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I think that, because these earlier DVD's are being released for free (which, by the way, none of us can thank you enough for), more people might buy the newer ones; I can picture someone not wanting to get specific editions without starting at the... start... but also not wanting to spring for the whole collection. Hence, these older editions might inspire people (especially now that there's official TPR trips) to purchase the newer volumes.


Just thought of something: When you say you include a free DVD for trip participants, is it the CEx volume that largely features that particular trip, or a different one?

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^ We no longer include the DVD for TPR Trips. We will include a photo DVD for each trip, but no longer a Coaster Expedition DVD.


The reason is that I only have the bandwidth to make one maybe two Coaster Expedition DVDs per year, and now that we have 3 or 4 trips per year, it's impossible to keep up.


To the average viewer, I don't think it matters if the content of the disc was shot 6 weeks or 18 months ago, but to the trip participants it wasn't fair to make them wait 2 years to get a DVD, which is the case now for the next round of Coaster Expedition DVDs.


I've just gotten to backlogged to promise them as it puts additional pressure on me.


And when the RAW discs outsell the Coaster Expedition series sometimes 10 to 1, it makes me question the validity of doing future Coaster Expedition volumes.



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Please don't stop making volumes of the coaster expedition series! I have multiple dvds from both series and I actually prefer the expeditions over the raw dvds, which surprised me. Hopefully they'll start selling more (again) when people realize how amazing each individual park video is! They're fantastic dvds!

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