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[RCT2] Tower Heights Theme Park from LundGroup PLC.

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OK so I usually start a park then get a complete mental block and cant for the life of me remember what it was I wanted to be achieve. Mostly resulting in a square blocky and frankly unattractive park. This is due to my ponchant for entrance Plazas. But this park will be different. I Shall be encompassing the Disney style 'Entrance Plaza- midway- central Hub' pathway system. Hopefully this will allow an entrance plaza and wide midway to be constructed but will not create a blocky feel. With this in mind, on to the build...


Full screenshots are avaliable on the preview thread.



28th September 2009


LundGroup PLC. Are proud to unveil the first official shots of their first ever park Tower Heights.


The Park Gates.


Xpressos coffee shop have been handed a contract which will allow a number of outlets throughout the park.


The Monorail Station.


The first of many disabled access points in the park.



An aerial view of the almost completed Entrance Plaza 'Fountain Square' As you can see construction has already begun on the Midway and Central Hub areas.

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Thats the plan. Making it work however is a different matter.


As the park will be large I'm struggling with the exact position of the 'Hub'

A massively long walk to get to the fun is hardly ideal, but too short a midway leaves too much space behind the 'Hub'. I'm thinking I need another area to break it up or something.


Here's some shots of the work being undertaken on the midway.



guess what this building will become?



An ice cream shop



slow progress

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Some more progress. Please reply as i'm in dire need of Motivation and inspiration. I hate creative block...



The end of the main pathway.




another angle. Here we see the Bridge over the Hub moat.




Heights Cream looks a little different.



The newly named Heights Diner has its sign put up.




One of the two Cashpoint areas has been converted into the Que Times wall.



More slow progress!




And a little teaser of the parks first ride code named S.I.D. 10 points and a free Fastrak ticket to the person who guesses what S.I.D. stands for!


The facade


The entrance and exit rooms along with the area of the building set aside to house S.I.D.


The exit area boasts 3 score screens. 'current Ride Scores', 'Previous Ride Scores' and 'All time High Scores'

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S.I.D. may stand for:


Squid In Distress

See, I'm Drowning

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Is Dumb


but I think it most likely stands for Shoot In Dark


None of the above! S.I.D. Will NOT be the ride name, its the codename.


Clue number 1: the 'D' stands for DARKRIDE


Heres more of the park:



Marizzio's Fully Licensed Restaurant



The newly fronted Fastrak Ticket Office



The Monorail Station

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Hi there,

Progress is being made at an incredibly slow pace thanks to a strike by construction workers. However, LundGroup P.L.C. is proud to present its latest update:


The discussions over the problematic ‘Hub’ area resulted in yet more space put aside for gardens with inbuilt jumping fountains. It’s entertaining to guests and beautiful to the eye. The base of The Old Carousel can also be seen.


Lakeside Cafe has been completed and awaits its first hungry guests.


The boathouse will house the Queue line for the Boat hire attraction. (The roof is still missing)



The Entrance Building has had the park name sign put up and flagpoles installed. It’s finally ready for opening day!



Construction begins on the Outdoor Kids Area ‘SillyTown’. The Indoor play centre will be housed next door.



The first of 5 planned car parks: 2 staff, 2 guests, and 1 coach park.



And finally... a sneak peek at one of 3 as of yet unannounced Areas.

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This is great! I'm loving everything you have showed us so far...well, okay, I'm not big on the huge gap of open space/paths surrounding the carousel, but that's alright.


The new area sounds like an awesome idea. Is this going to be more of a Universal-type park, with mainly indoor rides and immense theming, rather than a more open and traditional park?

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