project I am conducting to finish off my final year of my degree. Myself and my group have to create or modify a web site and then present why we have done what we've done.


We have decided to take rcdb.com and create a 'mock-up' of a modifed version of the site. However, it has to fit the users i.e. YOUR needs. Therefore, I would really appreciate you letting me know what can be improved about rcdb.com. The chance to hear about what you guys think would be of great use to us.


I have loads of ideas, but they need to come from you. I'm thinking Web 2.0 features.


So please leave your comments on your ideal improvements to this site which we all use so frequently so we can present our ideas in our presentation and say "we have done this because this is what the users want".


Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

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I have moved this into the random forum because it's more suited here.


That being said, I'm not a huge fan of the "I have a school project and I'm going to get a bunch of people on the forum to do my research work for me threads" but alas, I'll leave this one open....

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Apologies Rob, but thanks very much for keeping the topic open. It's a great opportunity to hear what the users want to improve about the site and really helps me a lot.


Also, thanks for the suggestions! They're really great, thanks guys. Clicking anywhere on the image to go to the next one is really a great idea, as it videos. Keep them coming!

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An update to the picture viewer would be a small but important change; it takes a few seconds to load each page, which makes going through pictures bothersome. A Flash viewer or something else would make the pictures function more efficient and usable.


Also, perhaps including reviews of the park / coaster from a generally respected enthusiast would be a nice addition.

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Maybe the way photos come up...the way things are done today (besides Facebook) is the use of Lightbox. If you're not sure what LB is, I know you've all seen it before. When you click on an image/thumbnail, you see the image overlay the page you're looking at, and the web page behind it dims out. From there you can hit the X to close it, or use the left and right navigation (or Roadtrip as they call it) to move to the next photos.

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I'm actually not a fan of LightBox ... The biggest thing for me is that if the photo is larger than the browser window, then you have to scroll the photo to find the 'close' and 'next' controls. Worse is that as you scroll the photo around, the webpage (which is hidden) scrolls too, so when you close the photo the page is in a different place - very annoying on message boards.


If I were to improve IMDB I'd suggest moving all construction photos to a separate tab. Once a coaster is built the construction pics are mostly irrelevant, yet they appear at the very top of the page which forces you to have to manually scan the thumbnails for the start of the 'real' photos.



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I would try to improve interactivity. Maybe throw in a quiz game or two? Plus, some downloadable content like "wallpaper of the week" would be cool.


Also, videos would be nice, along with Golden Ticket and Mitch Hawker rankings (I believe these were mentioned before).

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