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  1. S.I.D. may stand for: Squid In Distress See, I'm Drowning Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Is Dumb but I think it most likely stands for Shoot In Dark
  2. Kids should not be watching this! You can see the outline of his ding-dong!
  3. I originally tried to make this coaster in RCT3, but the lag was awful and I gave up for a while. Then I got Time Twister for Christmas, saw that it came with prison scenery, and decided to do the ride over again, in RCT2. And in this thread, I will post pictures as I build, and then post the final product at the end. To download it, all you'll need is RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 and the Time Twister Expansion Pack. Now, onto the press release and pictures! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are three pics showing off the land where Jailbreak will be built, and the entrance to the "park." Comments about the storyline would beappreciated, and expect an update anywhere between a couple of hours and a few days. SCR3.BMP A view of the back of the entrances/exit. SCR2.BMP A view of the front of the entrances/exit. The gates all the way to the left is an exit only, and the three to the right are entrances only. SCR1.BMP An overview of the plot of land where the coaster, prison, lake, and island will be built.
  4. What does this have to do with movies? What movie is set in a "Steel City?"
  5. Your right, my bad. There are spinning cars on the looping coaster. IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?!?!
  6. Nice lift hill, first drop, and immelman, but is there more to the coaster, or is that it? I also like the color in the day.
  7. Nice dinosaur theming, although, it seems very similar to another water ride with dinosaur theming. Brandon, i think s/he meant the park is getting a looping coaster AND a spinning coaster, because in one of the pictures I can see a Virginia Reel coaster, which is a spinning coaster.
  8. Is it that park in the West Edmonton(sp?) Mall? Galaxiland, or something like that?
  9. If asr doesn't post by tonight, (Monday, November 12, 2007) at exactly 2400 (12 Midnight EST) then it will be Vekoma Fan Boy's turn.
  10. This is very similar to "3 Facts Name That Coaster" except it's about parks. Same rules apply: No extra hints You can guess as many times as you want I'll go first: - 3 coasters - On a lake - In a state on the east coast
  11. How is that aquatrax? It doesn't touch the water, and those definately are not aquatrax cars. Those are 4D cars and track, hence it's a 4D coaster.
  12. It looks like a family launched coaster, most likely from Vekoma.
  13. Interesting park, coaster's look pretty cool, although I only see one B&M, unless there are two and they are both painted the same color, which would be a horrible choice.
  14. I like the second logo better. The first one would be good, if you cut out all the white. The first and third look horrible and boring with all of the white.
  15. Steel Venom/Voodoo (moving from Geauga Lake to Dorney Park)
  16. I have to agree with who ever said that it was unrealistic because it was. Inversions on a Booster Bike coaster is impossible. And I got killed by a tree in the video.
  17. I don't know what you're talking sbout. Each car seats 2 people. But there is a mistake. There are only 5 cars, not 6.
  18. I doubt Flashback would ever be able to be a traveling coaster. Do you think that would be easy to pack up every year and move?
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